Happy 85th Birthday Wishes

Life is a journey that must be lived fully and without holding back.
It is now time to forget those regrets and let go of all the grudges you once held.
See, being 85 makes you realize a lot of things, makes you want to correct the past mistakes that you have done.
If you know someone celebrating his 85th birthday, go greet him a happy 85th birthday and remind him you care.
Here are some happy 85th birthday wishes to help you out in making him a bit happier on his big day.

When your youth stays with you, it means you are a cheerful person then happy 85th birthday.

I hope that you still get to appreciate the little things that this life offers to you enjoy your day.

It is the people we love that makes this life truly worth living, so work hard and be happy too.


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Fill your world with people who cares for you and one day you can say that you were loved.

Happy 85th birthday, you’ll kill me for saying your age but I wanted to be precise this time.

Right now, you can be as old or as young as you want to be, you can do whatever you want.

Respect is something that you gain instead of get and you had always had mine, happy bday!

Look at the bright side of things and realize that the more years you have, the more to enjoy.

For 85 years you did your best so go and do it, enjoy this life and realize you have done good.

Make sure that you get more chances to smile and be with friends too happy 85th birthday!

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What makes this life worth everything is the amount of joy that we get from our friends, enjoy.

May you take your time, you have lived for so long that you should really slow down for now.

Forget the idea that you need to work so hard to be fruitful, just work smart and enjoy today.

Coming from me, what I can advise you is to take life as it is presented, happy 85th birthday!

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I wish that you would have a lot of better things in your future, happy bday to you, my dear.

Today the person that I love the most in the universe was born, happy 85th birthday to you too.

You shall never try to give anyone a hard time, instead try your best to just enjoy passing thru.

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See life is meant to be lived up to the very last breath & you must truly enjoy it a lot now too.

If I know, what you really want to day is go on swimming, do that and relax yourself as well.

I want to be able to keep growing with you, to keep surviving each year, happy 85th birthday!

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The happiest moments of my life are the priceless ones I wish I can get back to, happy bday!

For waking me up for every morning especially back then, thanks and happy bday, mother!

You are one of the people that are truly good even in the inside, I simply admire you a lot too.

Growing old together with someone I care is truly a great event, have a happy 85th birthday!

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Sometimes it feels like you are alone but I am here, know that and be confident, happy bday!

You deserve to smile for I know how much you love people, we love you too, enjoy today now.

You are so close to finding happiness, so keep going and find that peace within you as well.

Happy 85th birthday, I want to celebrate this life with you & be thankful for everything too.


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Do not allow anything or anyone to ruin your day, for this is yours so claim it and enjoy it!

Everyone in this world has their own pain and hate, do not let it bother you, enjoy your day!

As you grow even older, you learn to accept what had already happen and even love it too.

I know that it takes so much time to heal but I hope by 85 you are already happy by this time.

It is the time of the year once more to celebrate like never before, have a happy 85th birthday.

It seems only yesterday when I was born into your arms now I’m big, happy 85th birthday, Ma.

It does not hurt to take a deep breath and also to trust yourself, it’s not too late to start today.

You need to be confident in yourself and keep in mind that you are beautiful, happy bday too.

By now, you probably know that miracles do not happen for no reason, be your own miracle.

I am proud of you, Pa, I just want you to know that before anything else happy 85th birthday.

Happiest bday to the person who is always cheerful all the time, may you have tons of fun too!


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Stop letting doubt stop you from growing, even at 85 you can still improve yourself a lot now.

I am just so happy that love does not hurt you, I guess age really helps, happiest bday to you!

I know you are busy right now with things but I hope you find the time to celebrate your day.

Happy 85th birthday, no matter how many storms I need to face to get to you, I would do it all.

Stop lying to yourself you can start trying to be honest with your feelings, enjoy your day a lot.

They say that the best experience is truly the gotten through time, happy 85 years of existence.

You got to this age coz you had done something right, congrats and have the best bday ever.

I think celebrating life is one of the most important aspect of this world, happy 85th birthday!

What you need is to enjoy life and to remember that things always have a reason to happen.

We were two hands that got separated for a long time but now intertwined, happy bday dear.


I am just so happy that I got to be present at your 85th year of life, I am happy for you, love.

There is nothing I love more than seeing you smile, I am so glad you are happy, enjoy today.

I see grace in the way you move, I bet you were a dancer way before, happy 85th birthday!

This day is for you, it is something to treasure and to remember you by later in this life too.

You see, there are thousands of people out there, be glad you are alive today, enjoy your day.

Keep healthy & strong so that you may live a longer life, enjoy, have fun on your big day too.

When bad things happen to you, I hope you disregard them, you’re too old now to argue too.


Well, I do hope the memories stay with you, have the best day of the year and enjoy it through.

Fill this year with more happiness, memories & adventure to remember by, have a good day.

I have only met 2 great people so far, you are one of them, I wish you a happy 85th birthday!

You are a queen, majestic and regal, I see it all in your eyes now celebrate your bday like one.


You sure are older than you were last year but still you must keep going, get your dreams too.

I bet that this year is going to bring you a lot of things, I wish you will like them, happy bday.

When you keep being cheerful, you would forget what age you are in too happy 85th birthday!


I wish that the happiest bday of your life will finally come your way enjoy your 85th bday now.

Some things never change even after a lot of years, your smile is the same, enjoy your big day.

Follow what it is that your heart has been telling you all this time & love this world and date.

This is me reminding you of your age, way before you look into it, have a happy 85th birthday.

We are the ones that fills the memory bank of our minds let’s make it fun for you, enjoy it well.

May this year bring you a whole lot more of memories to live on by, you deserve all of them.

What you need now are friends to make you reminisce & a good long cry as well, enjoy it too.


This birthday of yours is going to be so amazing I can totally see that now, enjoy it as well.

May we count on the years that are gonna pass, I wish you a happy 85th birthday, you need to.

You look too good for your age that I thought you were only 75, truly, still have a good day.

I bet you eat a lot of healthy foods for you have such amazing skin as well, happy bday to you.

Keep being the person you have always wanted to become, you need to keep your life happy.

Happy 85th birthday, you can take away all you want and just enjoy all the way too, Mama.

If you think you can still handle some liquor come and let us drink to your big day & enjoy.


What you need is to just smile til it reaches your eyes, have the best day too, enjoy it a lot now.

For years I have thought about you, I bet there are still so much to know, have the best bday.

Without a doubt you are the best thing that ever came into this life even at 85, you’re pretty.


I will be here if you ever need someone to lean on, have the best day ever, happy bday to you.

The world is filled with chaos but you found me, I wish you the best that there is in this life.

Through all the thick and thins in this life, you stuck right by, thanks and happy bday to you.

This is more likely to be mind over the matter so just think happily too happy 85th birthday!