Happy Birthday Uncle in Heaven

You wish you have met him or that he is still alive by now, but your uncle in heaven watches you from above.
You will never forget him or his birthday either because he meant something to you and to the rest of your family.
He is someone who is a part of everyone’s life.
Here are some happy birthday uncle in heaven wishes that you can use in order to make you feel better and to hope that somewhere out there he will hear you and listen to your wishes for him too.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, I hope that you are happy there, that you are at peace now.

I wish you were here right now to celebrate your big day and see me grow older, your niece.

I have grown up to be the man you have always wanted me to be, I hope you can see it, uncle.


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There is not a day we do not think about you, we miss you a lot but happy bday all the same.

You deserve to be happy and I hope you are up there, happiest bday to you up there in heaven.

From your niece I am wishing you the best & that you have a happy birthday uncle in heaven.

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Is it good up there, are you enjoying yourself and having fun, well I hope you are happy now.

There are so many memories that we have shared that I wish I can go back to but happy bday!

Have some bday there and enjoy it but do not forget to put your halo, you deserve it, uncle.

After all the things that happened, I still wish you have a good bday up there in the heavens.

You were always kind and wonderful, always there for me, I wish you all the best, happy bday.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, may you have all the wishes that you have wished up there.

I always think you are the best thing that ever came to us but then left, happy bday uncle dear.

We still miss you every day but we are learning to be happy now, we hope you are too, uncle.

There is no one in this world that is the same as you, thank you for everything, happy bday!

We can’t celebrate here but happy birthday uncle in heaven, I will always remember you.

More than any word can say I love you and I miss you, uncle, I wish you are still here with us.

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On your big day, we are here, thinking of you and wishing you are still alive to celebrate now.

There are so many words that we want to tell you but you are no longer here, still happy bday.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, I ask for nothing but that you are happy and satisfied there.

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You are the best uncle that any nephew can ever really have, thank you for everything then.

Though you are not here any longer, we will continue to celebrate your birthday, with love.

I let a balloon fly with my wish for you, I hope that it reaches heaven on your birthday too.

I wish that you know we will never forget you, so have a happy birthday uncle in heaven.

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I will never forget the stories you have told me every time we met, I still miss them, really.

How often I wish that you were still here beside me, that you will still be next to me then.

There is no way I would not love you when you were all that I had back then, happy bday.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, I wish I can see you again and tell this to you in person now.

I have always been your favorite when you were still alive, I bet I am still your favorite now.

May you have a good time in heaven celebrating your birthday and just having tons of fun.

How we long to hear your voice and see your face, happy birthday uncle in heaven, enjoy it.


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The day you were born we received the best gift but the day you went to heaven, they did.

You go and celebrate your bday in paradise coz you really deserve it, you’ve been so kind.

Too young to die but still you did, forever you will be missed but still, happiest bday to you!

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, there are so many memories that we shared that I still love.

Remembering you is the best we can do, we hope you are happy wherever you are right now.

There is no place in this earth we would rather be than with you so happy bday, dear uncle.

I wish you can go back to earth to celebrate today but you can’t and still we wish you the best.

May you have a spectacular day and that you will always love you, now and until forever.

The great things we had together were unforgettable so remember me and I shall of you.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven nothing changes whether you are here or there you are loved.

May you have the best birthday even though you are no longer here with us, dear uncle.


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You were the greatest person that I know and still they took you away, I hope you are happy.

Your influence in my life is as big as it can ever get and for that I will always be grateful, too.

Guiding me to the right path could not have been that easy and still you did so thank you for it.

You will always have a family, I hope you know that, have a happy birthday uncle in heaven.

The heavens is rejoicing for having such an amazing person like you to be up there with them.

I know you are in heaven now but still we should celebrate your bday now and until we can.

I am your biggest fan so I am going to keep on celebrating every bday that passes you by now.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, there is nothing better today than to see you once again too.

You are heaven sent and even though you are there now, we can still feel your presence here.

Happy bday to you who is now in heaven but I hope you know we love you so much our uncle.


We may not get to see each other like we did before but you will always be my favorite, okay?

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, for all the joy you have brought us back then, I thank you so.

The best gift that I can give you is the gift of memory, I will never forget you in this life, really.

May you have fun even if you are up there, we will try to match it up here and let you know it.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, may the angels be with you and keep you company up there.

There is nothing I would love more than to have you next to me right now, happy bday to you.

I bet the heavens is singing coz it knows it has someone great in it, that is you, dearest uncle.


We will never see you again but still we are happy you were part of our lives once before too.

Sending you lots of cakes up there & hoping that you have a happy birthday uncle in heaven.

No words can ever amount to what you mean to us we hope you are happy up there right now.

Your day is also a special day to us and we wish you nothing but the best, go and enjoy it.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, there are things I did not get to say but I wish you all good.

You are truly one of the most wonderful gifts to grandma and grandpa, happy bday, to you!

Sending you all the love here from earth, hoping it will somehow reach you up there as well.


Happy birthday uncle in heaven, may you finally find the peace you have been looking for.

Your family here on earth is wishing you all the best and that you are happy up there now.

Happy bday to you, may you always be reminded that we want you to be here on your bday.

Each of your bday is a reminder to us that you could have been here with us right now, uncle.


Let us celebrate when I get there but for now I wish you a happy birthday uncle in heaven.

Your bday is not a bad memory but a happy reminder that you are now in the heavens above.

You have decided to join God a little bit earlier than expected but still we wish you happiness.


For always encouraging me and telling me I can do things if I really wanted, I thank you still.

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, I will sing a song to you and hope you will hear it there.

You are one of the people who believed in me, happy bday and I wish you were still here now.

I cannot even count the times when you held on to me and wiped away my tears, happy bday.


All I can wish is that you may be here right now to celebrate everything that you have done.

I dedicate all my work to you all of it too, may you have a happy birthday uncle in heaven.

You were the best person I know, happy bday though you are up there in heaven right now.


It is your last resting place, heaven and we hope you are happy there and satisfied as well.

Nothing and no one will ever replace you in our hearts, we hope you have the best bday there.

Wishing you all the best and that you will continue to guide us from above, happy bday to you.

You are the finest man I have ever met and I love you for it, happy bday to you dearest uncle!

Happy birthday uncle in heaven, you remind me to be kind and so I still am, thank you so.