Happy Birthday Quotes To The Best Mom

Mothers are one of the great persons in our lives. We are so blessed to have them. One cannot imagine without having one. They gave and are still giving us the best love. On your mom’s birthday, they deserve the best greetings.
Here are the lists of birthday wishes that suit best for your mom.

Mom, no one can ever replace you here in my heart; I love you! Happy bday to you, mom.

The woman I love is the one that I had first seen, my mother, wonderful birthday to you, mother!

There is no one that can ever surpass the way you make me feel, best birthday my mother!

Mother, you showed me light when the darkness started to envelope me, thank you so much!

You showed me that love is something that is felt, not just said, wonderful bday, dear mother.


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Mom, on your very special day, I just wish that you get to enjoy yourself, every second of it.

Do not worry about the household chores for once, mom, today is your birthday, just enjoy.

100 Birthday Quotes

I have washed all the dishes and cleaned the house, now you go out and have a nice birthday.

Release yourself from fears and worries and just be happy, mom, happy birthday to you!

You have raised me so now I will start taking care of you, I love you mom, best bday!

Today is your birthday and I just want you to know how special you are to me, dear mother.

You made me the person that I am today and I will be grateful forever, happy birthday, mom!

I have missed you so much, I am glad I can make it to your birthday today, stay healthy, mom.

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All that I am wishing for is more time to spend with you because I love you, best bday!

You are the strongest woman I know and that is the truth, wonderful bday to you, my mother.

The 100 Happy Birthday Mom Messages

You have told me over and over again that a good person is a kind one, best birthday mom!

I have followed all that you have taught me before and I am thankful, happy birthday, mother!

You have always been the person I looked up to, because I want to be like you, wonderful birthday!

Mother, you really do know what is best for me, I still believe that, happy bday to you!

I hope that you take a break today so just go out there and just have fun, happy bday, mom!

The 40 Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

No one would ever surpass you in loving me; I love you so much more, wonderful birthday, mom!

Mom, thank you for making me believe in myself after all these years, best birthday to you!


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You gave me courage in so many levels and I thank you for that, wonderful bday to you, mom.

I guess mothers really do know what is best, just like how you know mine, best bday!

Birthday Quotes for Friend

Dear mother, I will forever be grateful for all the lessons you taught me, happy birthday!

Best bday to you mother, I will always be beside you no matter what happens in life.

You have taught me what life really means even back when I was a child, thank you, mom!

Mom, all the wisdom I have right now is all thanks to you, wonderful bday to you, mother!

For all the things that you have shown me how to do right, thank you and best birthday!

Mother, you will always be the number one person in my heart, wonderful birthday to you!

On your special day, I hope that you will tell me what you want, happy bday mother!


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For all the patience you had spent on me back when I was a child, happy birthday, mom!

Hi Mom! Know that you will always be my best friend, happy bday to you, I love you!

I wish you all the best and that you get all the things you deserve in your life, my mother.

Wonderful birthday, mother, I wish you would tell me your problems, I am just right here for you.

I will always be here for you whenever you need me, just tell me and I’ll be there, mother.

Happy birthday mom, thank you for always trying your best to keep me happy, every time.

I wish you could tell me that there is no reason to worry, I miss you, happy birthday, mom!

I miss you so much, ever since I started going to college, best birthday to you my mother.

You told me once that it will be alright so just stay put. Best birthday to you, my mom!

I wish I was there with you so I can have a taste of your chocolate cookies, happy birthday.


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Wonderful bday, mother, I wish that I am able to celebrate your birthday with you today.

There are so many things that I want to tell you at this very moment, best bday, mom.


I know that this is not much but I just have to tell you that I love you so much, my mother.

There is not much left, I think I have said it all but then again, best bday to you, mom!

Mom, let me be the first one to greet you a wonderful bday! You deserve all the gifts you have.

All the material things I can give you is not enough to repay you for everything, my mother.

Mom, I wish I can repay you for all the things you did for me, best birthday to you!

I just wish that you have fun and that you enjoy yourself for this day, wonderful birthday my mom.

My mother is the best woman in this world, as hard working as she is, I love her so much.

You are the person who has stuck with me until the end of time, I love you so much, mother!

You made me believe that I can make all of my dreams come true in time, happy bday mom!


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Mom, you deserve the most fabulous birthday celebration in this world. Happy birthday to you!

For all the things you have given me, all the things you did for my sake, happy bday, mom!


Every mom is a great woman and you are the reason I am who I am today, happy birthday!

Mom, I just want to tell you that I appreciate you and all that you do for me, wonderful birthday!

Best birthday to you, mother, I wish that you would continue being the mom that you are.

My siblings and I are just so lucky to have a mom like you who cares, wonderful bday to you.

There is no words that can explain the love I felt from you, best bday to you, my mother.

You are beautiful and I hope that you know that, I love that from you, best bday to you!


You make me believe in all the good things life has to offer, wonderful bday to you, dear mom.

Mother dearest, I want to tell you thank you and that I appreciate you, best birthday to you.

There are no words for what I want to say, a hug will do, wonderful birthday to you, my mom.

I cannot believe it either but I miss you whenever you are not around, happy birthday, mom!

Mom, tell me that it will be okay, so I believe that it will be okay, happy bday, my mom!


My mother has taught me so many things, one of them to be kind, always, happy birthday!

Mom, let me show you just how much I want you to enjoy this very day, happy bday!

So mother, for now, just relax and stay happy, it is your special day, you know? Have fun!

I am so sorry I cannot be there with you right now but I will try to be, happy birthday, mom.

Mom, let me show you all the things that I have done because of you, thank you,, mother.


I am so happy that I am able to be beside you on your special day, wonderful birthday, mom!

I had wished for this, to be together once more and now here it is, best birthday, mom!

Thank you for all the cookies we baked together for so long, wonderful bday my dear mom.


You helped me in selling all those girl scout cookies, thank you and best bday, mom!

All those moments we spent together are those that I treasure most, best bday,

I believe in you and I will keep believing in you until the day I die, wonderful bday, my mom.

You shone like all the flowers do when they are in bloom, wonderful birthday to you, mother!

Mother, do not do anything rush and just focus on yourself, happy bday to you, mom.


Anything that I give you are just material things that do not amount much but I want to greet you a happy bday from the bottom of my heart.

No words are able to explain how thankful I am to you, mother, wonderful birthday to you!

There is not a single chance that you might feel that I appreciate you but I do, best birthday!

Wonderful bday mother, know that I am here, just call me and I will be there for you!