Happy 94th Birthday Wishes

The best type of birthday wishes are those that come straight from your heart this is why you must do your absolute best to make sure that you say happy 94th birthday.
You must choose wisely on the words that you will say, that they would be written beautifully & that they are as unique as they are.
Here are some happy 94th birthday wishes that will surely delight the celebrant that is searching for some love and care for you.

To me you are more than just a grandma, you are my role model have a happy 94th birthday!

I hope this party would totally exceed all the expectations you have in mind, enjoy your day.

You are surely a good source of love & inspiration, Gramps, have a really happy bday too!


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Today we celebrate another special occasion that you may have all the happiness you need.

Dad, I just want you to know that I am thankful for the sacrifices & risks you took for me too.

Happy 94th birthday, we love you a lot & today is one of the proofs that we really do love you.

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How lonely this life would be if you were not here with me, have the best time for today, Ma!

I hope you never stop doing what it is that you do best for anyone, you deserve all the credit!

Pa, come on & celebrate your special day, you mean the world to all of us, let’s have fun too.

You have one of the biggest hearts in the world, we are so proud of you happy 94th birthday!

You are one of those people with a big heart that just oozes out, wish you have fun for today.

Thanks for teaching me how to speak my heart out in the right situations, enjoy your day too.

It seems to me you just have this way of feeling things deeply, well hope you have a fun time.

Thank you for helping me out with my fears telling me I power them happy 94th birthday Ma!

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Do not ever apologize for showing us you care enough about how our lives would be, Papa.

There is nothing wrong with being the person that you are, so have all the fun for today too!

Even when people tell you you’re too loud, you still love them wholly so thanks for that Ma!

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Pa, you are meant to be the way you are: all burly & large, go & have a happy 94th birthday.

I think you should have lots of joy & immense yourself in great things too happy 94th birthday!

You are magic, even up until now that is what I sincerely believe about you, happy bday too!

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Teaching me how to protect me was the best gift I got from you, hope I can give you the best!

Today all that I really wish is that I am able to give back to you as much as you gave to me.

I know you never asked for anything in return but I sure hope that you would accept all this.

You are just so great to have around & I can’t help but be happy for you happy 94th birthday!

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For the times when you show me how wonderful the world is, I believe in that, happy bday!

You need to understand that you are one of the best people the world has ever seen, dear Ma.

Believing when there was nothing left to hold on was what I love the most about you, enjoy!

I sure hope you have great health so you can bring all of us together too happy 94th birthday!


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You are a lover before you were a learner, hope you would have tons of fun for this very day.

Your existence is probably the best thing that happened to me, I wish you all the best today!

In the world that is so obsessed with pretty things, you are my person, Ma, enjoy your day too!

There really is not anyone that is quite such as you for you are fantastic, happy bday to you!

I feel that I am blessed to have you as my Papa, I won’t have it any way happy 94th birthday!

The rest of the world can forget it, I am sticking with you all through this big day of yours, Pa.

You deserve the spot you have in my heart for always believing in me no matter what, enjoy it!

All the praises I have for you, you gave me the world, the universe if you can, so happy bday!

Happy 94th birthday, I think the world has been more amazing ever since you’ve been around.

Thank you for the memories you gave me, all the good times & the bad ones, you are the best.

I wish you get to live a thousand years more that we may have a lot more times to hold on to.


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I think this world truly needs more people just like you: to make it a whole lot brighter as well.

The truth is that a person like you are do not grow on trees so have a happy 94th birthday too.

The thing is that you do not know it but you actually bring light with you wherever you go to.

There is much more to life than this, you should have a lot of fun now, just enjoy every day.

If you ever forget, I will remind you of how beautiful you truly are, you are amazingly that.

You never did brag about anything in your life, you just always remind us we are special.

All that I wish is that I can finally express all the feelings I have ever so happy 94th birthday!

For the times you swatted me to wake me up, I want to tell you of how much I love you a lot.

There is much more to life than what you know but thank you for showing me all of them too.

Whenever I get to spend moments with you, I am happy that you exist, please spend more time.


Happy 94th birthday, thanks for being a comforter, organizer & nurturer all around, my dear.

The stories you told me will forever live on, I will retell it to my children too, one day, my Ma.

You are the type of woman that is just lovable inside & out, you never did hide anything, mom.

For me you will always be the best, the one that stuck out among the rest, I love you a lot now.

I am so sorry that I did not understand you back then but we can start now once again, right?

You bared your soul to us all, so have the best day for today, we love you happy 94th birthday!

I wish that it is not too late to tell you just about how much I truly love you, you are the best.


No matter what other people would try to tell you: you are truly wonderful, always has been.

In the darkest of days, you held on to me so do the same on this bright day of yours, baby.

The best you can do is keep working on being the best you can be, you are what I wanted too.

You bring us wonder as well as joy every single day of our lives, have a happy 94th birthday.

I think that it is very nice that you get to spend this big day of yours with people you truly love.

Let go of that ego, of your pride & just find peace wherever this life is going to take you to.

The finest of all the old people I know is what you are gramps, so have a happy 94th birthday!


Now, I will tell you that everything is going to be fine, I hope you will accept that wholly too.

For the world is much brighter when you are here so stay a few more years, maybe a decade.

Let me join you as you celebrate your big day, you deserve some rest & good hot chocolate.

You see, the end is far away so do not give up, never settle & just love what you have now too.

No one is really quite like you are so I hope that you have a really happy 94th birthday today.

Ma, you are practically the best woman that I know in the world so spare me some wisdom.

I only hope that when I reach your age some decades after, I can be as happy & pretty as you.


You make me believe that there are miracles, your face is still looking super ageless to me.

How do you maintain that face as you turn 94 today, what an amazing person you truly are!

Never will I remind you of your age again do not worry, happy 94th birthday, oops sorry for it.

And all that I hope & wish is you get the best that is for you: have a really happy bday too!


No one else would tell you that you are 94 but I will for you should be proud of it: my Mom.

You make everyone feel like they need to work harder & that is just your effect on people too.

By this year you have surely accomplished a lot already so go ahead & happy 94th birthday!


I believe in you: that you must always try your best in every single thing you decide to do.

May you just have tons of happiness & a whole lot of mystery to enjoy yourself, you need to!

Have fun for today, it is your bday and you need to do what it is that makes you the happiest.


You have come so far & I can’t help but be proud of what you had been happy 94th birthday!

There are a lot of things you can opt for but I sure hope you will enjoy your big day today.

If you ever feel sad and alone, do not worry I will be there to rescue you as fast as I can.