Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Husband

Birthday wishes to my wonderful husband: You love him, he has been with you through thick and thin, and he promised to be with you until death does you apart, here is to the husband who has always been patient and mindful of you, here is to him who has always tried his best to understand you.
Here is to that husband that will always keep you on your toes and show you how much he cares.
Here are some birthday wishes quotes for your husband that you might want to use to show him that you love him.

Dear husband, I hope you know that I love you and I appreciate you. Happy birthday to you!

To the most loving husband in this world, I hope you know that I care for you, have a wonderful birthday.

Best birthday to the most beautiful guy in this world, the one I had decided to marry.

In the end, it was the moments we spent together that matters, happy sweet birthday to you!

You are the person that always keeps me in check, thank you for that, dear husband of mine.


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On your birthday, let me be the first one to say thank you for everything you do, husband.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Happy birthday, you are the person that I would keep spending the rest of my forever with!

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

Thank you for always making me happy by just being you, happy birthday, my husband.

My love, I am still in awe of your awesomeness and kindness, best bday to you, dear.

I love everything about you, your eyes, your face, your smile, your embrace, wonderful bday!

You are the best husband any girl can ever ask for, I love you so much and best birthday!

I would never leave you, happy birthday!

There is not a single percent chance that I would ever leave your side, wonderful birthday to you!

There is not a thing I would not do for you if you ask me to, I love you and best bday.

Should you ask me to die, I would die for you now, that is how I love you, wonderful bday!

I love the way you would hug me from behind, every single time, wonderful birthday, husband!

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No words can even describe the love I feel for you right now, husband, happy birthday to you!

Birthday Messages for Husband

You are in my dreams, you are in my reality and I am glad for that, happy bday, husband.

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

They say good things in life come free to the people who believes, happy bday, husband.

You are the best thing in my life and I just wish you know that, I love you and wonderful birthday!

I care for you in ways that you might not notice, know that I really do, best birthday to you!

I would not have gotten where I am right now if not for your support, wonderful bday husband!

One of the things I am grateful for in life is having you as a husband, best bday to you!

Facebook Birthday Messages

Dear love, I just want to thank you for giving me such a loving husband, happy birthday, dear.

Words are not even enough to express the love that I feel for you right now, best bday!

To the best husband in the world, thank you for being patient with me, wonderful bday to you!

For believing in me when I thought that no one else would, thank you and best birthday!


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I think that you might really have been my prince in disguise, wonderful birthday to you, husband.

You are my dearest husband, the one I know I will never get tired of, happy bday to you!

Happy bday to the best person in this world, I love you so much than you know, hubby.

Special birthday wishes for hubby

There is no way I am ever going to give you up, just know that, happy birthday to you, hubby.

The 100 Happy Birthday Sister Wishes

You are so manly and cute at the same time and that is what I love about you, wonderful birthday!

I love you and that is why I think I must tell you just how much I truly love you so, my husband!

I appreciate you so much more than you think I do, I wish you were here, happy birthday!

Some days, I still long for you to be right here beside me, best birthday to you, dear hubby.

Your children and I miss you so much, I wish you were here with us, happy birthday, husband.

There are so many things I wished I would have told you sooner, happy birthday, my husband.


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In the midst of it all, I am just thankful that you made me believe in love once more, you have shown me that not all men are the same, that I can trust you, wonderful bday to you, husband.

What I would give to be with you right now, everything that I have, best bday husband.

I wish you know that I love you, best bday to you and may you have some fun today.

Enough working, today is your birthday, so we must go out and celebrate it together!

I would give you anything that you want, all you need to do is ask, wonderful bday husband!


Starting today, I would show you how much I really do love you, best birthday my husband.

Have I not shown you what it really means to be in love, if not, I am sorry, wonderful birthday.

For all the shortcomings that I have, I am deeply sorry for all of them, happy birthday!


I am highly indebted to you and all that you do for me, happy bday to you, my love!

You make me believe that I am beautiful, thank you for everything and happy bday to you.

I wish you could have told me the things that were bothering you, wonderful birthday, my hubby, I would have lent you my ears, my shoulders, all that I have as of the moment.

Dear husband, know that I will fully support all of your decisions, best birthday to you!

I will never leave your side no matter how much problems come by, wonderful bday to you!


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To my most beloved husband, best bday, I hope that you get all of your heart’s desire.

You really are my true love, you make me hear bells when we are together, best birthday.

I would give up my world to be with you, that is how much I care for you, wonderful birthday.

To my dearest husband, I just hope you believe me when I say I love you, happy birthday!

There is no reason to fear, I would never leave you, as in ever, happy bday, husband!


To the one I love the most in this world, thank you for ever memory, happy bday, hubby!

To the father of my children, to my beloved husband, wonderful birthday to you, my dear love.

You are my first and last love and I am grateful for all the years, best birthday, husband.

No one can ever replace you here in my heart, you will always be the best, wonderful bday!

I love you and I want to thank you for teaching me what it means to love, best bday!

For showing me that true love still exists and making me feel it, happy birthday and thank you!

I would fall in love with you over and over again for the rest of my forever, best bday!

My husband is a hardworking person and that is why I love him so, wonderful bday, my love.


I love the way you say my name as if it is the sweetest word I have ever heard, best birthday!

I will tell you things that you have yet to know about me on this birthday of yours, husband.

Let us tell each other more of the things we have yet to know, happy birthday, my husband.


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You are just so amazing in everything that you do, husband, I am proud of you, happy day!

To have the best birthday is what I really wish of you, to be happy and free, my dear hubby.

There is nothing I would change about you because you are perfect for me, wonderful birthday!


In this world, there is only you in my eyes, only you I will love, happy bday, my husband.

The whole world can tell me no but I will still love you just the same, happy bday, hubby.

I keep on falling for you the more time passes us by, thank you for being with me, always!

This is for you, the man who has shown me what love truly means, best birthday, hubby.

You are such a wonderful and awesome man and I love you for it, wonderful bday to you!

I want you to know that I appreciate all the things you did for me until now, happy birthday.


You gave up everything to be with me so I will give it all up for you, happy birthday, hubby.

There is nothing more that I want than to be with you at this very moment, best bday!

Thank you for showing me that love is not measured by gifts but happy moments spent together, I have spent all of mine with you, best bday!

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you for it. Wonderful bday to you!

May you continue to love life as you have always done, happy birthday to you, my love!

You make me believe in fairytales, like I am still a child, best birthday and thank you!


You are my Peter pan, you are my mickey mouse, you are everything I wanted and more, wonderful birthday to you, my dearest husband.

We really are the perfect match and I know that now, thank you for everything you did for me.

Now I can be assured that I am alright, that I will be okay, thank you for everything, my love.

We are magical together, you and I, you are the cap to my bottle, we are perfect together, I love you! Happy bday to you!