The 110 Cute Goodnight Texts Messages

Nights ought to be warm, cuddly, and comfortable.

It is intended to give the body and soul their much-needed rest.

Bid a friend, a family, or your lover, a sweet and lovely good night to send them off to sleep with a smile on their face.

May wide-eyed owls of the night hoot you a lullaby to sleep; the winds bring you comfort ’til the morning light. May the soft rustle of the leaves soothe your weary bones, the stars light up your way towards your dreams. Lovely night and sleep well.

I sent my angels to tuck you to sleep. Did they tell you my secret? Oh! No! They didn’t tell you that I love you. Oops! Beautiful dreams, sweetie.


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I bet you can’t sleep yet because you are still sneaking into my mind! Don’t you get tired of harboring around my thoughts? Let’s go to sleep now so I can see you in my dreams. Lovely night, sweetie.

Should your blankets fail to keep you warm or your bed offer you comfort, think of the memories of you and me, and it will soothe your heart and soul? I can’t wait to fall asleep next to you again. Sweet dreams.

If nights are as sweet and cute as you, I will gladly succumb to its warm embrace every time it comes. Good night and sweet dreams.

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When I look at the night sky, the stars remind me of your pretty eyes, and the moon is as radiant as your smile. Sleep tight.

May your dreams be filled with the cuddliest and cutest things that you’ve always longed for. Lovely night and beautiful plans.

My nights are incomplete without bidding you a sweet goodnight. Sleep well, my love.

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Every day, I learn to love you more and more. I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings and how much more I can love you. Sleep tight and have beautiful dreams.

Do I need a reason to love you? All I know is that I do! Sweet dreams, my sleeping beauty.

Sleep tight, my sleeping beauty. Please wait for me to kiss you good morning when the sunrises in the sky.

May the mightiest and cuddliest teddy bear stand guard over your dreams. May the fluffiest pillow send you sailing to sleep. May the warmest blanket soothe your weary soul today. Sleep good.

A wish of sweet good night to a person filled with the most precious things in life. May you have a comforting and peaceful sleep. Have a great day ahead tomorrow!

A sweet good night to my only cherry pie. May you drift off and replenish your energy for another day ahead! Sleep tight, little marshmallow.

Do you know that the moon rises just for you? Do you know that the stars twinkle ever so brightly just for you? As you brace yourself for another day tomorrow, here is my sweet wish for your best sleep ever. Sleep well.

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Sip on your hot chocolate and get ready for bed. Wrap yourself in your blanket and let the night drift you off to rest. Sleep tight, cutie pie. Good night.


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Make a wish with all your heart. Chase the stars that will lead you to your dreams. Sink into the comfort of your bed and blanket. Sleep tight.

My teddy bear woke me up when I was about to drift off to sleep. He reminded me to bid you a good night and sweet dreams. So here come my lovely night wishes – sleep tight, little marshmallow.

Pray and leave the rest of your worries to God. Tonight he will heal you of your fear and pain. Sleep tight.

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My day may be busy, hectic, and filled to the brim, but I will never let a day pass without saying good night to you. Sleep tight.

Dream of your castle so big and bright, soak in its glory so beautiful and suitable. Knock on its doors, ready to unfold. Brace yourself to the wonders and miracles it holds. Sleep tight.

As the sky turns dark and the stars begin coming out, leave your worries out of sight and keep the good times in your heart. Sleep well and tight.

May the stars lean down and kiss you for me. May the gentle breeze of the night embrace you tight for me. May the comfort of the night send my love to you.

I love you in the morning. I’ll love you more in the afternoon. I love you more and more in the evening. I love you more and more and more each day. Good night.


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My night has become colorful dawn because of you! Good night!

Today, billions of people are falling asleep under the starry night, but only one person is reading this good night message. Sleep tight!

Starry, starry, night, the skies filled with stars so bright, but you are the only star I see! Lovely night and sleep tight.

Sweet goodnight messages for her

The only reason I don’t want to fall asleep tonight is that the reality is better with you. Sleep well.


Count the cuddly sheep, do anything so you can fall asleep. Another chance awaits you tomorrow, so give your stress and sorrows a rest. Good night, sleep tight.

May God sprinkle your dreams with only the brightest hope, warmest love, and the softest comfort. Sleep well.

The night sky reminds me of your jet-black hair; the wind is like the soft blade of your fingers brushing through my hair. The stars remind me of your eyes, the moon your bright smile. I miss you. Good night, sleep well.

God plants seeds of love in our hearts every night and sprinkles them with the bright twilight to grow flowers of hope in the morning. Sleep tight.

I have one dream – it is to sleep and wake up next to you! Lovely night and sleep well.


The reason I love going home is coming back to your arms after a relentless day.

I thought I’d drop by and say Good Night to you. Sleep tight, and may your dreams be filled with all that you are longing for.

I want you to know that I am thinking of you before I drift off to sleep. Good night and sleep tight, sweetie pie.

You are the blanket that keeps me warm, the pillow that chases the weariness of the day. You are the marshmallow on top of my hot chocolate, the soft breeze lulling me to sleep. Good night, cutie. Sleep tight.


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I wish I could be there to see your sweet smile as you read this message: good night and sleep well my cotton candy.

May you dream of nutty brownie roads and skies with cotton candy clouds. May you dream of hearts, rainbows, and the brightest of sunshine. Sleep tight, little angel.

No matter how far apart we are, our hearts, minds, and souls will always be connected. Good night and sleep well, my sweetheart.

I tried all the sweetest things in the world – cakes, ice cream, cream puff, candies1, But nothing can come close to your sweetness. Good night and sleep tight, cupcake.


I sleep so tight at night because I meet you in my every dream. I hope to see you soon! Good night, sweet cakes.

Knowing that I will see you tomorrow makes me go to sleep with a gentle smile on my face. See you soon, sweetie.

Such a comforting thought that you and I belong to each other. Have a great night, my love.

Did you receive the pillow I sent you? It is full of wishes of love, happiness, and comfort. Good night and sleep tight!

You are aboard the flight to Dreamland. Put on your blankets and rest your head on your pillow. We will be arriving soon. Have a pleasant good night and the sweetest dreams.


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My hug and kisses may not reach you, but I have sent my prayers through my chubby angels. They will watch over you while we are apart. I am missing you so much.

Do you feel sad, tired, and uninspired lately? I’ll tell you what’s wrong – we are far apart, that’s why! I’m counting the days until I can shower you with my bubbly kisses and cuddles. Good night.

You are all I need to turn my frown upside down, my tears into laughter. I have to think of you, and everything becomes a little better.

Here I am, sending the brightest stars to light up your way to me. Good night and sleep well!


My favorite pastime at night is recalling our beautiful memories together and counting the days until we can make fun of other people again. It isn’t so much fun without you. Good night and sleep tight.

Looking so tired doesn’t suit you. A smile on your face describes your jolly personality more! Drift off to sleep and ease your worries; let the fluffy sheep guide you towards the Dreamland. Sleep well.

Go to bed and tuck yourself in your fluffy blanket. Let the cottony comfort heal your weariness; your downy pillow eases your pain. My angels will come soon to send you my kiss. Good night and sleep tight!

Today was fun! I am not just over the adventures we had yet. Before I end my day, I want to bid you good night and relieve today’s memories one more time!

Sail towards your beautiful dream of cuddly bears and cotton candy. Help yourself with the tasty milkshake and the most delicious parfait. After all, you don’t have to worry about the calories in your dreams! Sleep tight.

May you have the most exciting under the sea like musical in your dreams. May you have the most astounding adventure tomorrow like that of Mulan’s. May you have a cute and cuddly vision like those of Winnie the Pooh! Sleep well!

I am sending the cutest and loveliest good night to the sweetest friend I have. Beautiful dreams.

Cute goodnight texts messages for girlfriend

Thinking of you and hoping you have a peaceful sleep tonight, missing you always.

I can’t fall asleep without you by my side; when you are not here, it’s clear that something is missing.

I wish I kissed you right now, to hug you all night long until we fall asleep.

I love going to bed knowing that tomorrow I get to wake up and see you.

You are the best part about my nights and mornings.


Think of me as you shower tonight and get ready for bed because I will be having mine and imagining you and me together.

I wish you were here in this hot tub tonight with me; I could use a good massage.

I am lonely and could use some cuddle time right now with you.

Think of me tonight as you get into bed and fall asleep because I will be thinking of you.

A kiss from you is the sweetest way to say goodnight, but for now, I’ll have to do with the memories of it in my mind.

It’s pretty cold under these blankets; I wish you were here to warm me up.

Please close your eyes; I am right there with you. Imagine us any way that you like.

I am having a glass of wine, wishing you were here to enjoy it with me.

I am sending you nothing but love and light, wishing you a peaceful sleep. I hope that you will be dreaming of me.

Wishing I had you next to me right now, needing to smell and feel you tonight.

It is quiet here, and I am alone in this house; I wish there were someone here to keep me company.

We might be far apart from each other, but when I close my eyes, we are together.