The 40 Romantic Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are a special occasion we always look forward to (whether we admit it or not) and even if we do not say it, we are always expecting our boyfriend or girlfriend to make that day special (or maybe we are expecting to receive something special from them like gifts or letters).
Composing the perfect message for a significant occasion is not an easy task; it may frustrate you and makes you want to give up, but you should not because we are here to help you.
We composed romantic messages for the love of your life’s special day to help you make them fall in love with you again then you will become the most awesome boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse ever!

I do not know exactly when I started falling in love with you, maybe because when we are together I forget about everything and my life only focuses on you. You are one of the few things that make me love this life and I love you for that. Happy bday, sweetheart.


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From all the things I have done wrong in my life, I am surprised I was blessed and I got you. I know I don’t deserve you but I am thankful that you love me no matter what. You have accepted everything in me, the whole package. And I know I would never find someone like you, ever. I love you baby and wonderful birthday. I hope you’re happy today.

I would like to be there by your side when you become 100 years, since I know that I would have no regrets!

Best Birthday to the one I would give my breath without remorse!

Happy Birthday to the person that made my days like my best fantasies!

Hope to still look at you, and only at you for the next years of my life!

I would give you the sky, the moon, and the stars if you want to. All I want is for you to be happy. Have an awesome and magical birthday, honey. I love you, forever.

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You are my drugs, you know that? I just can’t get enough of you. You keep me coming back for more. I really am in love with you, aren’t I? I think it’s pretty obvious. Happy birthday, lovey!

I asked you ‘what do you want for your birthday’, and you said (without even thinking twice) ‘YOU’. I am so lucky to have met you that night and I am thankful for the heavens above that they did not allow me to let you go. I love you, honey. Happiest birthday to you!

Hey sexy, yummiest birthday to you! Can’t wait to see you tonight.

I love that instead of arguing with me, you just take me by surprise and kiss me passionately. I love everything you do, you know that right? I love every inch of you and even if you got older today, that will never change. Happy birthday, baby.

I may not be as expressive as the others, but never ever doubt my love for you. I have loved you ever since I met you and you know that. I can’t imagine my life without you. I wish us many more years of being together and many more wonderful bdays for you. I love you!

Best Birthday to the person that made me understand that life can be beautiful even to me!


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Wonderful Birthday to you and a blessing to your mom for allowing our meeting in this place and time!

Happy Bday to the one I can see even when I can not!

I want you to know on this special day that I will always be there for you till the last of me!

Best Bday to the smile that can silence everything around me!

Let me show you on this occasion that I love you more than I could express!

100 Birthday Wishes

From the moment I met you, I am afraid of you since I can not let go of you for your next 100 years to come!

You are my very best friend, we did stupid things together and I do not mind acting silly around you. You are one of the few people I like being around. You are one of the few people I am comfortable with. I am thankful that God created such a wonderful creature like you, and I pray that He’ll give you more happy years to chase your dreams and make them all come true. Happy birthday, baby.


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I could not imagine how the past years would be like, without you. You made life tolerable and fun. I love you, honey. Best bday!

There is not enough words in the dictionary to express how much you mean to me, and to express how much I love you. Life could not be better without you. You complete every missing part of me. Wonderful bday, my angel. I love you very much.

Happy Bday to the one I love and will love simply for being the one, that one!

Wonderful Birthday and thanks for the wonderful time you have given me!

For the way you jest with your hands, the way you make that look, the way you strangely move, for these small big things, I love and will love you! Best Birthday!

Best birthday, my sunshine! Thank you for brightening up my every day. I love you.


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Before I met you, I did not really believe in soul mates. But why is that when I first met you, I felt my soul complete. For the first time in my life, I felt my comfortable and relaxed around someone. You always bring out the best in me. Thanks for everything. I hope you’ll have a birthday as awesome as you are.

To my own personal chef, my nurse, and my partner in crime, I wish you all the best in life. May your patience be longer and understanding be wider. I know I’m not the best girlfriend but you are the best boyfriend. I am so blessed to have been loved by you. Happy birthday, boo. I love you, forever.

Thank you for putting up with all my craziness and stuff. Wonderful bday, love!

I was asked ‘when is your favorite time of the day?’ I did not have to think about it, I immediately answered ‘at night, when I am next to him and we are about to sleep’. I love you, sweetheart. I can’t imagine how I will go through all these stuff without you. Happy birthday, handsome. I’ll wait for you on our bed tonight.


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You were a dream come true, a wish granted. You are the love of my life. And you are the best person I have ever met. Best bday, love! May you continue to spread kindness and love to the people around you.

I could not ask for a better lover than you. Best bday, love!

Wonderful bday to the most special lady in my life. Thank you for understanding my shortcomings and for taking care of me. You are the strongest lady I know, it’s obvious because you can handle me. Happy birthday! I love you.

I hope to see you, not your face, your body, but you, for another 100 years as you are!

This is the day when you came here to complete my puzzle! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the person that has made my life feel like a warm breeze in time!

In this special day, I would like you to know that I love the crying you, the sad you, the one who makes those ugly faces, all of you!

I may be miles away from you but I sent all my love to where you are right now. Have a great party later! Enjoy your day. Wonderful birthday!

Happy bday, dear! Can’t wait to see you wearing my gift (or nothing, it’s your choice). I love you. Have a great party!

Let’s have fun today, it’s your birthday! Stay fun and awesome. I love you just the way you are.

I wish this day will be as exciting as my life since you came into my world. Happy birthday!

May the Lord grant you all the desires of your heart. You deserve it. Happy bday, dear!

Cakes and sweets are not enough to express how much you mean to me. (So I did not buy you a cake. Kidding) I love you with all my heart. Wonderful birthday!

You are expecting a ‘best birthday’ message, right? But no, this is a message about how much I love you and how much I want to be with you until the end of time. This is a message of how great you are as a person, as a daughter/son, and as my partner in life. This is a message of how the world is entirely different when you are not around. This is a message of how you truly deserve to be happy today, your special day, the only day you are looking forward to every year. This is a message of me saying, have a fantastic birthday, my love!

It is not that easy finding the words to tell you how much you mean to me. I really wanted to tell you that I am madly in love with you and that, I am wishing that you will spend all of your future birthdays with me. But I can’t seem to express it so I will just say ‘wonderful bday!’ instead.

For you, there’s nothing impossible. You can do anything as long as you put your mind into it. I really admire how motivated you are and how you are also motivating others to do the same. I really admire how you always made me feel better and made me trust myself again. I know you are not a superhero but you really have some kind of a superpower. To my superhero, the love of my life, best bday!

Hope to give you the happiness you deserve, or at least just a bit of what you have given me! Best Bday!

I want to pass your next 100 birthdays, and my next 99 ones, the same way, with you!

Wonderful Bday to the person that made me realize that love can be simple, calm, gentle, strong and turbulent at the same time!

Nothing can be more difficult than to part ways with you! Hope to get to be by your side forever!

Best Birthday to the person with whom I can refuge, relax and show my ugliest self knowing that I am loved!

Wherever you are, wherever you go, know that I am always wishing for your happiness and safety. I may not always be around, this long distance relationship may have been torturing us, but be assured that my love for you will never change. Wonderful birthday, sweetheart! Sending you cuddles and kisses from NYC.

From the moment I met you, I told myself ‘You will be mine’. And now, you are. I cannot thank enough the heavens above for granting my only wish. You are the best gift I have ever received. I hope my gift is (even a tiny bit) as awesome as you are. I hope I made you happy with my little surprise. Happy bday, cowboy!

You often told me that you prefer dirty over cheesy messages. Since it is your birthday, I will grant your wish. Pee, poop, poo. There you go, happy bday!

We fell in love in the most unexpected situation. Nobody believed in the love we had back then, it was just you and me. But we did not stop believing that we will make it. It may not be an easy road but we are here. We proved to them that we can, and for that I loved you even more. Wonderful birthday to the best partner I ever had.

Best Birthday to the person who have shown me that even forever can feel short with the right person!

I could never have thought that a person could be this happy just from knowing there is someone thinking of him! Wonderful Bday!

Best Bday to the person that shows me I can be better every day, every second!

Another 100 years to the person who could listen to the song no one else could!

Best Bday! I want to scream to the world that today, some little time ago, it gave life to two people not one, to both of us!

Wonderful Bday to the person who knows all of me and somehow still loves me!

I hope to see our life together when older, since I know it will be as happy as this if we are together! Best Birthday!

Romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

To a love that is better than any I have ever known, happy birthday my dear. I wish you nothing but everything your heart desires and more.

To a love who always brings a smile to my day and to my heart, I wish you the happiest of birthdays today and many more yet to come.

To a dear love on your birthday, you mean more to me than I can put into words now. Just know that I love you infinitely, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

My hugs and kisses today go out to you on your birthday occasion, I hope it brings you much joy because you deserve it for all the love that you give to others selflessly. My dear, may you birthday occasion be one that’s full of light and love.

I hope that your birthday is more special than ever, sending you all of my love my dearest. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the one who stole my heart, you still give me butterflies when I think of you. Couldn’t imagine walking this path in life without you by my side.

To the one who makes it worth while getting up in the morning, my heart is yours forever. My one true love, I wish you the biggest and best birthday of all.

My love for you knows no bounds and I am sending you nothing but light today on your special occasion. May your day be filled with wine, chocolate, gifts, cake, and lots of love. I am here to help make all of your dreams come true, happy birthday baby.

There is no love that is more beautiful, kind, or inspiring, than the love which you have shown me. I give you my heart forever my love, and on your birthday today I wish you nothing but pure joy.