40 Happy Birthday with I Love You Wishes

There are many ways to express your feelings with someone you love.
Make them feel loved with these sweet and heartfelt messages that surely will make their heart jump with joy.
Remember, it is not always about expensive gifts that make them happy.
Sometimes, words can say it all.

To the man who is so dear to me, happy birthday! Thinking of the time when we first started together and still feeling the same. I love you, and I will tell you every day. Happy Birthday, love!

Our love for each other gets stronger every day. I am happy that we value our passion more than the negative things life is throwing us. I knew for sure that you were the one for me. And today, as you celebrate your birthday, let me say to you how much I love you. I promise to stay by your side for the rest of our lives. Happy Bday, sweetie!

I will never get tired of giving you surprises, especially on your birthday. Thank you for your love and understanding. I am always praying for your good health and success. Wonderful Birthday my love! Looking forward for more years together. I love you!


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I can still remember the excitement every time I am going to see you. Your love changed my perspective about life. You gave me a reason to live. And I will be forever thankful to you. Happy Birthday, hon!

We can make everything possible as a couple because we put God in the center of our relationship. I thank the Lord for your life. May you continue to be a blessing to others. God knows how much I love you. Have a wonderful birthday! I love you.

No long messages. I know you already knew what I wanted to say. I love you and best birthday!

You are my source of happiness, the one I wanted to see every day. Wonderful Bday!

It doesn’t matter how old are you. What matters is our love that gets younger and younger. Every day, you remind me how beautiful life is just like you. Stay as sweet as ever. Best bday, honey!

To my love, happiest birthday to you! You still look beautiful and stunning in my eyes. You are the best decision I’ve made. I am lucky to have you. Best wishes on your birthday. I love you for the rest of my life.

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How can I not love someone like you? You are the sweetest, the kindest, and the best woman I’ve ever met. I am happy we will celebrate your birthday together. I pray for more years to come into your life. Happy Birthday!

I may not be the perfect guy for you. I cannot buy you a luxurious car, or give you an expensive gift. One thing I can promise, I will never break your heart. I am more than happy to finally celebrate your birthday with me. Thank you for accepting me for who I am. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE!

I cannot find the right words to say to express what I am feeling for you. First, let me greet you a best bday. I am wishing the best in the world for you. Second, I am happy that you gave me a chance to love you and to take care of you. Last but definitely not the least; I love you more than anything in this world. You can always count on me. I will forever by your side. Again, happy happy birthday my love.

Romantic Birthday Wishes

It takes a lot of courage to let someone in into your heart. You bring the best out of me. My life will never be the same without you. A wonderful birthday to you. I love you.

I am smiling as I looked back on when we started as a couple. I knew back then that you are the one for me. Thank you for allowing me to come into your life. Happiest birthday to you. I hope you like my little surprise for you. Anything for you, my love.


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I promise I will stay the same loving husband for you. Wonderful bday to my beautiful wife. Stay happy always.

I will always find a way to say how much I love. Best Birthday!

My love, there is no other than you. I wish you more birthdays to come. I am here to stay. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Your smile, it brings me into a happy place. I would always want to spend the rest of my days with you. Wonderful Birthday, sweetie!

Everything I have, I am willing to give it to you. Just like what you’ve done when you decided to leave everything behind to spend the rest of your life with me. I love you and I will take care of you every day. Happy Bday!

You gave me more reasons to live. Thank you for loving me. Happy Bday!

There is no way I will break your heart. Stay sweet as ever. Wonderful birthday to you my love.

You are my love, my valentine, and the one I want to spend the rest of my life. Best Birthday!

You teach me how to love unselfishly. Thank you for the happiness that you brought into my life. Wonderful Bday, love!


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You are one of those who believe in me. Thank you for giving me strength and for all your support. I am forever grateful I have you. Best Bday!

In your eyes, I see beautiful mornings. Have a wonderful birthday. I love you.

I have been waiting all my life for you to come. Now that you are here, I will never let go of you. Let me take care of you forever. Best Bday!

Wonderful bday to you my love! I will cherish every moment we have. Take care of yourself always. God bless you.


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I will always love you no matter how old you’ll become. Best Birthday!

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I want to spend my whole life with you. I want to be there on all your birthdays. I want you all my life. Wonderful birthday!

I am wishing you long life so that we can celebrate more of your birthdays together. I love you. Happy Bday.

I am sending you my hugs and kisses on your birthday. I miss you so much. I wish to be there on your birthday. I promise to be there as soon as I can. Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday!

I’m glad I have the privilege to be the first to greet you a happy bday on your birthday. It’s you I want to see when I wake up. Happy Birthday again, honey!

A happy relationship is not about age. No matter how old you become, I will still look at you the same. You are the prettiest woman in my eyes. Wonderful Birthday!

To my selfless husband, the one who will put his family first, my one and true companion, my everything. Best Birthday to you! I will never get tired of loving you. I wish you good health and a happy life always.

There is nothing in this world that will stop me from loving you. I want you to know that you are a dream come true. Wonderful Bday, my angel!

I finally found my home in your arms. I pray to God to give you long life because I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you. Best Bday, love!

If you would ask me how much I love, I would just look in the sky and compare it to my love for you. You mean everything for me. Best Bday!


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I never wrong in loving you. I am so much blessed to have you. Wonderful Bday!

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My heart beats only you. There will be no beautiful mornings without you. I’m glad I get a chance to celebrate your birthday with me. I hope you’ll enjoy this day. Thank you for the love you continue giving me. Happiest birthday ever!

You make all my dreams come true. I believe in you. Keep going! I know you will be successful in your life. I am here to support you. Best Birthday!

There are times that we had some arguments and bad days. I just want to say that nothings has changed. I still love you no matter what. Together, we will face any challenges. I love you and wonderful birthday!

When I am afraid, I just think of you. I know you will always be there for me. Happy Bday!

It is a miracle how two of us end up together. Happy Bday!

I am thinking of you when I am sad, and suddenly I found myself smiling. You light up my day. Wonderful birthday!

I promise to be there by your side always. I just wish you spend more time for yourself. Do not work too hard, take care of yourself. Best Birthday!

I know what will make you smile, what makes you happy, and what upsets you. Through all these years, I get to know you more and more. I will never get tired of loving an amazing woman like you. My love, Wonderful Bday!

When I feel lonely, you cheer me up. When I am weak, you give me strength. You are simply amazing. Best Bday!

Happy Birthday, Love! I cannot measure the happiness I am feeling whenever I am with you. I do not want to lose you.

I will shout to the world how much I love you. Thank you for your unconditional love. Best Bday!

You are like the stars in the sky. I will not get tired of looking at you. I love you. Wonderful Bday!

Remember that you are not alone anymore. We will face every challenge together. Enjoy your special day. I wish you good health and a happy life. Best birthday to you!

Once more, I want to say I love you. This is a special day. I hope that you are happy. I just want to make sure that you are safe with me. Happy Birthday, Hon!

I’m lucky that I have a partner that is loving, super sweet, and God-fearing. I am sure God will bless you more. I love you! Have a blessed birthday!

Life is never easy. Good thing I have you. I am now sure that there is nothing to be afraid of. Happy Birthday!

I love you, darling! Wonderful Birthday. You are beautiful and elegant as ever. Stay the same. Thank you very much for loving me. I promise to love you even more.

Happy birthday I love you messages for sister, mom or wife

I hope that you have the best birthday ever because you are someone who I really care about and love.

I hope that this birthday is one that helps you see just how much you mean to me and just how much I have come to love you!

I hope that your day is as special as you are and that you feel my love on this birthday of yours!

I hope that you know that you are everything to me, and I hope that you feel my love on this birthday and every single day of the year!

Happy birthday to someone who has won me over and who has gained a very special place in my heart!

I celebrate your birthday with you because you are someone who means the world to me and who has my whole heart!

I fall in love with you a little more each day and I hope that your birthday is one that is special.

I love you more than anyone else in the whole world and I hope that you have a birthday that is as special as you are!

I hope that your birthday is one that reminds you just how much you mean to everyone and just how much I love you!

Happy birthday to the person who I love more than any other on the face of the earth! May your day be special and one that is full of love!

May you have a birthday that is exciting and fun, and may this day show you just how much I love you and care about you.

May you have a birthday that is relaxing and enjoyable, and may you feel my love as you celebrate your special day.

Happy birthday to someone who means everything to me… I hope that this day is one that is unlike any other!