Happy Birthday To My First Born Son

Once upon a time, you held a little bundle of joy in your hands; he was so adorable, you knew that you were going to support him with every choice he made with his life. Here is to that cute little boy who once made your day just by smiling at you. Here is to your son who brought you into a whole new world.
Here are birthday quotes for your son celebrating his birth.

I knew I was going to have a son but I never knew he was so handsome, happy bday, son.

Son, you are the love of my life, you make me feel happiness like I have never felt, enjoy today.

May you always try and do what is the right thing even if it is hard, wonderful birthday, son!

Your feet will take you to places you do not know, far and far away, stay strong, my dear son.

Someday, you will travel far and you will travel long, know that you are loved, happy birthday


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You are the first person that has ever made me feel so giddy, I love you, happy birthday, son!

You are always going to be the apple of my eye, no matter what you do, best birthday to you!

It may not always feel like you are doing the right thing, but stand by it, happy birthday, son!

You have to learn to stick with your decisions, no more half-heartedness, wonderful bday, son.

I would tell the whole world to mind their own business just for you, best bday, my son.

I wanted to protect you so bad from the mischievous world but I cannot, happy birthday, son.

Happy Birthday To My Son

You grew up so fast, so unexpectedly and you make me believe in magic, best bday, son.

Wonderful bday to the most awesome and most wonderful son any mother can ever have, you.

You are my only son, so it is natural that I adore you so much, stay safe, happy bday, son.

Drink moderately, my dear son, do not get drunk and wasted on college, happy birthday!

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This is a best birthday greeting to the son who gave my life a new definition, thank you.

Dear son, always do the things that makes you happy, do not forget, wonderful birthday to you!

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Things will get rough so just get tough, I know you can do this, happy bday to you, son!

Son, you are the one I love the most in this world, just know that, happy bday to you!

There is no one in the universe I would rather be with right now, happy birthday, my son.

I am so proud of you and all that you have become, wonderful birthday to you, my dear son.

I wanted you to never grow up but here you are, all manly and tall, best birthday, son.

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Son, you would never have guessed but I am really proud of you, wonderful bday to you.

May the stars guide you and shine on the right path for you, best bday to you, my son.

My dearest son, show the world what you have in you, your gifts and talents, happy birthday!

You can do it, son, I believe in you and all that you are capable of, wonderful birthday to you!


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I wish that you would not let your hunger pass and eat right, best bday, my dearest son.

Never let a second of your life go to waste, keep doing what you have to, wonderful bday, son.

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It may not be much, but here is my gift to you, best birthday to you, my most beloved son.

There is no way I am going to stop you from reaching all of your dreams, happy birthday, son.

I will support you and your decisions, you can be assured of that, so stay put and be happy.

Today is your day, so just do what you want and just live a happy life, happy birthday, son.

The mere idea that you are going to be happy doing what you love makes me happy, my son.

I hope that you find what makes you happy and do it for the rest of your life, wonderful birthday.

Never apologize for being yourself in the world full of copycats, happy bday to you, son.

The world will most likely throw in a lot of confetti and shit, forget them, happy bday, son.


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Live your life the way you want it, go make your mark, leave your trace, wonderful birthday, son.

Dear son, you may not know it but I love you and I want you to be happy, enjoy your day, son.

I hope that you live a life that will not have any regrets like mine, happy birthday to you, son.

For all our misunderstandings and fights, I am sorry, I just want you to be happy, my son.

My son, forgive your father for never saying a word but know that I love you, happy birthday.

No words can explain the happiness I feel now that you are here, my son, best birthday, son!

You are the reason why I continued living when all I wanted was to die, wonderful bday, son.

Thank you for believing in me when no one else would, my son, it made me happy that you did!

Some days, you are the only reason I am glad that I knew your father, best bday, my son.

My son, what have you been up to these days? I miss you so much, best bday to you!


I will miss your pretty face when you leave for college, son, wonderful bday and have fun!

I am always thinking of your welfare, I just hope you know that fact, best birthday to you.


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I just wish that you know that life is not always easy but it is really worth it, wonderful birthday!

There is no such thing as impossible, everything is possible with you, happy bday, son!

You are my knight in shining armor, you are my protector, I love you son, happy bday!

Thank you for always trying your best to make me happy and lively, wonderful birthday, my son!

My son, no one in this world would ever amount to what you mean to me, best birthday!

I love you and that is what matters in the end, right, my son? Wonderful bday to you, dear.

There is nothing I would change about you, I think you are perfect my son, best bday!


No words can explain what you mean to me right now, best bday to you, my dear son.

Do not listen to the world for they only know of selfishness, be yourself, wonderful bday, son.

There is no one in this world that is like you for you are unique, best birthday, my dear son.

In this world there is only you, so you need to learn to stand for yourself, happy bday, son.


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Son, there will come a lot of challenges in your life but I believe you can overcome them.

Know that I am here, beside you, that I will always be with you, so go do what you need, son.


Smile, be happy and spread the happiness, my son, for today we celebrate your birth date!

I will give all that I have if it means that you get to be happy with your life, my dearest son.

You are awesome and I hope you know just that, I love you so much, wonderful birthday, my son.

Have fun but do not forget to finish the things you need to do, best birthday my dear son.

Never forget your priorities and set them up right, for you are loved, wonderful bday, my son.

My son, keep on being the lovely person that you are and stay courageous, best bday!

Things are never going to be easy, the path to happiness is thorny, best bday to you, son.


Life will always give you a lot of shit to fight but you need to stay happy, happy birthday, son.

Stay optimistic, negativity never brought anything good to anybody, wonderful bday, my son.

Never forget that your father and I are just here for you, all the time, happy birthday, my son.

Go on and reach for the stars my son, go to your dreams and travel far, best birthday to you

Now that God will do the rest if you promise to always do your best, happy birthday my son!


Just keep on being yourself in this world full of judgmental people, it is okay, wonderful birthday!

I do not know what is there not to like about you, you are talented, happy bday, my son.

If I had a dollar for every second I miss you, I would be rich by now, happy bday, my son.

Why did you have to leave me so early, without even saying goodbye, wonderful birthday, my son.

I thought I had lost you but here you are now and I am happy about it, best birthday, son.

I love you just the way you are so just stay that way and stay handsome, wonderful bday, son.


The world may tell you that you are not as talented as you thought you are, forget the world and just look at me as I tell you that you are gifted, happy birthday to my favorite son.

Let me tell you that you are my favorite son, as you are the only one, best bday my son.

Best bday to the most awesome son the world has ever seen, I love you so much!

You may not know it but you have the most amazing memory and I love that, wonderful bday.

Son, you are growing up to be a decent person and I am proud of that, best birthday to you.


Nothing can prove that I raised you right more than how you respect people, wonderful birthday!

You are going to places far from our small town and conquer it all, happy bday, my son.

Go out there and conquer your goals and dreams, you can do this, happy bday to you!

Son, just be strong and know that nothing will go wrong as long as you believe, wonderful birthday!