Happy 105th Birthday Wishes

The critical person to you has finally reached the ripe age of a hundred and five.
You want it to be the best day for them, and so you want to greet that person with a happy 105th birthday.
You want them to know that you are grateful that you managed to keep in touch with each other after these years.
Greet that person with this happy 105th birthday that would surely make them smile.
Try them out and see what happens for yourself.

Thank you for always thinking of our welfare now. We hope you enjoy so happy 105th birthday!

Hey grandma, on your big day, what I wish is that your dentures stay when you bite your cake.

Go ahead and dance as you mean it like your hips aren’t aching; I wish you the best bday too.


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To my father’s mother, we wish you the best bday ever, go ahead and have a lot of fun now.

We will take you on a tour of the city, and then we shall celebrate, wishing you all the best too.

Happy bday to the person who is my mother, the grandma to my kids; enjoy your big bday!

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy 105th birthday, we hope you will have tons of fun on this day; I love you!

The best way to thank you, in my practice, is to let you celebrate your big day in a big way.

There is not much I can say but that I will always keep you in my heart, believe me on this.

You were one of the best persons I have ever met so please tell me you will live longer!

Happy 10th birthday

Let us celebrate more years for you so that we will have great memories as well.

Gran, you deserve to do something you like on this day, so we wish you a happy 105th birthday!

When I grow older, I hope to be a little bit like you, someone elegant, happy bday!

This is me cheering for you on your peak years, gramps, have the best bday ever; I love you.

Happy 13th birthday

When I realized this morning, it was your big day, and I had to run to the nearest gift shop, gran.

Indeed, the years you have lived have left me speechless, so I wish you would have a good bday.

For years, I shall tell you that I love you a lot, I will not even dare to deny it, so happy bday.

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Happy 105th birthday; I want you to know that we will always be here for you no matter what.

Every morning that I wake up to see you alive, I am genuinely delighted too; happy 105th birthday!

All the love in my heart is primarily for you, and I love you grandma, have the best bday ever now.

For there is not much I can tell you but that I have loved you all along, enjoy your bday too.

You should stop denying how old you are and focus on being happy, have a blast today.

There may be wrinkles on your face, but you still look so happy; I wish you all the best as well.

Happy 105th birthday to my favourite person in this universe; know that I love you a lot.

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I know you are just a ten-year-old kid in a body of a 105-year-old; you are a child at heart still.

Let your party begin today, and let us have a lot of fun as we celebrate your special day too.

I love nothing more than you, and I want you to know that as I greet you for today.

No one else will tell you this, but I will share with you my secret; I think you are pretty, gran!


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I will try my best to give you the best gift you will ever receive, so happy 105th birthday!

Cheer up, age is not something to be ashamed of, be proud of who you are, happy bday!

Think of it this way; you no longer have any teeth to lose anymore. Happy bday to you too!

I wish to express the happiness I feel on seeing you alive and kicking. Enjoy your big day.

I will be by your side as you mourn for your youth; well, it has been years after all now.

I wish you a happy bday as you are one of those people I need no social media to remind me.

You are indeed the star of this day, and so I want to wish you a pleased 105th birthday.

The person you are has made me so happy many times; I wish you all the best as well.

There is nothing I would not do for you, if you wish it, I will try my best to give it, happy bday.

You see, gran, I love you a lot, and I would keep doing so year after year. Enjoy your big day.

When you smile, I see how beautiful you must have been back then, have the best bday ever.

For I do not think I have ever met anyone quite as lovely as you are, happy 105th birthday.


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There are many ways to greet you with a happy 105th birthday, but I want to be old fashioned.

You will never die young, that is something I can assure you by this birthday, happy bday!

I wish I could be your walking stick so that I will be with you all time of the day.

Grandma, you can use a massage, and my gift is a coupon for a free massage from me, enjoy!

The sweetest and the kindest of all the people I know is you, so do enjoy your special day.

I still think some words are lovelier when written like a happy 105th birthday wish.

Knowing that you love me is enough; I hope that you will enjoy your big day too; I love you.

One of the essential people in this family is you, for you hold us all together, enjoy.

Let me warm you up when you feel cold, gramps; you deserve a big hug and happy birthday.


You are the type of woman who can instantly light up my day—happy bday to you, dear gran.

And for me, you are the only one that knows me as I know myself, so may you enjoy today.

You make me believe that there is still kindness in this world, so have a happy 105th birthday!

God loved me so much that He gave you to me. Well, I hope you will enjoy today a lot now.

You are one of the people who get me a lot, so I hope you will keep loving me too.

I do not think I will ever be as happy as I am now; besides you, gran, we wish you the best.

And your warm hugs tastes like chocolate, and I want to hug you a lot, happy bday to you now.


I hope that you celebrate your bday with a smile on your face as you fill up with tons of joy.

Who would have known this, but I do wish you a pleased 105th birthday for your big day.

You will receive everything that you have ever wanted, I am sure of it, you deserve to.

What a luminous presence you have always been; we wish you all the best on your big day!

You have lit up our world with everything you do for us, so have the best day ever now.

Magnificent is what you are, so go and enjoy the most special day of your life ever, my dear.

No one else can ever make me laugh the way you do; gramps, so have a happy 105th birthday!


I am rejoicing because now I know just how much you love me, so I love you in return.

There is not much time to greet you, but I hope you had a lot of fun today, gran.

Your bday is one of my favourite days because you always give me what I want, happiness.


Your wisdom and experiences make me happy all in all, so happy bday to you.

You are the only one that knows all my secrets, all that composes me happy 105th birthday!

I feel so rich because I have someone like you in my family; I wish you all the best in life too.

There are still many years left for you, so let us keep on celebrating the love you share.


For there is no one else in this life that I would be glad to enjoy today, but you want it!

Have the best bday ever and always remember that I will be here all the time if you need me.

Gramps, call me whenever you miss me, and I will do my absolute best to be there for you.


By default, the best person in my life is you because you are the oldest, so happy 105th birthday.

I hope you will receive all the love we give to you, and we wish you the best bday.

And though the world is strange, it is beautiful because it has you and has the best bday ever.

No matter what happens, remember that I am always on your side; enjoy your big day, gran.


There should be no problem if you need me beside you because I will be there, happy bday!

Happy 105th birthday. May you realize by now just how important you are to us, enjoy it.

No one else can be compared to you, and you are the best and happy 105th birthday!

Happy 105th birthday; you need to rest a bit now to party hard later; enjoy today.

May you always remember to put on your teeth and smile, have a happy 105th birthday!