The 85 Happy Birthday for Daddy

Our parents play a very important role in our life, and they have moulded us to become who we are today.

Thus, on your father’s birthday, it is just right that we send them a message of gratitude for all the great things they have done for us.

So here are Happy Birthday Daddy messages that you can send to your father on his special day.

To the most amazing dad in the world, thank you so much for being there for me and encouraging me to work harder. I know I would not be who I am not if not for all your words of wisdom and encouragement. Happy bday, dad!

Happiest birthday to the greatest man on earth – my dad! He has taught me everything in life, and I am honoured to have him as my father.

People say that we learn from those who have loved us the most. And I indeed agree with that. Thank you, daddy, for your unending love and support, as it has truly helped me become the person I am today. Wonderful birthday to you, and I wish you all the happiness and success in this world.

Another year has gone by, and with each passing year, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have such a great father in my life. Thank yoDaddad, for being with me and for teaching me the best life lessons. Best birthday!

Happiest birthday to the man who loves me more than anything in this world. Daddy, may your day be filled with so much love, and I wish you all the best things this life could bring.


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To the person who is always at my side – my dad! Best wishes to you, and may you have a wonderful day. I love you!

Happy Birthday Dad Wishes

My best friend, my dad, who stands by men through thick and thin, has the best birthday ever!

100 Happy Birthday

Special birthday wishes to the man who serves as my mentor and my superhero – my father. Dad, thank you for all the things you have done for me. I hope you will have a fantastic birthday.

Dearest dad, thank you so much for being a great father for all of us. Best bday.

Dear daddy, I wish you a very wonderful bday. May you be happy on your special day. I love you so much!

Whether it’s a muscle or a fat, there is a heart that genuinely cares for the ones he loves. Best birthday, Dad!

A dad will never forget how to be a man, to show his kids how to be human. Wonderful birthday!

Daddy, we wish that you stay strong and healthy, responsible and selfless, all for the reason of genuine love for us.

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This day reminds us that a man like you was born to take care of a family, love them unconditionally, be able to forgive and be a shield to his household.

Happy bday to the most critical person in my life – my daddy. Thank you for all the great things you have done for me. I love you!

Happy Birthday Dad from Daughter

Dad, it may not always be easy to find time to spend together or talk on the phone. But I want you to know that you will always be my hero and that I am always here thinking of you. I hope you have a blast on your birthday. Happy bday!

Dad, your birthday is just another day of the year, but this is the day that I get to celebrate how lucky I am to have such an amazing daddy. Thank you for everything, daddy and for being my inspiration, have a Wonderful birthday to you!

People say that you should make a wish when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Daddy, may all of your wishes come true on this special day. I love you, best birthday.

Please know that you are the funniest and smartest man I have ever known to my dearest daddy—wonderful bday to you.

Happiest birthday to the man who has been my guide and my inspiration throughout my life. I love you, daddy.

From dada to daddy, you have always been by my side, dad. Happy birthday to you; I love you.


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In grade school, you have helped me with my studies. You have supported me in high school and inspired me to get a promising career. Thank you, Dad, for always being at my side; I love you.

The greatest love that a father can give to his kids is the freedom to make their own mistakes. With this, I can say that you must have loved me a lot, daddy. Best bday.

Daddy, you have taught me the true meaning of hard work and the importance of truth, as well as the honour of duty. I salute you, daddy, today and forever. I love you, best bday!

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Even when I was small, you have always loved me. Thank you, daddy, for your unfailing love… Have a Happy birthday to you; I love you!

Birthday Wishes for Dad from Son

A person’s life is a monument to their mentors. In your case, daddy, Mount Rushmore is not nearly big enough, wonderful bday for you.

Happy Birthday Mother in Law Quotes

Daddy, we sometimes argue on some things. But you have turned out to be pretty darn good anyway. I love you so much; best birthday, daddy!

I am so proud of that every strand of grey hair on your head, dad. After all, I have helped you earn them. Wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday to the best guy who has brought so much happiness to my life; I love you, dad!


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As you celebrate your birthday today, we will not forget how you spend time taking care of us, providing for us and loving us. We wish you good health, Dad!

Know that we are fortunate to have you as a father, and no amount of words can ever describe how best of a father you have been to your children. Happy birthday, Daddy!

No father will be the same as you. This day retells us without you, there would be no donation to mom, and we won’t be here in the world. Cheers, Daddy!


Allow us to spoil your day, Daddy; it’s the only time we can make up for your selfless love for us. Happy birthday!

Celebrating your birthday today means we are more than blessed to have you around.


On this day of your birth, I want to thank you for all your sacrifices and genuine love for us, Daddy. Happy bday!

Daddy, you have always been my rock. Thank God my antics over these years have chiselled you to a fine masterpiece. I love you, dad; happy birthday!

Dear Dad, it’s your birthday. So go all out on your special day, for you deserve to be happy. I love you so much.


Daddy, relax and enjoy because it’s your special day. Don’t worry about taking the trash out, mowing the lawn and painting the fence. All these can wait for tomorrow. Happy bday daddy, I love you!

Daddy, remember that I will be home to celebrate your special day. Can you please move y our stuff out of my bedroom? Just kidding… Happy birthday, I love you so much!

You are indeed the greatest daddy in the world. If this happens to be Father’s Day, I would certainly give you a tie. However, it is your birthday, so I will provide you with all the love, respect and affection, as well as the ties that bind us; a wonderful birthday.

Happiest birthday to the most incredible daddy in the world… I love you, dad! May you have a great day today!


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To say that I’m thankful for having a father like you is truly an understatement. I am lucky and blessed, and I am delighted with love because I have you as my dad. Happy birthday!


You are more than just a dad to me – you are my hero, guide, inspiration, and best friend. Best birthday, dad!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

Daddy, you have always been so loving and caring. Thank you for being so strong all through these years. You have always been the best dad ever, wonderful bday!

Happiest birthday to you, daddy. May you always be as healthy and happy as you have made everyone around you! I love you.


I am wishing you a pleased and incredibly impressive birthday, dad. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for all the great things you have given to me. I love you, daddy.

Daddy, you are so amazing that I can shout the best bday, daddy, from the bottom of my lungs up to the bottom of my heart.

You are indeed a blessing to my life, dad. For this honour, I want to say that words are not enough to express how grateful I am for having you in my life. Best bday, dad. I love you so much.


Wonderful bday, dad. You indeed are the coolest daddy in the universe. Thank you for being my best friend, my guide and my inspiration in life. I love you.

My life has become a series of very fortunate events since I was born. The reason for this is that I have a very supportive father who has been to me throughout my journey in life. Thanks for everything. I love you, daddy; best birthday!

Dad, you grew up without a father, yet you knew exactly how to be a dad for us. You have always been great when it comes to all things—happiest birthday to you, the best daddy in the world.

Wonderful birthday dad. There is genuinely no better father than you. You have loved me with all your heart, and you have always been my best friend through thick and thin. Always remember that I love you so much, daddy.

I want to thank the man who has been an instrument to my success in life – my dad. Thank you for everything, daddy; happiest birthday to you!

Happy bday, daddy. I have always felt so safe and comfortable in your hands. I love you.


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I now know what it takes to be a great dad because you, my dad, have shown me what it takes. You are indeed a great father that any child could ever want, happy bday dad.

In this life, there are so many frighteningly unpredictable things. Yet, you are predictable in the most reassuring way, daddy. Thank you for always supporting me, and I am confident that I can always depend on you no matter what the circumstances may be. I love you so much daddy, wonderful birthday.

Good Birthday Wishes for Dad

Daddy, you have shown me your love in many ways, whether through simple words, a big hug or a tap on my shoulder. I have always known that I am truly loved. Happy birthday to you, dad; you indeed are the world’s most loving daddy.

You mean the world to me, daddy, and I just wanted to let you know how I feel since I do not often show you how much I care. I love you, dad; happy birthday!

Daddy, we love you so much. May your birthday be as unique as you are! Be happy for you truly deserve it; happy birthday!

Daddies like you are like grease that helps to keep the word turning round and round and helps keep our family together. Believe it or not, your love keeps me on the straight and narrow path. You indeed are the best dad in the world, best birthday!

Happy Birthday Daddy quotes from baby boy or girl

Happy birthday to the best dad in the world; I love you more than anything and am so proud to call you my dad.

Happy birthday to a guy who taught me everything I know, most of all how to love.

You are the best dad I could have ever asked for, and I am blessed to be loved by you; happy birthday, and I hope it’s the best one yet.

I hope you have a great one today for a dad who never missed one of my birthdays because you deserve it.

Happy birthday to a father who cares, is selfless, loves, and deserves the best in the world.

Dad, I hope you know that many people love you today. Have a great birthday.

For your birthday, don’t be afraid to eat whatever snacks you want and watch any show on the television, it’s your day, and I hope you make the most of it.

May your birthday be filled with exciting new memories, like the ones you have helped bring to my life over the years. Happy birthday, dad.

I wish you the best birthday yet for a dad who is a friend, a mentor, someone I look up to and respect.

For my dad, what is there to get for the man who has everything on his birthday. But love is priceless, and that’s what you’ve given me, and I want you to know that I love you more than anything.

Thanks, Dad, for all you do throughout the year; I love you today and always. Happy birthday to you.

I am hoping that you have a fantastic birthday and that it’s everything that you want.

Don’t miss the chance to do what you please this birthday, make the most out of it and relax to the max. Have a good one.