Happy 38th Birthday Wishes

They only turn thirty eight once, so you might as well let them now that you actually remembered and that you wish all the best wishes for them.
However, generic quotations should never be used for cases like this.
When you love someone, you need to at least personalize your messages so they think that you have totally prepared for it and also because it will make them feel more special.
To help you with that, here are some happy 38th birthday wishes that you can try out so you can make them feel all the love that you have for them.

May you receive tons of blessings for you truly deserve them I wish you a happy 38th birthday!

I think you are the best daughter in law we can ever ask for, spend your bday happily now too.

Go wild and stay wild, the world doesn’t matter today only you, live it as long as you can now.


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May this year be your stepping stone towards a better tomorrow, I wish you all the best in life.

I hope you will celebrate and that you will take even just a day off of work to have some fun.

You may not be getting any younger but you sure are getting more and more beautiful to me.

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Happy 38th birthday, I don’t think you look any different from yesterday, I am happy for you.

You are one of the best people I know so I wish that you will have a lot of fun especially today.

May you get the things that your heart desires and that you will enjoy your life to the fullest.

I feel blessed knowing you and the person that you are, have the happiest bday, my dear girl.

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Happy 38th birthday, always remember that I will always be here for you no matter what, girl.

Son, I could not be any happier that you are mine, some days I can’t even believe that you are.

For being the kindest and most understanding sister in this world, I wish you a happy bday.

You are more of a daughter than a daughter in law, really we love you that much, happy bday.

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I wish nothing for you but that you will live a successful life, so have a happy 38th birthday!

I hope that this bday is one of your best ones that you will remember when you grow older.

Fill your life with wealth, happiness, love and all of the desires of your heart, happy bday!

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Happy 38th birthday, may the Lord’s blessings always reach you for you are really kind too.

I will show you kindness today so you can pay it forward to others have a happy 38th birthday!

Do not worry, I know things will be alright believe me on this, for now just enjoy your big day.

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I think being beside you is truly the best place to be right now as you celebrate your bday.

You won’t have problems you can’t overcome so just keep on trying and you will, happy bday.

Happy 38th birthday, may today be the sunniest moment of your life, now and forever as well.

Your differences is what makes you a good couple, indeed so just have fun on your birthdays!

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I hope you did not forget that it is your body so you must take good care of it, happiest bday!

And all the promises in the world are pointless when nothing gets see through happy bday!

You are now older than me but who cares, really? No one’s counting so just enjoy your day.


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There ain’t anyone in this world I would love to be with now, so have a happy 38th birthday!

I heard that it was your bday today, kidding, of course I did not forget, here’s your present!

I think being at 38 is a good place to be and so happy birthday and give you boxes of it now.

Time that I have spent with you is truly precious and I would not exchange it for anything.

Love means being happy for another person despite of all circumstances, happy bday now.

Happy 38th birthday, I promise I will work extra harder on this day so just stay happy, love.

I am excited to see you and have lots of fun, I wish you all the best in this birthday of yours.

And life can get a bit challenging all in all but you still need to keep on fighting for things too.

To the person who gave my daughter all the things that she needed, happy bday to you now.

May today be the best celebration you have ever had, I wish you a really happy 38th birthday!

I think you should just eat and have some fun for today is your big day make it special as well.

Tomorrow, you can go back to being prissy but now you should just have a lot of fun, okay?


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There is not a person in this world that is not happy when it is your birthday after all, kiddo.

Happy 38th birthday, may the heavens look upon you with grace and bless your spirit as well.

You may look all older now, but I still think you are but a child, really now, happiest bday.

Never forget to smile and to appreciate the small things God has given you, happy bday, kid.

Even at 38 I still think that you have a bright future just ahead of you so go and have fun now.

This life will be filled with challenges & I want you to just keep being happy all the time now.

I am glad that I met a person like you, I wish you a happy 38th birthday, live your life well too.

You are fantastic and you deserve nothing but the best birthday ever so go ahead and enjoy it.

You are a fried to me and it meant we party every day but that is total okay happy bday now.


May all the wishes and desires deep in your heart come true for they are pure, happy bday!

You celebrate your life and I think that it really is worth celebrating so enjoy it and have fun.

Now, you do not even know how happy I am that you’re getting older, happy 38th birthday!

On this day I hope that you have an idea on what to do next in your life, enjoy & happy bday.


It’s the stories that we bring with us that makes life so much more interesting, happy birthday.

Happy bday, I hope that you will keep on being the optimistic and cheerful person that I know.

Happy 38th birthday, you may not know it yet but I love you a lot, keep being you, my dearest.


I still think you are the best blessing I have been given in this life, happy bday to you, mom.

Even when you are no longer here in this world, know that I am doing it all for you, momma.

There are words that you should say before it’s too late, I love you and I wish you the best too.

I am glad to have spent years of my life together with you my love, have a happy 38th birthday.

Life is always going to be filled with hurdles that you must ace, I wish nothing but the best.

If an extra share is what you need then that is what I will give, happiest bday to you my dear.

May this year be one that is filled with nothing but happiness, enjoy this day and have fun too.


Happy 38th birthday, keep in mind that I am just one text away should you ever need me, ok?

May these memories of you will be the best thing there is, you are one of the best things ever.

You should cherish this life for as long as it lasts for this is one of the best you can ever have.

I wish that your life will be filled with peace for this day is a special one that you should see.

You bring joy to every life that you touch and I cannot help but be happy as well, happy bday.

In this world, lucky are those who meet friends like you are to me, have a happy 38th birthday!

Never ever give up on this life and keep making everyone here happier and merrier as well.


You will always be a little kid to me, you are the best there is in this life and I want the best.

With joy, I hope that you will have a wonderful bday and that you know it’s because of you.

You never gave up even when things were getting rough and so you deserve to be truly happy.


Happy 38th birthday, my life would never be the same without you, thank you for being here.

This is an age for wisdom and also for growth so you should just enjoy it while it lasts okay?

Though it ain’t much, I just wish that you will have tons of fun this year and enjoy it as well.

For this life, there are not much you can be happy of but if you learn to, you will really be.

There ain’t much I ask of you but please enjoy your life and just have a happy 38th birthday!

Celebrate the life you were given because it is the only one, make the most of it as well now.

Happy bday to you, the love of my life, the one that keeps me happy day through the night.

If there ain’t much you can do, I wish nothing but to be happy right now too, my dearest.

Happy 38th birthday, I wish you that you have tons of fun today, you are still young, dear girl.

The rest of the world do not know you like I do, but I know you and I wish you a happy bday.

This life is always going to be something like a roller coaster ride and I know you’ll be fine.

Woman, I hope you have a really happy 38th birthday, enjoy this day as it lasts, I love you so.