Happy 82nd Birthday Wishes

Every birthday is a big deal, and whether you are turning twelve or 82, it is something that is worth fussing over.
The truth is that it is one of the most important day in someone’s life.
Every birthday is like a new chance to start over and try to become a different person, someone that is better than who you used to be.
Should you happen to know a person turning 82 soon, you need to greet them a happy 82nd birthday.
Here are some happy 82nd birthday wishes that will surely do you some good all in all to try and see if it fits the person you are greeting.

Happy 82nd birthday, no matter how old you get, I will always be by your side, my dear wife.

It never occurred to me just how much you really mean to me until you were there, enjoy it!

Everything is only have the fun without you here with me, have the happiest bday ever now.


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I wish you would smile and be happy all the time, you are the best person for me, darling.

I will always adore you and cherish you as well so have a happy 82nd birthday, you deserve it.

If it ever crossed your mind that I’ve forgotten about today, you are a fool, I’d never forget.

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You are one of the reasons why I am still here, I wouldn’t ever forget you too, happy bday.

This is me reminding you just how important the friendship we have is, enjoy your big day.

I have been on the lookout for the best gift but still I did not find it, hey happy bday to you!

Happy 82nd birthday, I can lose anything in the world but you enjoy it a lot, my dearest hubby.

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Even when you get old enough that you can’t walk anymore, I will still be there for you then.

No matter what, I know you will still be young at your heart and at your spirit, my dear mom.

You are one of the few people whom I know never gives up without any fight, happy bday!

The true form of being happy must come from your heart so let it guide you up, enjoy today.

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I know you have my heart, love, I wish you would keep making it safe, happy 82nd birthday!

I really wish that you would get all the things that you desire for you truly deserve it all now.

What you are is wonderful and I haven’t even started yet, may you truly enjoy this day as well.

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Brilliant, that is what you truly are, have I told you that enough times for you to believe that?

I just want to send you some greetings for today, may you have a happy 82nd birthday as well!

You have influenced me a lot and touched my life more than you would ever get to know, too.

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My world is always filled with happiness and love all coz of you, thank you for everything!

My sweetheart, it is because of you that I know I can do the things that I want in this life now.

Happy 82nd birthday, I just want to remind you of how much I treasure being with you always.

Someday, I wish that I can be cool just like you were 60 years ago, you are all I ask for, mom.

What a great role model I have in you, dad, I need not look up to other people any longer too.

Even at 82, you are still up and dancing the night away, I guess you were born to do that too.

Some days I wonder how it would be like not to have you around: miserable, keep being alive!

Your friendship is the most important thing for me my dear friend have a happy 82nd birthday!


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What a pretty night it is to have your celeb party for your bday, I truly wish you happiness.

Today is the day when I want you to realize that you are loved by so many people, yes you are.

You are aging and yet it does not show one bit so tell me, how do you do it, what is the secret?

Even now when you are 82 you are still one of the classics people are looking for enjoy today!

Things ain’t always gonna be easy but I will always be there for you, happy 82nd birthday girl.

Thank you for being the star that always seem to light up the path I needed to go through to.

Sending you tons of fuzzy and warm virtual hugs today since I can’t make it to your birthday.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed so make sure that you do, have tons of fun as well, my dearest.

This life may change but what we are to each other never has, so happy bday to you, dear.

I would never forget your kindness and generosity to me, I wish you a happy 82nd birthday!

No one has ever mean to me as much as you do and for that I thank you, have a happy bday!


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My only true friend, may you always be strong enough to face the things that are coming too.

I am willing to lose it all if it means that I would have you with me happy 82nd birthday to you.

You have always been an inspiration to me and to my siblings, always be happy, dearest mom.

Often you spoke of the past and how you were truly happy for us reaching this point, mother.

Thank you for taking care of us and showing us that we were meant to have so much fun too.

Happy 82nd birthday, you mean a lot to me and I just wish that you would know that, my dear.

This is a great opportunity to tell you that you are the one that made our life more special too.

Of all the memories I can remember the one where you kissed me good night always come.

This is a nice chance to start that enjoying life, go and create that bucket list and cross them.

If you still have things in this world that you would like to accomplish let me know, I will do it.


Your heart is in mine and mine in yours even until now, so have a really happy 82nd birthday!

May this day be as special for you as it is for me for it is a reminder that you are still alive.

Let us go and let us relive every moment we had shared in this place back then, happy bday.

This big day of yours is an opportunity to catch up with your old buddies that are here now.

Happy 82nd birthday, my dear, you truly deserve all the love that you have right now, really.

For you are one of the most amazing people that I know, have the best bday party in this life.

Who knows, maybe you would get drunk today like you never did before, happy bday to you!


Thank you for being the inspiration and also my one and only love, happy bday, my dearest.

And lastly, all I hope is that you have a wonderful year up ahead and you will enjoy life too.

Let me remind you just how much I care for you, so much, my dearest happy 82nd birthday!


You have stayed strong all throughout this life and for that I am glad you are here today too.

Well, it is your bday so you get to decide what it is you want, we will try to give it all to you.

Maybe you can be off your healthy diet just for today and party hard for this night, my dear.

Never will I forget all the good things you have given to me, so have a happy 82nd birthday!


I think life is amazing for giving me friends I can lean upon like you, thank you for everything.

And in this world, the one thing that I will ever need is you, have the best bday party ever too.

You are not getting any younger but you seem to be getting kinder, enjoy this bday, my dear.

If someone asks them just how old you are by now, do not answer or tell a lie, it’s fine really.

For all the times you took care of me back then when I was sick and out happy 82nd birthday!

You are now entitled to be the messy and the nosy one though I don’t want that, happy bday!

I hope that you are at peace, deep inside of you, so have the best bday party ever, my dear.


Shake that booty and enjoy this party for this is truly yours to enjoy, I hope you get to enjoy.

Happy 82nd birthday, I hope you still remember me coz I would never ever forget you, dear.

For now, all that I want you is happy and healthy, have a wonderful day on your birthday!

No matter what had happened, you stuck with me and now I will stick by your side, enjoy!

I am just so excited that you made me feel this way, may you really enjoy this life as well.

Our friendship is more than important to me, just letting you know it, happy 82nd birthday!

Even as little kids you were always cheerful like that, nothing much has changed, really.


Our rocking chairs are fantastic, don’t you think, though we are not old enough for them.

You are still strong, grandmama, so do not worry and just keep enjoying the time you have.

This life is going to be filled with surprises like it always is: all your favorite too so enjoy!


I was looking for someone to love me and suddenly you came along too happy 82nd birthday!

What I really wish for you is that you become free enough to do anything that you want to.

I knew you were an angel but it is only know that I have seen your wings to fly out, my dear.

Happy 82nd birthday, thank you for showing me that you care and never leaving me hanging.