Happy Birthday March

Someone in the family must have been born in March, or at least one of your friends or acquaintances is.
So it is your responsibility to greet them with a happy birthday, march as you tell them how lucky you are to have them in your life.
It would also be great to add a bit of a flare to your greeting so that they would remember it better.
Here is some happy birthday march wishes to help you out in your never-ending journey to better things.

Happy birthday, march; you deserve the things that you have wished for all this time.

I hope you know how special this day is to me because it is your big day, have the best time.

I wish that He would give you the best gifts you can ever get: love, luck and wisdom as well.


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There is nothing I wish more for you than to keep your luck rolling; happy bday to you now.

Happy bday to you, the dearest person in my heart; I hope you will realize your worth too.

The stars shine so brightly on your big day, so have a happy birthday, March.

I am truly blessed to have someone like you exist in my life; keep being here; happy bday too!

If I can have one wish for today, I would wish that you would be happy in this lifetime, enjoy.

Your bday is one of the best things ever, a reason for me to see you once more; enjoy today!

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Today is your big day, and I hope that the bond we share will keep growing strong, my dear.

Happy 10th birthday

Happy birthday, March. May you always remember this moment and treasure it a lot now.

I hope you remain humble as you have always been, do not ever change, happy bday.

Do not ever change who you are for anyone out there; you are most beautiful today, dear.

It would help if you celebrated a lot today, for it is your day, have a fabulous time, I’m always here.

Happy 13th birthday

Remember my words: you are the person you need to be better, happy bday to you!

There is something to celebrate all the time, and for today it’s you, happy birthday march!

You are the one that taught me what I know in this life: overcoming a lot to happy bday now.


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I will always be indebted to you for all the things you did for me, happy bday to you.

I wrote you a birthday card and hope you will come to like my classic method of doing things.

Happy birthday, march; though no one would tell you, I think you are genuinely an awesome kid.

I am sending a lot of love your way because it is the only thing I can afford now; happy bday too.

Believe me, when I say that my love for you is selfless, I promise that it is, have fun right now.

I thought that sending a good gift would be fine, but I needed to see you really, happy bday!

The happiest bday in my world may sound crazy, but the truth is that you are the world for me.

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Quotes

The rest of the world fades whenever I spend time with you; I wish you a happy birthday, March!

Special is what you are to me and always have been, have a good time today and enjoy.

There is nothing better than having you by my side, and I can’t help but wait for things to happen.

Thank you for living this long; keep on living a happy life indeed; I hope you have tons of fun.


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How can there be anything or anyone better than you? You are the best so enjoy your big day.

What a fantastic day to celebrate with a beautiful person, so have a happy birthday, March.

You make my days more special, so I will try to make yours extra awesome too; happy bday!

Your big day is coming up, and I can’t help but say how I feel for you right now.

What I can tell you is that I will always cherish you, always going to be by your side all time.

If everything were under my control, your bday would be a holiday, have success in the future.

Happy birthday, March. Thanks for being my source of strength and happiness right now too.


You should celebrate a special day like this the best way possible: big and fabulous, my dear.

Let us make many good memories on this day that we can reminisce about later on; happy bday.

Fighting with you is one of my best moments; you are still special to me, have the best bday!

I hope you will have a lot of fun right now, have the best birthday, and enjoy your day.

Do you not realize everything is the way they are meant to be? After all, happy birthday, March!

Happy birthday march, always remember that you are essential to me; realize that too.

Stop being afraid and living in fear. You will be just fine, have the best day ever; I love you!


There are things and people worth struggling for; you are that person for me, girl.

Enjoy this day because it is an excellent reason to celebrate life & have a lot of fun right now.

There is nothing more special than knowing that things will be better and better each day.

No matter what happens in this life, believe me when I tell you that you will be my best friend.

May a sequence of good luck come your way on this day now, have a happy birthday, March!

Happy bday to you, the one who knows all about me but still manages to accept me wholly.

I think that you are worth every sacrifice, every hard time, all of it. Have lots of fun today too.


You are probably the most precious thing in this life that is mine, so keep having a good bday.

Find more reasons to grow and to succeed. I know you can do it, have the best bday ever too.

To the person who is the most special to me, I wish you all the best, and I love you a lot as well.

You may not know this, but you mean a lot to me, so I wish you a happy birthday, March.

Whenever I feel weak, you are that to me, so enjoy this special day of yours now.

I hope that things that come your way will all be good, have tons of fun right now; I love you!

Go ahead and go better, get stronger and believe me, your life will be exemplary; happy bday!


You are the one who taught me that it is never right to give up. Thank you and happy bday!

Happy birthday to the one person who picked me up when I felt so damn lost with life.

Happy birthday march, I look at you, and I see just how wonderful life is, let’s live it together.

You taught me that I had to keep trying ‘til I get it, and I am glad he told you yes.

I am the person I am right now because of my family; I will never be anyone in the world.

There are many reasons to be happy, go and find one for yourself, and enjoy this good life.

To my particular person, thanks so much for showing me just how wonderful you are today.


I see how beautiful you are, and I can’t help but be proud of you now. Happy birthday, March.

Your big day is significant because you matter a lot to me, so have the best day now.

I hope that your bday will be filled with unforgettable moments. Enjoy it well.

As usual, you are lovely and astonishing, have the best day then; I love you a lot!

As you go into another phase of your life, I hope you have some time to rest too; happy bday.

Happy birthday, march; this is just a reminder of how special you’ve always been to me now.

Who would have thought we would end up together like this, well I am happy about your bday!


I am so glad that you came into this world years ago; let us celebrate this day you found me.

You picked up every piece I was broken into, so have the best bday ever now, enjoy your day.

Thank you for always completing my day; you deserve the best day; happy birthday to you.

There is nothing I’d love more than to be with you all the time, do have fun on this big day!

I love it when you smile softly at me, so now have a happy birthday, March; I love you.

I am happy to celebrate your day and join others in celebrating it; enjoy well.

I promise that I will always be good to you so, for now, have a lot of fun, we love you.


You always lifted our days, and now we want to do the same for you; happiest bday to you.

There is nothing wrong with you, and you are just fantastic, know that and celebrate away now.

You are just a great act that I want to watch all the time, have the best day ever today.

Happy birthday, March. I wish you would always keep that smile of yours, stay blessed as well.

I knew the first time we met you were the one person for me. I was right, now have a good bday.

I want to be with you all the time as we celebrate your special day, have tons of fun today too.

Your very presence lightens up my whole day, so now have a happy birthday, March.

Happy birthday, march; you are my sun; you give me energy all through the day too.

Just letting you know how special you’ve always been to me, have a happy birthday, March!