Happy 67th Birthday Wishes

Being 67 is another huge achievement that people would surely be glad to achieve.
Should you happen to know a friend, a loved one or even a family turning 67 soon, greet them with a happy 67th birthday to make them feel more appreciated.
Letting them know that you remember them is the first step towards making a room in their heart for you.
Here are some great happy 67th birthday wishes that they will surely love you for, whatever the case is.

Have a happy 67th birthday and enjoy the most out of this year; next year, your age once more.

Sixty-seven years and I feel like I still have so much to know about you. Well, happy birthday!

Your birthday is one of those moments that I prefer not to miss, so have a happy birthday now.


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Live a good life and enjoy the gift of life, for nothing is better in the world than that.

Life is given to those that know how to treasure it. By this time you should, have a happy day.

Your age should not limit the things you want to do, don’t let it; happy 67th birthday.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

I love you, and I hope that matters to you as much as it does to me. Have a good life, a happy day.

You are lovely; never let them tell you what you are; believe in yourself, dear.

Saggy skin and wrinkles should not stop you from pursuing what you want; enjoy your life too.

Everyone is meant to go and be sixty-seven at one point; you just got here earlier. Happy bday.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

You still get full marks from me as your beauty is truly timeless. Believe it, happy 67th birthday!

Your bday means a lot to me, for it is the birth of a dear friend; celebrate it with me today, girl.

You made a difference in many people’s lives, so you are truly blessed; enjoy your day today.

Forget your shortcomings; everyone has flaws, you learn to live with it now; happy bday!

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

Live your life just like you mean to, have a happy 67th birthday; you deserve that break.

Let the rest of the world fall into their rightful place with you, have a happy bday for now too.

Make things happen and believe that things are going to be alright, have a great bday as well.

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Let us make this bday of yours one of your most memorable ones with an extra party chance.

There may not be much you think you can do, but honestly, there is more now; happy 67th birthday.

Keep on dancing to the music that is your life, and you would see yourself surprised about it.

Your wisdom & looks are fantastic, and I hope you feel that way as well, have so much fun today.

I think that the intelligence you have makes you attractive, enjoy this special day of yours.

You may have lost your youth, but you have gained a lot of things in return, so enjoy it today.

You still have so much time on your hands, so go and make the most of it; happy 67th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Crazy Brother Wishes

No one can have it all, but you can have what you want for your gift; I’ll try to give it to you.

On your bday, I wish that I could pick that gift that will make you smile, dear.

You can cry all you want to make sure that they are happy; I wish you only the best.

Happy 67th birthday; let me tell you that you look as dashing as you did 40 years ago.

You can lie about your age; if anyone asks, you are still just 56! Enjoy your big day today.


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It gets easier to lie about your age as you get older, have a lovely day; I love you so.

Having you as a partner for life has made things so much easier for me. I wish you the best!

I should mention all the influence that you had on me; thanks for everything as well!

Never let anyone tell you what your memories are; you decide on that; happy 67th birthday!

Allow me to tell you just how much you changed my life: a lot; enjoy your special day today!

Your big day is truly worth celebrating, so let me be there when you do, have a happy bday!

Thank you for everything you have done for me; I want you to know I care for you a lot.

Happy 67th birthday. May the fates are on your side in your years to come; I wish for that.

We are only getting older, and still, I wish you would never forget your heart, happy bday!

Something in my heart tells me you deserve to be happy; I love you a lot, dear.

Fantastic is what you are & what you always have been to me, so may you enjoy your big day.


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Let no one define the life that you are living; you deserve to be alive. Happy 67th birthday!

No matter what I do, I cannot just take this mind of mine off of you, so keep being happy too.

No one wants a reminder of them growing old, but they live for the presents; I know you do.

You bring me so much happiness just by being near me, and I can’t help but thank you so.

In this world, the only thing that matters is that you are happy, so have a happy 67th birthday!

If today is your birthday, I would bring you to Italy and have tons of fun as well, happy bday.

All that I wish for you is that you may enjoy today and that you may love the life you’re living.

It would help if you smiled more often though it can cause you some wrinkles everywhere; happy bday.

You define how you will shape your world, so let it be a good one, too; happy 67th birthday!

What you are is an angel disguised in the form of my friend, so go ahead and enjoy life too.


Thank you for the devotion you have shown to our friends along with loyalty, happy bday!

The truth is that you are the unique one, not me, so go ahead and live a good life.

I wished for happiness back then, and you came now. I wish you, happy 67th birthday!

You make me laugh, and for me, that is enough measure of a good friend; enjoy your big day!

Your bday is sacred so take the time to reflect on yourself, enjoy this life.

Thank you, and have a happy bday yourself for all the words of encouragement, love, and joy.

Who would have known that we would be friends even until this age? Happy bday, dear.


I will still be here to be your knight, but now you are already a queen, happy 67th birthday!

You are not just a friend to me, but you are family to me, a sister by heart, have a happy bday!

No matter what other people say, you are my brother in arms, have a good birthday celeb too.


It was nice being young and full of energy. Do you still recall those times? Happy bday to you.

Happy 67th birthday to the most beautiful queen of my life, my bride; you are the one I love.

Words do come when you need them the most, so have a happy 67th birthday, that I wish.

You are not 67 but thirty years old with thirty-seven years of experience, happy bday!


Congrats on your big day; I can only wish for you to be as happy as you want to be, dear.

You can still dance your heart out, that is what I hope for you, is that actual, happy bday to you!

No one in this world should tell you that you anything, have a happy 67th birthday!

How can a person live without his faithful friend? That is an absurdity; happy bday to you, my friend.

You are my true friend, and here we are now, celebrating your big day; I wish you the best!

Today is the beginning of something new, another year together with you, happiest bday, girl.

To the best friend of my life, you do light me up when I need you to; happy bday to you!


Be your boss; you are already old enough to be, so go ahead and be happy 67th birthday!

Science tells that to live longer, and you have to be older; how is that? Happy birthday to you!

What matters the most in this world is the number of times you tell yourself you can do it.

Please do not give up no matter how long it takes, and you will get to where you want to be; happy bday.

Celebrate not just because you should but simply because you can, have a happy bday now!

Happy 67th birthday, it is never too late to find love; you have waited long enough, my dear.

I want you to know that every effort you give to me is appreciated, have a happy birthday.


I can never forget the person’s birthday dear to me, and I wish you the very best too.

I can’t remember how old you are, and it must be because I’m such a good friend so have a nice day.

Remember that you are so captivating and that you are lovely, so enjoy your special day now.


My friend, how could you look the same as you did forty years ago? Happy 67th birthday!

Sending you all the best wishes in this life, may you always remember how good it is today.

For nothing in this world can bring me to forget you, have a happy birthday too.

The truth is that you are indeed a fascinating person to me even back then, so enjoy this day!