45 Birthday Wishes for Neighbor

Your neighbor is someone that you should be on good terms with because he is the person that will help you in case of an emergency.
It is also lovely to have some barbecue sessions or maybe a cookout together with them. It is also essential to take note of their Birthday so that you will be able to greet them when the day comes.
Here are some quotes that will surely cheer them up on their exceptional day, make sure to remember to greet them!

No matter how long I see you again, you still look as impressive as then; happy birthday, neighbor!

I hope your Birthday will just be as fabulous as you are because you deserve it; all rights truly yours.

Reign on your day, expect the most of it, and have the best that there ever will be, my Dear.


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I have waited for a person like you all my life, someone I can share my problems with, sister.

In you, I have found a person worth sharing everything in my life, someone worth talking to.

You do not look any year older than you indeed are; how can that be a happy birthday, neighbor.

Thank you for confiding in me and sharing with me your strength when I needed it, friend.

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Out of all the people in our neighborhood, it is you that I adore the most, the person next door.

We might have been friends because we lived next to each other all of our lives, dear.

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What you are going to be is a legend that I am sure of because you have an air of excellent in you.

You are not just the girl next door but a mentor to us as well, a pleased birthday neighbor.

I think that it is only proper that I let you experience the celebration of a lifetime, dear you.

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Make something worth remembering on your bday and live your life in a new way, please.

Continue being the best person you can become; I am always going to be here just for you.

Not only are you the person that lives next to my house, but you are also a beloved relative.

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With an incredible feeling of security and happiness, I adore you when you live next to me.

Happy birthday, neighbor, thank you for valuing every people in this place we live in today.

Dearest girl, I hope you will have the best day of your life on your Birthday because you deserve it!

You used to be just a person next to me, and then you became a part of this life of mine, girl.

I have found peace in living next to you, and I hope we will stay like this forever and ever.

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I enjoy your company, and I hope to keep getting that from you and stay next to my house.

We have always been doors away from each other, and I love that happy birthday neighbor.

I am glad that a person like you is in my neighborhood; better yet, I adore you so next to me.

The whole town can testify to the fantastic person you are, and I am happy I know you.

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Circumstances have brought us here, in this place, looking out for one another; thank you.

The hardest thing in life is not talking to you for quite some time, so happy birthday, neighbor.

May you enjoy your big day because you deserve it with the kind of personality that you have.

Because of you my childhood has been the best there can ever be and I am forever thankful to you.


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You always listen to the opinion of other people and that matters, happy birthday neighbor.

I bet that today, you will have moments to remember because you are the epitome of kind.

This day is going to be as fantastic as life looks, I bet it will be because you take only the best.

Celebrate life for what it is and just have a life to rejoice for, a life to live for, your Birthday, girl.

It is so easy to live beside you and I am just grateful to destiny for it happy birthday neighbor.

May the Lord keep on giving you strength to face the things that life will challenge you with.

I know that God will keep on blessing you especially as your Birthday is coming pretty soon.

Your homemade cooking has always been a favorite of mine, great, happy birthday neighbor.

Words would not be enough to thank you for everything that you have given me, that is true.

Your extreme kindness has taken me from the first day that I have seen you on my next door.

Stop basking in your sorrows and instead face the sun and live a happier life, enjoy your day.


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Happy birthday neighbor, you have the ability to help people out there and that is what you do.

To more years of being together as we grow older still, let us celebrate the day of your birth.

Dear, let me tell you that life has been a whole lot happier than you are ever since you came.

You are the strongest influence in my life and I just want to tell you that I appreciate that.

Happy birthday neighbor, I find that you are someone that will always be a rare find always.

You are the strongest influence in my life and I just want to tell you that I appreciate that.

For helping me make the hardest decisions in my life, I have nothing to say but thank you.

We love you because you have a generous heart, thank you, have a happy birthday neighbor.

I feel lucky and blessed to be part of your life all because I was right there next to you, my friend.

May your day keep on creating more memories in this life that you are in, for that is a gift.

The only gift that I can give you for now is the one called friendship that will last forever.


What you are is a blessing to everyone in this little town of ours, happy birthday neighbor.

The more I get to know you, the happier and the closer we get and I am thankful to you for it.

I hope we have forgotten the bad impressions we made out of each other, that I really do.

I am sorry if I suspected anything about you when we first saw each other but know that I care.

I hope you will have a special day and enjoy this day to the fullest, happy birthday neighbor.

It took us some time to take off and become friends but I bet your move next to me started it.

You are the total opposite of what I expected you to be and that made me like you even more.


You have made me change the way I view a lot of things in life, happy birthday neighbor.

You have is a great impact in this neighborhood of ours and I am proud to live next to you.

I find it intriguing that you have faced many challenges in life and still are a great person.

Meeting you was a surprise to me and I love you for coming here happy birthday neighbor.

You throw the best parties in town and I am happy that I just live next door to witness it.

Life is as beautiful as you think it to be and the day of your birth is just as beautiful, friend.

Happy birthday neighbor, I think that our destiny has been somehow intertwined together.


My Dear, you have found your place here and I am just glad that you are here next to me.

You are one of the sweetest persons in the neighborhood and I got you right here, I am glad.

My life has brightened so much ever since you moved next to me, I cannot say no more than it.

You have a sparkle in your eyes that tells me you bring mischief, happy birthday neighbor.

I may not have known you for long but you deserve the best day ever, that is for sure, dear.

My children have love your place because they see a mother in you right about next door.

I can never express how thankful I am at fates for bringing you so close to me, my friend.


This community has accepted you with open arms coz you are kind happy birthday neighbor.

I hope we can spend more unforgettable moments together, that we can be a lot happier now.

You need to take some time off and let us have fun doing things that neighbors often do, dear.


I feel privilege to be living next to a person as kind and as loving as you are, that is the truth.

I hope this day of yours will get filled with happiness, with beauty, with so much life, my Dear.

What you are is a blessing to this place and so I wish you a very happy birthday neighbor.

May you have good health, and wealth and an amazing time today because that is what I like.


All the changes that you have done in this community have brought nothing but good things.

The glory of our community is mostly on your hand for you took it all on you, my dearest.


I admire you for all the things that I have been through in this life, happy birthday neighbor.

Thank you for all the projects you have given so selflessly into the town we live in, my friend.

God is at the center of your life I can see that from your house and I am proud to live next to it

May the Lord provide for you and always make you have all the things that you deserve.

You have the smile that makes people just go easy on what they say happy birthday neighbor.

Dear friend, being next to you makes me feel so much happier, that is the truth, thank you.

You have always made great food and now I get to enjoy it and I love you for that.