Happy 36th Birthday Wishes

It’s not every day that someone you love will turn thirty six and as a nice person, you might as well greet them a happy 36th birthday, no matter if they are your friend, they are your son, daughter, sister, brother or if they are your parent or your other half.
Greeting someone on their birthday is perfectly normal better yet, expected of you.
Go ahead and think of something to say to make your loved one feel good on his or her special day.
Greet them with these happy 36th birthday wishes if you are at lost for words or do not have the time to formulate the words.

Happy 36th birthday sister, it seems you are getting older, do not worry, you’re still beautiful!

Birthdays are really special and all I wish for you is that you have a blast right now, enjoy it!

Your big day only happen once every year so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts, okay?


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For now, what you should do is to eat lots of food and sober up, tomorrow you have work too.

Go on and party until you really drop tonight, it is your special day and you deserve it all, okay?

You look like you’re eighteen that I could not believe you are this old happy 36th birthday girl.

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I hope your loved ones greet you a happy bday coz you are one of those persons meant to stay.

Do not let the sun go to the west without having some fun today enjoy your life and live happy.

Look back on what life has given you so far and be grateful for you truly deserve everything.

I hope you will keep on being blessed because there are things in life you cannot bring back.

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Happy 36th birthday to the only brother I have in this world, do not forget that I love you a lot.

Be thankful for the things that you have and I hope that you enjoy your day and just have fun.

You came into this life thirty six years ago from now and look at the ripples you have made.

I am just so happy that I got to know you, a person who knows what loyalty and dedication is.

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In the middle of this life you find someone worthy of being called a friend, you are that to me.

Bro, happy 36th birthday, always remember that I am always here for you no matter what, ok?

I may not always be there beside you but if you need me you need only to call, happy bday!

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Who would have known about how you would impact so many lives? I think you at the best.

Life may not always be good to you but I hope that today you have a happy 36th birthday, girl.

May you keep being blessed with all the wonderful things that the world has to offer you, man.

Make memories now for they will last forever, might as well have fun and make the most of it.

How does it feel to be 36 and still be on the verge of your youth? I bet you feel good today too.

Happy 36th birthday, there is always some good along with the bad in this life we are in, babe.

Make this year a memorable and amazing year that you would love going back to every time.

There is wisdom that comes along as you age and by now I bet you have a lot, happy bday!

You make me smile every time that I am feeling sad so now let me make your big day happy.

I still watch you in the corner of my eyes, wondering if things would have happened right.


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Sometimes you have got to take a risk, maybe today is the time you do, happy 36th birthday!

You are one of those people that makes living in this earth an easier thing, happiest bday!

Happy bday to you and thanks for all the great memories we have shared up until this day.

Let us keep making memories of the day to come and just have some fun coz we deserve to.

There is nothing better than hearing you say how happy you are and I can’t help but smile.

Happy 36th birthday, I can only hope that you are happy today, I love you so much, my dear.

And the world may make you give up yourself in the process of finding you, do not let go.

Dear, you are who you are and no one in this world should make you change but only you.

You make me feel all these weird things inside of my heart and all I want is for you to enjoy.

Life is meant to be lived and to be enjoyed so go ahead and just keep being the best you can.

You are truly unique in this world, no one else is as crazy as you are, happy 36th birthday!

Blow out those candles of yours before the wind gets to you first, enjoy your big day, lady.


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You are now of the working force, though it seemed you were still a child yesterday, my baby.

Happy 36th birthday, there is not a thing in the world that I would not give to be with you now.

It is your kind of people that makes things so much easier all in all, happy bday to you, dear.

Even know when I remember you, all I can think about is all the happy moments we spent.

You are one of those people who makes me feel like I can keep going in this life, happy bday!

And even though life may suck, I still wish that you have a happy 36th birthday, dearest sis.

And all that I wish is that you have the best day and that you have loads of fun and laughter.

Today it is your special day so I hope that you will live it to the fullest and just be happy too.

I think the best way you can celebrate your bday is with your family and those who love you.


Happy 36th birthday, you are growing older but you only get younger every passing year.

Today should be filled with laughter and celebration for it is a blessing you were born here.

I still thank God for all the blessings He has given us especially giving you to us for a loan.

You are the only person who can bring me this much happiness and I can’t help but love you.

Happy 36th birthday if there is such a thing as a vampire, you are as close to it, you never age.

Celebrate the life that you have lived so far and believe me you will be alright, happy bday.

To me, you will always be my child so just know that I am proud of the person you’ve become.


May your heart be filled with joy and with laughter as you celebrate your most special day.

You have done so much for everyone else an so I wish today you would focus on yourself too.

You are one of the inspirations that I have in this life of mine, so have a happy 36th birthday!

Keep on climbing ‘til you reach the top, do not look down but do look back once you’re there.


Everyone cares about something or someone, me I care for only you and that you enjoy today.

I hope that God touches your life and that you never give up no matter what, happiest bday!

Today is your bday & I wish that you would just have fun and think of nothing else today okay?


Happy 36th birthday, thank you for making my life more colorful than I ever intended it to be.

My special wish is that you have tons of luck and love for this day for you are special to me.

You should enjoy yourself and just keep having a blast, it is your day after all, you know that?

I think that you really have a wonderful personality and that you should keep having fun too.

I want you to know that I am really happy that you became the love of this life of mine, enjoy.

You bring happiness to me and I can only thank you, I wish you a really happy 36th birthday!

Life could never feel complete without you here, I love you a lot and wish you all the best now.


Tell me if I can do anything for you and I shall do everything right away, happy birthday, sis.

You have reached the middle of this life and I hope you are not having any crisis, happy bday.

Life is going to be a challenge but with a happy 36th birthday, you’ll get through all of them.

I’ll just follow up my present since I did not have cash today, I wish you a really happy bday.

Be the light you want to light up this world, I bet you can do that, have a really good birthday.

I bet you can find the right way towards the places you want to go, for you deserve to travel.

The world can tell you that you are old but really I wish you a really happy 36th birthday, hon.


Life is but a special gift given to us by the best, Him, so you must treasure it and appreciate it.

You have that face that shows all that you are feeling right now and all I wish, is you happy.

Keep making people laugh and keep being you, you are the right one to, happiest bday, man.

Happy 36th birthday, may you always remember this night when I propose to you as well.


I should have told you a year ago but I am telling you now that I love you a lot & happy bday.

I am so happy that I got to witness on what type of person you’ve become all these years, girl.

Lucky am I that is your friend and have seen the kind person you are right now, happy bday.

I promised you I would always be there which is why I am here now, happy 36th birthday!