Happy 81st Birthday Wishes

Being 81 is a good thing; nothing bad ever comes out of birthdays.
If it is your luck to be alive until this day, then you must do one thing: you must enjoy life as it is.
There are so many reasons why you should celebrate your birthday if for one thing that you live a full age until this day.
Well, if you know a certain someone that is turning 81, then go and greet that person a happy 81st birthday.
Here are some happy 81st birthday wishes that will help you to find the perfect greeting.

Happy 81st birthday, mom you are truly my everything we even look the same you and I right?

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate your bday and one of the best times to do this is today.

I wish that I would always be the person you want to become for you are the best for this day.


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And suddenly there it was, you were there, I wish you all the best on this wonderful day too.

The thing that I want the most for you is to have a lot of fun and to enjoy what life brings you.

I still thank you for all the care and love that you gave me in this life happy 81st birthday too!

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Maybe finally you will see how everything around you wants you happy, enjoy your bday now.

Remember to always know that you are blessed and to have fun on your big day, enjoy it too.

Every amazing experience in your life is there for a reason, stop regretting your mistakes too.

I am truly lucky having someone like you in this lonely life of mine have a happy 81st birthday.

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May you have the luck to be able to forget the past that is now behind you, remain the best!

On your big day what I can impart to you is that the best is yet to come even at 81, my dear.

To the most popular and most charming person that I know, I wish you all the best for today.

You are truly a funny and amazing person and for that I wish that you would enjoy your day.

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To the greatest woman in this universe, I wish you have a happy 81st birthday and enjoy it too.

Do not worry about anything today and just party all night, you are still young enough for it.

May you have many more bday to come for you truly deserve a long and serene life indeed.

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Thank you for bringing me peace when all my world is full of chaos, happy bday to you too.

Happy 81st birthday it seems to me that the entire universe is conspiring for you, enjoy it a lot.

May your worries be lessened, that is my wish for you on this very special day of yours today.

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I think that you need to understand that you deserve to be happy, so enjoy your big day too!

You always bring happiness wherever you seem to go and we are happy to be with you now.

All that I need in this world is someone like you may you have a happy 81st birthday today too.

To the most insanely kind person that I am acquainted with, I wish you a really happy bday!

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May you have less worries for the years to come and go on enjoying this life, happiest bday.

This is one of the most important days in your life to celebrate so go and have fun as well.

The light that is shining on that starry sky is for you, today go and enjoy your life, my dear.

I am just so blessed that I am able to have somebody like you in my life happy 81st birthday!


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There are no words that will ever be able to express the love that I feel for you, happy bday.

Cheers to another good year in your life to go and have fun, happy bday to you, my dear.

What you are is unique & you are special to me, I hope you realize that, happy bday to you.

Who needs anyone else when I have you with me today, have a really happy 81st birthday!

All colors suit you, nothing does not fit with you, what beauty you are, happy bday, my sis.

Mom, you always did give me the best you can and I am here to wish you all the best too!

Dad, for always giving me love & making me feel special, happiest bday to you, for today.

There is so much in life that I am thankful for and that includes you too happy 81st birthday!

For always being there may it be thick or thin, you are the best, happy bday to you today.

May I be there when you blow out your candles, it is such a shame I’m so far, happy bday.

Without you here in my life, it just does not feel the same, happy bday to you, my dear love.


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Go ahead and celebrate this day of yours with the people you love, have fun as well, daddy!

Heaven seems to be smiling upon us as I tell you and greet you a really happy 81st birthday.

And today I hope that you are getting that love and that joy that you have always wished for.

You are truly one of the best people in the entire universe, I am proud of you, happy bday!

Well, the time has come to celebrate your life for you are truly a fantastic man, enjoy today.

Mother, all that I want is to be able to enjoy this life with you, so have a happy 81st birthday.

Let us celebrate life for that is truly what we are meant to do from the very beginning of life.

I want to share my blessings with you coz you are the type that is kind, I wish you the best.

There are many days that I want to spend together with you and today is one, happy bday.

The stars shine coz you are alive, may they keep shining over your head, happy birthday too.


Happy 81st birthday, you mean so much to me and I just have to tell you that for this day too.

Congrats on another year that you have conquered, I wish nothing but the best for today!

Another year is here to greet you with happiness so go ahead and have all the fun right now.

May you bring all the lessons you have learned this year on to the next, happy bday to you.

I have done everything I can to make you happy and I hope it pays too happy 81st birthday!

I may not know everything about you but I know is that I love you a lot, happy bday to you.

You truly contributed a lot in my life and for that I thank you so much have a good day now.


Your presence truly humbles me in so many ways, so I wish you a great bday especially today.

May we keep on making a lot of memories more in the future ahead of us, happiest bday now.

The best man I have ever met is celebrating to day and I wish him a happy 81st birthday too.


If you want to know, the stars are shining for you, have the best day ever, I love you a lot.

Each candle you blow you get to make a wish, go ahead and make yours, happy bday too.

The world surely needs more people like you, have the happiest bday ever, my dearest!

You see, the best thing happens to those who are kind and unselfish too happy 81st birthday!


Another year in your life means that you get to enjoy more time too, happiest bday to you!

Cheers to being propelled into what may be the best day of your life yet, enjoy your day now.

I am just so happy that you were born to this family, I wish you the best in the future too.

May you keep on sharing your wisdom with us for we want nothing more but that from you.

What you are is truly a gift from God and I wish you a really happy 81st birthday for today.

I am grateful that God decided to send me to you, happiest bday to you, I love you a lot too.

In this world, you are the only one that I truly love and that is why I am happy for you today.


There is no way I can ever be this happy without you, I’m happy that you are here with me.

The best in this world is you, no matter what side I try to look at you now happy 81st birthday.

I can’t think of a better gift than telling you how much I truly love you, enjoy your day too!

Once upon some time, I wished that you would be here and you were, happiest bday to you.


I am glad I found someone to spend the rest of my life with: you, happy bday to you, my love.

I will cherish you all the way if you let me to, just let me greet you a happy 81st birthday too.

You turned my life into a meaningful one, have the best bday ever, my dear, enjoy it a lot too.


The most beautiful mom in the world is you, I can’t wish for any better, happy bday to you.

This life just wouldn’t be the same without you, happy bday to a wonderful dad, I love you.

No matter how bad my day gets, you cheer me up all the time, this time let me do that for you.

Happy 81st birthday, what you have done for me is truly a lot and I can’t help but be thankful.

Nothing can go wrong in my life with you here, so have the best bday of your life ever, dear.

Thank you for being the gift of God from me I wish you a really happy 81st birthday today too.