Happy 4th Birthday Princess Quotes

Your daughter is your princess as your spouse is your king or maybe your queen.
There is just so much to celebrate on the fourth birthday of your beloved daughter as she is most likely to be the apple of the eye, with her beauty that cannot amount to anything at all.
The love that a parent holds dear for their daughter overflows the heart, willing it to protect the daughter from any harm. If you truly want to make your princess happy, let her know how much you love her by wishing her happiness on her birthday.
Below are some quotes that you might want to use for this occasion not to have to fuss at all.

Happy 4th birthday princess, thank you for all the joy that you have brought into our lives.

I want you to keep happy as you grow up; I wonder how it happens so fast.

It seems you have the same stubbornness as your mom does, and it is a big wonder, princess.


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That beautiful smile on your face is priceless. It is no wonder why we adore you so.

Dearest sweetie pie, you have the most beautiful face, and we love seeing it every day.

I feel like the most blessed parent in the world for having a beautiful princess in you, dear.

You make us believe in magic once more, and that is your gift, happy 4th birthday, princess.

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I do not think I can ever let you off the hook, not with a smile and face just like that, sweetie.

You talk too fast little sweetheart but bless us all for every word you say sounds lovely.

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To me, it seems that you will grow up to be a beautiful woman that will embark on adventures.

It is so easy to take care of you that I love spending my days with you, taking care of you.

You cannot wish for anything but a doll, so I shall expect you good health and happiness.

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Happy 4th birthday princess, we love you so much, and we want to shower you with all of it.

Lessen your sugar intake, my favorite for those cakes will surely get you a whole lot fatter.

May you have a lot of great moments ahead of you; it seems like you will be a person to do so.

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Every second of my life, I thank the Lord in the heavens for giving such a wonderful gift to me.

My luck has seemed never-ending ever since I had you; children are fortunate especially a girl.

You are growing up to be such a beautiful child that I had no doubt anyone can ever resist.

Your parents keep on doing something for you each birthday and I wish that you are happy.

You have the best outfit of all people here this very day, have a happy 4th birthday princess.

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At one you are totally beautiful but now you are even four times better looking already, dear.

I will seize every moment today with you so that I can show proof to you when you grow up.

Enjoy every second of this year because you are likely to forget all this when you turn seven.

I gave up being a girl and turned into a woman because I had you and I cannot be happier.

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Happy 4th birthday princess, life has been so much better ever since you came to our lives.

Becoming your mother is one of the best things that have ever happened in this life of mine.

Go eat those cookies I always sneak out to you because you deserve to be happy for all of it.

A cuteness overload is what you truly bring every time you walk into this room, our darling.


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I can only wish that those dresses I bought will surely suit you and that I can see you in them.

A precious gift is what you are and nothing can ever amount to what you mean for each of us.

I will always be your biggest fan no matter what you plan to do in the nearest future, my dear.

You are growing up to be so healthy and strong that I am so glad, happy 4th birthday princess.

Your growth is nothing but a miracle for those strong limbs used to be a set of fragile bones.

When you grow up, I hope that every desire you will take on will one day be yours, beautiful.

I’d take as many days off as I can just to be able to spend some great time together with you.

May you enjoy today, go out and play with the other children in the playground, my dearest.

Keep on growing some wisdom as you grow up, my beloved, as beautiful as the rising sun.

Happy 4th birthday princess, there are no words to express the love that I feel for you, my love.

Your eyes are like pearls that just shine whenever I take a look at them, how lovely you are.

You remind me of spring, of all the warmth and the joy that it brings just like you do to us all.


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I do hope that you will enjoy growing up to become the person you want to be in the future.

All I wish is that you grow up to be a happy child one day soon, happy 4th birthday princess.

May you enjoy growing up to be a beautiful person both inside and outside, my dearest girl.

I will never miss your birthday as long as I can help it, that is all I can promise you right now.

Happy 4th birthday princess, you just keep on doing what you love the most, for we love you so.

You are always going to be my priority, always has been since the day you were born, my love.

I pray that the angels keep on protecting you every day so that you would never get hurt, ever.

When you talk, the air just feels with joy that I find it so amusing to see that you are so happy.

You are practically the sweetest girl I have ever laid my eyes on, happy 4th birthday princess.

May good things keep on coming your way because you are just the cutest little girl, my dear.


Today, you should go and enjoy yourself, play until you finally had enough for the day, love.

You are a party yourself with all that energy of a toddler surrounding you, my darling you are.

Happy 4th birthday princess, time flies by, it has been four years without me noticing it at all.

When the day ends, I will make you feel more special than you did, I will treat you, enjoy love.

Always have fun, as you are still four, you can just go around and play some more under it all.

Keep your hands off dirt a bit and just live a happier life, for you are the best gift there ever is.

May you experience wonderful things in life as you grow up to become a girl worth waiting.


May all of the dreams you have in your head come true one day, happy 4th birthday princess.

Blow those candles out that you just love to blow and let us start to celebrate, that you should.

You may be too young but I can already see that you have a generous and loving heart, dear.


If one day, you find yourself stuck, just remember that I will always be here just for you, love.

Happy 4th birthday princess, how I wish you would never grow up and remain just like that.

All I really want is to be able to see you smile, to see that you are happy as the time pass by.

I am always praying that you are safe and that you grow up to be a optimistic young girl.


When you grow up to be a great child, I shall give you a dog, to take care of and love freely.

You have transformed me from a girl into a woman, my dear, happy 4th birthday princess.

Your kisses are the sweetest, I can spend the whole day drowning in them, enjoy today, deary.

It seems I do not exist in your world except whenever you are hungry but I am okay with that.

I am going to spoil you so bad today and just give you all that you want in this life of ours.

Happy 4th birthday princess, it was not easy carrying you but you are definitely worth waiting.

You have a face so admirable I bet every guy would come down to their knees to ask of you.


Every time I see your beautiful face, I feel so lucky to be have you, happy 4th birthday princess!

At the very least you love what you are doing and for that I am already happy as it is, dear.

Happy 4th birthday princess, I cry out with happiness from the very first moment I saw you.

No one can resist you and your charms, that wonderful face and I am glad that you are mine.


You are the angel in our family that I hope will keep on guiding us happy 4th birthday princess!

Nothing can ever make me more excited than seeing your face once in every week, my dear.

Happy 4th birthday princess, I shall shower you with hugs and kisses to keep you busy today.


You are my shining star, the one that I know will guide me through the darkest of days, dear.

You talk now and that is one achievement I cannot seem to forget happy 4th birthday princess.

When I come to you, I just hope that you will just be as beautiful as always, enjoy your fourth.

Happy 4th birthday princess, I cannot even imagine myself a dad until we had you 4 years ago.

Being a toddler does not last long so better use your charms now instead of forgetting them.

I will give you all the patience I have within this body of mine, happy 4th birthday princess.