Happy 79th Birthday Wishes

Sometimes, all that a person needs is someone who remembers, not afraid to say what they feel.
It feels very nice when you have a person who remembers you, especially on your special day.
This is why when someone greets you with a happy 79th birthday, it feels perfect.
In turn, why not be the one that will greet people with a happy 79th birthday instead and make other people feel as good as you do.
If you are looking for the right message, here are some happy 79th birthday wishes that will indeed help you out once.

Happy 79th birthday letting you know that you are still the best gift I was ever given for.

Growing up together with you was the best for me; I wish you a happy bday for this day too.

I love you, and it was truly incredible having a person like you in my life, the happiest bday now.


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For me, you will always be the best, so have a good time for this day and enjoy it a lot as well.

May the Lord always keep on filling your life with joy and excellence; enjoy your big day too.

I still thank the Lord for giving me a cute Lil brother like you every day, happy 79th birthday!

100 Birthday Quotes

Now that I see it, it seems to me that you have had your fill of fun keep having even more now.

There is nothing to stop you from having the time of your life, so go ahead and do so, enjoy.

You are brilliant, and I can’t help but notice how wonderful you indeed are; I wish you the best.

This life may be rough at times but remember that I am here for you if you need me. Enjoy it.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

I have always been in love with you and always will be. May you have a happy 79th birthday!

Though sharing with you was not my favourite part of my life, I still adore you. Happy bday!

Happy bday to the person that has always been so precious to me. I hope you enjoy your day.

I used to be scared of sleeping by myself, but you have always been by my side; happy bday.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

You always took care of me all the time, now let me take care of you as well, enjoy your day.

Happy 79th birthday sending you all the best wishes across the seas. May you enjoy it a lot.

This day is truly one of the best days to wish you a longer life and better health.

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You always protected me through this life so this time, let me do the same for you. Enjoy today.

Cheers to you for having the most beautiful time of the year. Enjoy it; happy 79th birthday!

And sometimes, I can’t think of what I did in the past to deserve a person like you, my love.

Happy Birthday To My Handsome Nephew

You always had such a lovely face even when time has done its job; happiest birthday to you!

I have always been proud of the person you have become, and I can’t be any prouder now.

Happy 79th birthday; what a wonderful blessing you indeed are to me. I wish you all the best too.

Those eyes of yours fill me up in ways you would never have expected, so enjoy your day.

25+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Godson

You are my favourite, and I can’t help but enjoy that you always love me.

I may not be the best when expressing my feelings but know that I care for you too.

Here is to all the fights between us that we have learned to resolve, wishing you all the best.

You’re the one who taught me all about the meaning of this life, so have a happy 79th birthday.


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May you keep on prospering because you deserve to; you are kind and thoughtful. Enjoy today.

Wishing you only the very best of the best on this special day of yours; I hope you have fun too.

As you grow older today, I wish you would still keep that cheerful aura you always have.

Happy 79th birthday; we have shared a lot, you and I and I only wish you would enjoy today.

I can’t imagine how life would be without someone like you, so have a happy bday too.

We are genuine parts of only one soul, and I genuinely believe that now, together with you, happy bday!

And you made every single dream of mine come true when you told me you love me, enjoy it.

You are the one that always made me laugh, so today, I hope I can do the same for you today.

Let us celebrate you growing older but only being more fabulous as well; happy 79th birthday.

Thank you for not letting me get lost and showing me the way, my star. Have a good bday too.

For today, all that I want is to be happy and have the best time.


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You will always be the best person for me no matter what happens, so enjoy today too.

For the person who taught me how to live life gracefully, I hope you enjoy a happy 79th birthday.

It feels like I will get lost if you are not here with me, so please stick; happy birthday to you.

Your spontaneity is your most redeeming feature so have the best day of your life now.

I can use so many great words to describe you, go on and on, but I love you, enjoy.

Happy 79th birthday, you are such an extraordinary person, and I wish you all the best as well.

No words can ever express this depth that is my love for you; may you enjoy your special day.

I think that what you are is indeed a gift from the Lord above. May you enjoy it a lot now.

We may often quarrel and have different stands, but nothing will change my love for you, dear.

For me, you are still the closest person ever, and I hope you have fun and enjoy your life as well.


When I think of you, I often see the person I love, a happy 79th birthday girl.

The luckiest person in this world is me for having fun with you and enjoying it a lot too.

I feel blessed to have a wonderful time together with you and have a great time today.

We may not get to see each other for many years, but do not forget that I care for you a lot!

You are my friend, the life partner that I have always dreamed of having happy bday with you.

Darling, I wish you have the best time of your life for today’s happy 79th birthday.

Not a single day passes by that I do not think of you; I sincerely hope you have the best time.


This life will try to throw you the worst, but still, you must enjoy your life as well, happy bday.

We may be as different as two pieces of a pie, but I still let you know that I love you a lot!

My sweet sis, I wish that you would get to enjoy your day; my tip is that you live it now.

Happy 79th birthday; know that every moment of your life is special to me, so have fun.

We were born on the same day, but that made me love you even more; happy birthday, sister.

More than sisters, you are my very best friend, so stick with me till the end; happy bday to you.

There are things in this world that you can’t share, so enjoy it a lot, happy 79th birthday.


So many years have passed by, but nothing has changed; I still love you just the same too.

What you are is truly my other half, and I can’t be happier to have met a person like you are.

Today, I see that you have become wiser and prettier; I hope you enjoy your big day.


You are indeed the person who taught me to enjoy life, so live yours; happy 79th birthday!

There is kindness in you that I always see when I look at you, have the best time of your life.

One of my favourite days of every year is this day, the day you were born, happy bday to you.

Never let sorrow or any grief stop you from doing what you want, enjoy and have a good time.


You may drive me crazy at times but remember that you will always be the one I love the most.

Happy 79th birthday, you decide what you want for today, and we will do just that, trust me.

What a cutie you indeed are, and all that I wish is that you will enjoy this life—happy bday to you.

To the sister from another mother, you are the best, so have a good time today and enjoy life.


You may drive me crazy, yet I would never want another one like you in my life, only you.

You are my favourite person, that is the truth. I am so happy to be able to be with you for today.

Happy 79th birthday; of all the beautiful people in the world, you are the one I love the most.


Though some things are meant for the worst, being with you is the best too.

May your life keep on flowing like the river that is happiness through and thru, happy bday.

All that I wish for you is that you will experience love and enjoy it; happy bday to you.

There is simply nothing I want more than to see you happy and secure, have a good bday!

I adore you, and that is the truth of it, have a happy 79th birthday and enjoy your day.