Happy Birthday May

May is the month of flowers and the month of springtime.
Moreover, this month becomes extra special when our loved ones celebrate their birthdays.
Usually, we are already planning what best gift to give and what best message and wishes to say before the day comes. If you are having trouble putting up the correct words for your birthday message and wishes, here’s are the next Happy birthday May quotes that could help you.

The day you are born, the flowers bloom, and the sun smiles brightly. Happy birthday!

May babies are stubborn and adamant, but you are different from them. Happy birthday, love.

Hello May, Happy birthday, May! This is the best month of your life. Celebrate it with a toast.


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Princess is born in May, and Queens are born in May; does angel like you also born in May?

Happy birthday May! I thank God that He gave us a bubbly and kind person.

May is the month of flowers and the month that you are born. That is why you bloom like them.

100 Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday to this fine lady who always makes us happy every day of her life. CHEERS!

May you have all the love you deserve and all the smiles you could hold. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday May! May this day be memorable as you are and lovely as you are. Make a wish.

I am starting to run out of wishes, for you already have everything. Happy birthday May!

Wishes do come true because God gave me you. Happy birthday, dear. Blow your candles.

Today is your birthday- I witnessed how you blossom like a flower. Stay beautiful as you are.

Happy birthday May! Wishing you a happy and memorable birthday. More candles to blow.

The day you were born, I heard the birds chirping and the whisper of the wind.

Happy 13th birthday

Legends are born in May. Happy birthday my friend! Make a wish!

May babies are the best, and I am lucky I met one of them. Happiest birthday to you, my dear!

Happy birthday May babies! May this day be filled with your laughs and smiles.

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Goodbye April, Hello May, Hello birthday! May this month be the best month of your year.

Happy birthday May buddies- Let’s welcome our day with a toast and laughs.

May you bloom more like a sunflower; may you bring sunshine to all of us. Happy birthday!

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Let’s make a toast to this young lady who never fails to make us proud and happy.

On this day, the birds and the winds celebrate with us, for they sing happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday! May this day bring true happiness and endless laughs to everyone.

May your birthday be filled with the sound of laughter and warm hugs and kisses. Happy birthday.

You are one of the greatest blessings of my life. May you have a wonderful birthday.

May your cheerfulness fill this room and influence each one of us. Happy birthday May!

This month is my favourite month of all for this is the month of angels like you and me.

May you have a peaceful and fantastic birthday blast! Happiest birthday to you, sweetie.


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I will mark this day as a memorable holiday so that I can be with you always. More candles to blow.

The month of hearts is not February- it is the month of May, for it is the month you are born.

May is the most awaited month of everybody, for this is the month we gather for you. Cheers!

Happy birthday my friend! May you achieve all your goals in life, and don’t stop dreaming.

Happiest birthday to the most cheerful person I’ve ever met. Make a wish!

As you blow your candles, my heart won’t stop celebrating, for I have another year with you.

Happy birthday May! May this day be your best and most comfortable of all. More birthdays to come!

As I stare at you, I silently wish you a healthy body and soul so you can continue bringing joy.

This day is perfect! It is full of happy faces, happy hearts and happy souls. Let’s cheer for that.

Cheers to this lovely lady who don’t fail to amaze us! May you have a wonderful day, sweetie.

May is the month of queens- that is why you were born in this month. Happy birthday, friend.


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I won’t forget this day, for this is the day that the most incredible person is born. Make a wish.

Happy birthday May! Celebrate your day up to your heart’s content! Get crazy and wild!

Your birthday is the most fantastic day of the month for this is where we could party all night.

I am always looking forward to your birthday for this is my excuse to eat all day. I love you!

This is the day where I could insult you, and you can’t do anything but laugh. Happy birthday!

What could I wish for a perfect person like you? Stay happy and pretty consistently. I love you.

It is your birth month, and this calls for a month-long celebration! Let’s get loud and wild!

Your cheeks are as red as roses, and your voice is as sweet as chocolates. I’m happy to be yours.

The summer sun shines brightly as you walk, the flowers bloom as passed by. Happy birthday!

May is the most beautiful time of the year for the most beautiful girl in the world to be born.


Happy birthday May! May you enjoy this another milestone of your life! Make a wish!

I want to greet you with a happy happy birthday! May you receive all the finest in life.

This day marks the best day of our lives, for we are here celebrating your birthday with you.

Let’s toast to this young man who always protects us- financially and emotionally. CHEERS!

Let’s celebrate this day with the sound of laughter, warmest greetings and love. Happy birthday!

I could not stop thanking God that I am with you on your special day. More candles to blow!

I found myself mesmerized by your kindness and honesty. I am lucky to be with you today.


If the months of the year have birthdays, my favourite is May- For it feels I’m greeting you too.

My favourite number is five and my favourite month is MAY. OOPS! It is your birthday!

Happy birthday May! I want to give you everything you deserve, but for now, here’s my kiss.

Best people are born in the best month. That is why you are so damn special. Happy birthday!

Every year is a blessing- God gave you another year to be with us. Let’s celebrate that!

I have to say goodbye to April and welcome May. I’m sad and happy that this is your month.

This month is full of sweet days- one of which is your birthday. Stay sweet as you are.


Spring rain is best for your birthday for getting wet is not a problem. Happy birthday dearly.

Happy birthday May! Wishing you all the finest treasures in this world- LOVE and JOY!

Let’s make this day the most unforgettable one—cheers for more birthdays.

Birthdays are special when everyone is having a good laugh and cries. Happy birthday!

There is nothing more special than your birthday! Happy birthday May, my love!

This is the perfect time where we could throw away our worries and be happy. Make a wish!

I want to express my gratitude to this great man who never stops supporting me. I love you.


You are the Queen of May, the flowers bloom as you grow, and the sun shines as you old.

The wind makes the leaves fall off in their twigs, but you make them a beautiful scene.

The air breeze is warm as your hugs; I am lucky to feel it every day. Happy birthday, dear.

Start your day full of positivity and laugh, for this could make your birthday special.

May you have a blessed and wonderful day! For you deserve it so much. Happy birthday!

I found a flower blossom in rock- I remember you. Happiest birthday, my dear friend.

Happy birthday to the Queen of spring! May you continue to pour your love into others.


Happy birthday May! Wishing you a blessed day and a blissful year. Blow your candles.

This is the right day to eat, drink and party until our bodies can’t. Happy birthday May!

This month is the happiest of all for I could be with you the whole day. Happy birthday May!

May is the month of flowers- It is also the month of love. Happy birthday May! I love you.

This day would not end without singing a happy birthday. Happy birthday dear May!

I wish this day would not end, for I don’t want to complete a precious moment. Happy birthday May!

May is the busiest time since I don’t stop thinking about you and your birthday.


I’m deeply in love with the spring. That is why I’m deeply in love with you too. Happy birthday.

In our life, you are Maia- the goddess of springtime. Happy birthday May! We love you.

Raise your bottles, and let’s cheer for this incredible man who reached another milestone.

Happy birthday May! I am sincerely hoping for your happiness and good health. Have a wish.

This is the best time to get wild, the best time to party and the best time to get drunk.

May is the month of blossoms, the month of spring rain and the month of you. Happy birthday.

May is the Queen of all months-thus you are the Queen of all queens. Happy birthday dearly.

I could feel the spring fever as you walked in this room—happiest birthday to you, my favourite.

This day is perfect! I could hear the birds celebrating and singing happy birthday to you.


The winds of May blowing and dance as you sing. May you continue to be our melody.

Happy birthday my friend! Always keep that smile lovely forever! I hope you’ll find true joy.

All the buds are blooming during May- just like you, who continues to bloom every year.

The breeze carries my love; I hope you feel it, especially today. Happy Birthday!

Isn’t this day great? The plants bow before you, and the birds sing for you. Happy birthday!