Happy 103rd Birthday Wishes

Life is a gift from God that should be cherished and nurtured.
That is why birthdays are celebrated yearly with family and friends to give thanks for another year of life.
We should express our love, gratitude and happiness for being with them.
However, are you having trouble putting up words for your loved ones? The following quotes and wishes will surely help you greet them—happy 103rd birthday for sure.

Cheers to 103 years of your life. May God give you more blissful years with your loved ones.

Happy 103rd birthday. Who said your old? Let’s welcome the new age of yours with a bang.

Happy 103rd birthday! May this day be the most incredible birthday you ever have.


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We mark this day as an extraordinary one, for God gave us a fantastic person like you.

Happiest birthday to this young man who never failed to amaze and inspire us. We love you.

I am grateful to you for being my role model, mentor and great-grandpa. Happy birthday.

I wrapped my hugs and kisses in a special box. You could not miss me now. Happy birthday.

We welcome this another year of yours with positivity and full of energy. Happy birthday.

You are the most charismatic and optimistic person I’ve ever known. Enjoy your special day.

Happy 103rd birthday to the man I highly respect, adore and love. I love you, grandpa.

Happy 10th birthday

You are sturdy as a rock and gentle as cotton. You are beautiful inside and out. Happy birthday.

Happy 103rd birthday! On this particular day, may your heart be filled with joy, peace and love.

Happy birthday to you. May you continue to shower your wisdom and hope to everyone.

You are so blessed, for God gave you long life, so live your life to the fullest. Happy birthday.

Happy 13th Birthday

One hundred three years of life is an incredible milestone. Congratulations on that. Happy 103rd birthday.

Let’s raise our glass to this man for being a great man in our lives. Happy 103rd birthday

Life on earth is not easy, but you are adamant about living for 103 years. Happy birthday.

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Happy 103rd birthday, grandma. May your youthful smile and gentle love remain always.

I consider myself the luckiest person on earth, for I have a grandfather as loving as you.

Happy birthday my dear. May all the happiness in this world be with you, for you earned it.

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Your smile brightens the day; your laugh is music to ears. You’re unique and will always be.

You may feel weak and helpless, but you are the strongest person in this world for us.

On this particular day, may we create special memories that will forever stay in our hearts?

Happy 103rd birthday! May this day be the grandest and happiest day of your life.

Happy 9th birthday

May the true treasures in life- happiness, love and joy be with you forever. Happy birthday.

May your heart be filled with true peace, contentment and love. Happy 103rd birthday, friend.’

Thank you for being our best supporter and dad. You deserve all the best and nothing less.

Your birthday means another milestone is reached, and another journey will begin.


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All I want for you is a happy mind and soul, a healthy body and heart and a wonderful life.

Your youthful years doesn’t fade in your eyes. May those eyes be pure as they always are.

Let’s celebrate your birthday until our knees won’t allow us to do so. Happiest birthday.

This day should be the happiest and grandest day of your life. Happy 103rd birthday, my dear.

Your face may get old, but your beauty will never be faded for you are beautiful inside and out.

Congratulations on successfully reaching your 102nd journey. Welcome to your 103rd!

Happy birthday. May God continue to guide you and give you the strength to be with us.

Have a happy birthday blast, my friend! May you continue to spread love and joy to others.

May this another life of yours be full of blessings and the happiest. Happy 103rd birthday.

You have a talent for making people’s lives happier and brighter. Happy birthday my dear.

I can’t imagine my life without you. So stay healthy and strong for us. Happy birthday, friend.


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Happiest birthday to the most incredible man on earth who never failed to shower his greatness to us.

I praised you for all the sacrifices you’ve made and for winning each battle. Happy birthday.

*Happy 103rd birthday. You are the best warrior I ever know and the best dad I ever had.

Each battle you dealt and each test you faced-you win. Because LOSING is not your word.

You make our family proud for 103 years of your existence. May God give you more years.


Here are our warmest hugs and kisses. May your heart be filled with love, peace and hope.

Happy 103rd birthday, dear. I wish you all the finest in this world. Blow your candles.

I am very thankful that I have found a best friend and father to you—happy 103rd birthday.

You are getting more beautiful each day, every year and as you age. Happy birthday.

You inspire us with your pure wisdom and hope. Happiest birthday to you, my dear.

This is the time where you can finally say you made it. Congratulations and happy birthday.

Happy 103rd birthday, my friend. May you find true peace and contentment in your heart.

Good job, my dear, for reaching this far. Here’s a toast for you—happy 103rd birthday.


We shared good and happy moments, and May God gives you more years to be with me.

I hope I can have an incredible life like you. Thank you for being with us for 103 years.

Happy 103rd birthday, gorgeous. You are the wonder woman of our lives. We love you.

Nothing is easy in this world, but you stood bravely and fought pretty. Blow your candles.

You are shining brightly that I could not help but follow your shine. Happy birthday, friend.

Your eyes are deep but calm; whenever I am looking at you, I feel safe. Happy birthday, mama.

Happy 103rd birthday to this beautiful lady who brought joy to our lives. Make a wish.

I have 103 wishes for you, and I could make you even more than that, so live more years.


Thank you for your undying love and support. We are all here to celebrate your incredible life.

Your life will continue to inspire us and will always be. Thank you, my dear. Happy birthday.

This day should be named after you to honour your pure kindness and love. Happy birthday.

I always thank God that He made you so talented and kind. Happiest birthday to you!

I always count on you whenever I feel lonely. In case you feel helpless, count on me too.

Happy 103rd birthday to this fair young lady. Cheers for your wonderful life.

Seize this moment as if your last party like tomorrow will never come. Happy birthday, dear.

Only a great man could ever live a hundred years, but only a legend could live more than that.


I am sending my warmest hugs and kisses to you as a reward. May your life be filled with love.

You might forget us, but your heart will never fail us—happy 103rd birthday.

This particular day is another year of the miracle; let’s welcome it with a prayer and full of love.

Having a friend like us is your secret. It goes the same with us. Happy birthday, friend.

This day is not about how you age but how you successfully lived those years.

You said I needed to endure the rain first so I could see the rainbow. Could I do it with you?

Happy 103rd birthday to this beautiful lady who could make any storms peaceful and durable.

I could see the perfect beam of sunlight when I was with you. Happy happy birthday, mother!


In 103 years of your existence, you spread your love unconditionally—a happy birthday to you.

Your hands might be rough and trembling; I will not get tired of kissing and holding them.

Those smiles never fade; those laughs never get tired. I wish I could see those forever.

If nothing is permanent in this world, why your kindness and love is so constant?

Happy birthday my friend. Can we borrow your key to long life? Cheers for more years.

Get your drink, and let’s toast for this special day of our beloved friend. Happy birthday.

This year marked your 103 years of life. May you find your inner peace and self-content.

Amidst all of your downfalls, you managed to stand up and be proud. I praised you for that.


Who said that superheroes don’t exist? They are. I got one in front of me now.

The greatest gift that a man could receive is true love and meaningful life. You’re blessed.

Happy birthday my dear. I am so blessed that you are still with us, laughing and happy.

We are all lucky and blessed that we have a living angel here right now. Happy birthday, dear.

No words are enough to describe you, for you are unique and blessed. Happiest birthday dearly.

I need thousands of words in describing you, for you are a man full of wisdom and love.

You have a loving heart and a powerful soul. You make everything possible. Happy birthday.

Those rains are over, and the sun shines brightly now. Thank you for being with us. Happy birthday.


I now believe endless exists for your love and care has no end, no limit and no boundaries.

I want to thank you for patting my back when I am sad, for loving me like no other.

You are a brave soldier of God who is armed with love and hope. Happy birthday.

I won’t miss a single day to be with you, for you deserve to be loved and cared for. I love you.

I’ll carry you when you feel weak, and I’ll be at your side always like what you always do.

You’ve done an excellent job for 103 years of your life. May you continue to be an inspiration to us.

You are the celebrant, but you give us the most beautiful gift. YOURSELF. Happy birthday.