Happy 58th Birthday Wishes

There are some things a person just never forgets while some years that are in between.
Most people think that as you grow older, you will forget the years that pass by as you wait for another milestone.
However, it is in those years that you will find treasures.
If someone you know is turning fifty eight, greet them a happy 58th birthday.
Always make them special, that they could still become whatever they want to be.
If you are at loss for words, here are some happy 58th birthday wishes that you can definitely use, anytime at all that you need them.

He has granted you with another year, so you can live more and better, happy 58th birthday!

Keep inspiring more people to become a good person like you are, enjoy your birthday now.

The Lord is definitely happy to have a person like you in this world, happy bday to you too!


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May the blessings of the Lord fill your house and yourself too, you deserve everything, dear.

Rejoice that you get to live this long and hope for more years to come, happy 58th birthday!

Happy 58th birthday, I hope that you will share the wisdom of the Lord for today onwards.

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Keep on sharing your blessings to those that needs it the most & do not forget to enjoy today.

I wish that more blessings will keep on coming your way for you deserve that too, enjoy it!

There is something to celebrate in everyday but for today it is your birthday, go and enjoy it.

This big day of yours is a blessing from Him and you should be thankful, happy 58th birthday!

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Happy days are coming I know that too, so keep having fun and let me know more things too.

Keep me posted on your bday plans for today and just enjoy it a lot, I wish you the best now.

You are the best and I bet awesome things are waiting to happen for you, happy bday too!

He will never give you any problem if you can’t take it, go and conquer, happy 58th birthday!

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May you enjoy the celebration I have set up for you, and that you are going to be okay too.

May you have more birthdays to come and to celebrate for you are truly one of a kind, dear.

On a special day like this, I can only wish that you would live more years, I love you so much.

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Happy 58th birthday, you are one of the happiest people I know so enjoy your special day!

Today is your special day and I hope that you are truly having fun have a happy 58th birthday.

I am honored that the Lord has decided to intertwine my fate with yours, happy bday to you!

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On your special day, one of my wishes would be that you get to have what you want truly now.

You have reached the age where people are going to listen to you, congrats on that, believe it.

You have celebrated tons of bday but I hope that today would be a good one as well, my dear.

You deserve nothing but to enjoy life and live happily so do just that happy 58th birthday, man.

They say wisdom truly comes along with age, I bet you have tons of wisdom now, happy bday!

You are aging so beautifully, I can’t help but wonder if I would be like you when I grow older.

You must exercise some extra care for yourself now for age tends to make the bones weaker.

You should keep on shining as bright as the sun, enjoy your life and have tons of fun as well.


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Happy 58th birthday, may the blessings in your life keep on pouring as long as they can, dear.

Now, I guess all that I wish is you get to reach your dreams and be happy after all these years.

After all this time, you are still the one person my heart beats for and I can’t help but smile.

Happy bday to the best friend that knows me inside and out, I love you and have a happy day!

Your special day should be celebrated with wine and cheese, so let me get them and do this.

You deserve to be happy and to live a meaningful life like you just did, happy 58th birthday!

The person who understands me the most in the world is you so today let us celebrate you.

You make me a stronger person than I was yesterday and I can’t help but be happy enough.

Today is a special day and I can only hope you would be here for me to stay, happy bday!

In the middle of my life you came and you stayed, happy bday to you, my oldest friend of now.

Happy 58th birthday, you should try new things out, get that haircut you have wanted once.


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Keep on growing to be a spectacular person, you deserve to be happy, enjoy your big day!

You have a beautiful looking face, do not hide it from others too, have a happy 58th birthday!

I see some new wrinkles on your lovely face, well happy bday to them as well as you, my dear.

There have been another set of hair that turned gray, I noticed, but hey, have a happy bday!

Your age can no longer be contained in a calendar now, but be happy coz you are awesome.

Happy bday to you, may the heavens bless you enough to get the things you have wished for.

Memories come and go but to be with you is truly a happy even, enjoy a happy 58th birthday!

You may have some memory gaps due to your age but hey, do not forget me, ok, happy bday!

You might be too old to have a cake but never too old to blow candles, enjoy your big day!

Take some vitamins, stay healthy because you need to keep healthy, have fun and enjoy today.


You should stress your legs out and have some good time dancing to old classical music now.

Life is a gift that is meant to be treasured so take care of yourself always, happy 58th birthday.

You are getting another year added to your age but that’s okay, you rock, so enjoy your day!

It’s okay to grow older, we will all eventually go that way, but hey, have tons of fun as well!

There is no helping it, I just have to tell you that you totally make me smile so enjoy it too!

There is nothing left to say but to be happy for you are one of the best I know, happy bday too.

Happy 58th birthday, may the Lord always guide you in the things that you do in this life now.


Your memories will be the one that you will live with later on so keep making them, okay?

You are almost close to sixty but still have two years to spare so just enjoy your life, my dear.

Love, you should take a break and just enjoy what you have now, keep living a healthy life.

You should lessen the sugar and exercise so you can keep being healthy and fit, happy bday!

Do yourself some favor and just take a day off and just rest up real good, happy 58th birthday!

This may ruin your diet but I thought you still need a cake when you are fifty eight am I right?

Mom, you need a break, something to keep your mind off of things here, happy 58th birthday!

For always being there for me no matter what happens, thank you so much mother dearest.

You have a lot of candles on your cake and I am happy you get to have a lot of wishes today.

On this day I want you to read this message I have written for you, happy bday and I love you!

There is no stopping it, you are truly amazing and you taught me how to be happy as well.

Happy 58th birthday, you are always going to be the one person who gets me thru and thru.

Dad, for all the lessons you have taught me until now, I want to thank you, happy bday too!

You deserve to take a break and travel the world, go ahead and do it, I won’t even complain.


There is more to life than this so go ahead and just have tons of fun, you deserve it, I know it.

You need not impress anyone, you are totally perfect the way you are, happiest bday to you!

And sometimes, love is really the answer you find at the end of it all, happy 58th birthday!


You are one of my oldest friend and I can’t help but wish the best for you, enjoy your bday!

Keep living a fabulous life and just enjoy your life because you deserve to have some fun too.

Happy bday to the person who taught me to ride my bike, I will never forget about you, ever.

You will always be my number one hero, the one I adore the most and idolize to be, dear Dad.


Happy bday to the most wonderful woman in this world, Mom, you are the greatest for me.

Happy 58th birthday, what I wish the most for you now is that you will always be happy too.

You are turning into this person I barely know but I have come to like, I love you, happy bday!

May you retain the memories we made so you can retell it to your grandchildren someday too.

There is nothing more I can wish for but that the Lord give you more years to live happy bday.


God has made you come down from the heavens so you can be a good example to us, you did.

Happy bday let me get it out of the way: you are the one friend I like the most, enjoy your day.

For years, I kept wondering how you are and now you seem completely lovely, happy bday!

You are the one that keeps me awake at night even after all this years, happy bday, my love.