Happy Birthday April

For the people born in April, you might want to greet them if you know that they are celebrating, saying Happy birthday April would be a big deal for sure.
It would also mean a lot to them if you could think of some birthday wishes to put together with that.
If you greet many people a happy birthday in April, you might need different wishes, so here is some happy birthday April wishes to help you out.

Like the blue crayon in my colour box, I can never get enough of you; happy Birthday April!

Enjoy growing older because it is truly a blessing given to you, have tons of fun as well!

It is nice to be gorgeous when you are older but be charming, and you will be a lot better.


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If you want to stay young, you might as well have tons of fun; happiest bday to you, dear.

I wanted to remind you that relationships are significant, so have fun today and enjoy.

You are shining, and I love every moment that I get to see you; I wish you all the best as well.

Happy Birthday April, do not just keep on counting the years you live but rather live it fully.

It is okay to transform into someone you are not, break out of your shell; happy bday to you.

A bday filled with the best things is what I wish for you, have tons of fun on this day now.

I wish that you would find more reasons to be healthier, happier and feel better about yourself.

Happy 10th Birthday

Today is a good day to go out there and celebrate yourself, have the best bday ever, my dear.

This is your month, and your big day is coming, so have lots of fun and enjoy it well.

Youth may be the best gift nature gave, but age is a piece of art now; happy Birthday, April!

There are things in life that would suit you, so go ahead and do just that, enjoy your day now.

Happy 13th Birthday

May you get a big surprise for your big day because you deserve it, have tons of fun now.

You were born for bigger things in life, so go ahead and have great moments in it too.

My wish for you is that you achieve the things that you have long desired; happy bday now.

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Enjoy your trip that you will start once more, a 365 journey, so have a happy birthday April.

Happy Birthday April, who knew I was going to be someone special like you had been now.

Determine how you want your life to be and believe me you will be fine, enjoy your bday.

Top 45 Birthday Cake Wishes

People are the ones who choose their paths. Make sure to pick the best, happiest bday!

What a true legacy you are, the best person I have ever seen in this life since.

I wish you, my wonderful friend, a fun day filled with all the important things now, happy bday.

I have learned a lot of invaluable lessons from you that I will never forget; happy bday to you.

Missing Your Best Friend Messages

Some things are meant to be kept hidden, but not this one. Happy Birthday April!

You are truly remarkable, and I am blessed to have you around. I wish you all the best, my dear.

You used to be a diamond in the rough, and now you are shining like one; I hope you enjoy it.

You are born to do what you have to do, so enjoy it out, wishing you the best now.


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I believe that you deserve everything that you have, so enjoy your big day, happy bday!

One day I know you will be your own success story, have fun on your big day.

Happy Birthday, April; you make me believe that I can make things happen but so can you.

I hope that you will have a bday that is as strong and lovely as you are, so enjoy it now.

Loving someone like you is one of the precious moments in my life, so I wish you the best too.

You are indispensable such as the air that I am breathing; what a fantastic day.

A treasure is what you are and always have been, so have the best time of your life today.

I am thrilled to be with you now, so enjoy and have a happy birthday April.

To my most brilliant friend, may the gift of wisdom given to you be used wisely; happiest bday!

You are the strongest person I have ever met; come to me when you feel down, my dear.

Today is not a day to be sad but rather celebrated: your birth matters a lot too; enjoy today!


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I do not think anyone in this world loves you as I do; well, have a good bday.

There is nothing I would love more than seeing you happy on this big day. Happy Birthday April!

The things you see now may look tough, but I hope you know that you matter a lot to me.

You need to spend your time wisely now so you can enjoy your future tomorrow, enjoy!

There are moments you have just got to live, and this is one of them, have a good bday now.

You make me feel so lucky each time you tell me I matter, well you do too, happy bday to you.

I think you are the best representation of the epitome of kindness, so happy bday now, enjoy.

Happy Birthday April, who would have thought of this but you: keep being so charming, girl.

How do you make it so easy to love yourself? Well, I love you a lot as well, so enjoy life now.

I look into your eyes and see someone that is confident and loving, have the best day ever!


You are the person who knows how to be kind and committed, so try to enjoy life right now.

My affection for you will never waver no matter what, do not worry and enjoy your big day.

It is a special day today because it calls for a big celebration, go and have fun, we love you.

Happy Birthday April, the older you become, the sweeter you get; well, enjoy today.

I am right here when you need me, so call, and I will be there to celebrate life with you.

I can’t even find the right words for me to tell you that I appreciate you!

What a wonderful today is: when you were born into this world, well, enjoy it well too.


My prayers recently have been all about you and that the love of God goes through you; enjoy.

Today is one of the most important days in your life, so you just got to do it all right, dear.

Bday is a day to be celebrated, so you might want to do that too. Happy Birthday April!

For now, remind yourself that it is not over; things will be more than satisfactory now.

Calm down and never stop dreaming because you deserve to enjoy this life too, girl.

You have to claim that good things will happen to you and they will have a good bday.

Make today the best bday in your life & just spread some kindness and love as well, my dear.


I hope that people around you realize how beautiful and kind you are, have fun now, enjoy it!

There is nothing I love more than being with you, so keep ongoing. Happy Birthday April!

I wish you would continue your life knowing everything will be fine, enjoy it well.

Celebrate the good memories, and everything is going to be okay, believe me, on that, I love you!

Just focus on yourself and what you want in life; you are free to explore, have fun!

You should have the time of your life today as you go into a new journey, a new year.

There are a lot of possibilities to consider but knowing you will face them soothes me a lot.


You deserve to be happier, and so you will, you know, just have a happy birthday, April!

I can hear your success coming to you, just right on your door; go and welcome it in here.

Words can sometimes be not enough, but I will do all I can to make you feel my love, enjoy.


Sending you tons of wishes that I know will matter; I wish you all the best now.

Believe me when I say this: you are the only person I would be there for, happy bday!

Happiest bday to the one that knows me a lot, and I wish you all the best in this life too.

Happy Birthday April, let us talk about more profound thoughts and ideas; let us have fun today.


Sending you a lot of great days to come; for now, let us make tons of memories right now.

Thank you for always thinking of the best wishes; I want to do the same for you now.

Do not ever think about changing; we love you so much for the person that you are, enjoy it.

There is something great that you can send to anyone; well, just have fun now.

You do not celebrate your bday each day and so when you do try to treasure it a lot as well.


I am left speechless when it comes to you, so have a good time happy Birthday, April!

Remember that I will always be here for you all the time so have a happy birthday April.

Nothing can ever separate me from you, remember that and have a happy birthday, April!

Do everything with a heart, and you will be just fine, go and enjoy, happy Birthday April!