Happy 97th Birthday Wishes

There is happiness that cannot be done by just saying a happy birthday, see, you can actually give more joy to another person to others.
What you just need to do is to tell the world that you love a certain person.
After all, greeting someone a happy 97th birthday to the one that are important to you.
Here are some happy 97th birthday wishes to help you out.

For a lot of reasons, I care and love you so much so I hope you have a happy 97th birthday!

To me, Santa Claus will always look a bit like you do so have the best day of your life today.

You taught me all the values that I must learn in this life so an enjoyable day for today.


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Your words are one of the ones that I value the most in my life so I wish you’d enjoy this day.

Very dear, precious, important, those are the words that you are to me so happy day!

Happy 97th birthday, thanks for being the way you are supposed to be, enjoy your big day.

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Thank you for helping me in assessing the life I was living, gramps, you are the best ever!

For supporting me in living the way I want my life to be, I wish you only the best bday ever.

Let me tell you that good things are bound to come to nice people, just like you are, really.

How lucky am I to have such a loving grandparent to dote on me, I wish you a happy bday.

To the most beautiful grandma in this entire planet, may you have an out of this world day.

I look at you and I see just how much resemblance we have, I wish you a happy 97th birthday!

Without you, I don’t think I would have ever existed so thank you and enjoy your special day.

Thank you for mourning with me when I felt so weak and exhausted, I love you so much too.

Happy 13th Birthday

One of the greatest gifts that I had ever received is that of a grandma just like you are now.

What a wonderful day it is to celebrate the birth of a beautiful maiden like you, happy bday.

I think in the Universe, you are still going to be the best granny ever, so enjoy your day.

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Let me inherit more of the qualities that you like the most about you, happy 97th birthday!

I wish we can fly together and travel somewhere, have the best day ever of the year today.

If you still have some dreams in your mind, tell them to me and together we’ll reach them.

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes

You are just like those stars up in the sky, giving brightness to the world that I have now.

I hope that just like you, my life will be filled with great happiness when I grow older then.

You are truly one of those huggable people that I know and I love you for that, thank you!

Happy 97th birthday granny, let us make more great chapters for your life, you deserve that.

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Let us go somewhere real nice soon and enjoy every second of your life, let us have fun.

I believe that everything that I am was inherited from you, my eyes, my personality and so.

Granny, thank you for giving me a safe haven to run to when I was a kid, you are the best.

You have one happy granddaughter here wishing you the best and a happy 97th birthday!


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The truth is that certainly you are a wonderful person and I want everyone to know that.

I still wear that sweater you once gave me as a gift for Christmas, happy bday to you today.

Out of the scale from 1 to infinity you are greater than infinity itself of being kind, gramps.

Without a doubt I know just how incredible you have always been so enjoy your day now.

Happy 97th birthday, thank you for making my life one of the best that anyone can have.

What an amazing woman you have always been, nurturing and comforting every one of us.

You told me that kindness comes together with love and so I love you and thank you a lot!

For saving me when I needed some saving, thanks and have the best bday ever right now.

You taught me how to use my guts when it matters the most so do enjoy your big day now.

Happy 97th birthday, cheers to many more years to come for you, I love you a lot, granny.

I wish that I can give you a garden of flowers as a gift but for now please settle for a bouquet.


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You have helped so many lives already and keep helping more so I wish you’d bad stroll.

What an incredible person you are for being able to hope and be kind and the same time now.

I would give you everything that you want for you trusted me when no one else did, my dear.

To the man who never failed to give me care and attention, happy 97th birthday, gramps!

I know you seem older but I also know that your mind is the same age as me, enjoy your day!

Here is to wishing that you have a whole lot more of special days like this very one indeed.

I got tired of wishing the rest of the world to lower it down, I decided to turn it up for you.

I just want you to know that you are one of the most significant person in this life of mine.

This is a happy 97th birthday greeting for all the warm hugs and kisses you have given me.

Thank you for giving me tons of support that only you can given, enjoy your big day now.


No one amounts to what you mean in my life so I hope you have the best day ever today.

The world may see you as an old man living his life but I still see you as my Superman, Pa.

Even the strongest heroes need some time to rest and recharge their energies, happy bday.

I am strong, successful and happy all coz you raised me this way so happy 97th birthday!

Handsome is one of the characters I am glad you gave me so enjoy your big day right now.

Thank you for all the diapers you helped me change into when I was a kid, happy bday!

To the world’s best Pops, we are blessed to have you in our lives, so enjoy your big day.


You are the best example any child can be given, I’m so glad and happy 97th birthday!

The storks gave you to me so I am thankful for them as well, may you have fun for today.

You taught me to be myself all the time so I was, have the best bday party ever, my dear.

You make me one of the luckiest persons alive in the world, so do have fun on your day.

I may not be like a flawless diamond but I promise to be as loyal as a dog, happy bday!

Nothing will ever match your beauty and grace, granny, so have a happy 97th birthday!

Of all the things you taught me what I love the most is to love who you are, thanks for it all.


Happy 97th birthday, thank you for teaching me how to be mature and be lovable as well.

You told me over and over again to always be on time and that has surely made a mark on me.

It was your job to make me grow up real well so I am thankful for you, Ma, enjoy your bday.

We love you a lot and we just wish that you know that, have the best bday ever, dearest gran.

You understand me so much I never would have guessed the age difference, happy bday!

You read every story book in my room until I fall asleep, thanks and happy 97th birthday!

For all the love that you have shown me, I wish you nothing but the best, enjoy your day!


Thanks for closing the gap between the two of us whenever you can, have a good bday!

Happy 97th birthday, you took my side when my parents were against me, thanks granny!

You should be able to enjoy this gift card that I am giving you for all your shopping, Ma.


Good luck with all the things you will participate in, I still wish you the best, happy bday.

No one else can do it like you do so let me thank you for everything you’ve given to me.

I wish I can repair all the mistakes I’ve done but thanks for everything happy 97th birthday!

Nothing can ever change the love that I have in my heart for you so do enjoy your big day.


I am so proud I remembered your bday without any social accounts, have the best day, Pa.

Bad things happen for a reason but having you as my Mom is one good news for me.

Happy 97th birthday, thanks for being the one that I know will always be caring for me.

You are nicer as a gramps than a Pa but that is totally okay for me so go have fun now.

You make me feel like I can do all the things I want to so thank you for them all, Mama.

Thanks for showing me just how wonderful you are, I wish you all the best in this world.


Somehow you made me feel like I can do great things so let me do what you want now.

My wish is that I will be able to make your wishes come true, one day I hope I would.

I may never be able to fully thank you for all the things you did to me but happy 97th birthday!

Aging still looks fantastic on you, I hope the same goes for me when I grow up as well.

I wish I can spend every second of this life thanking you for everything, happy 97th birthday!