100+ Funny Happy Birthday Quotes

Why so serious? Turning over another year should be fun!

Make the day of a family or friend special by greeting them in the most excellent way possible.

Let every birthday be memorable, unique, and extraordinary.

Bring a smile on someone’s birthday today.

Another year for you. Don’t miss this one up! Does it matter? Just have fun! Happy birthday!

Stay positive! Like the grade of your eyeglasses that keeps climbing up every year! Happy bday!

They say that with age comes more wisdom. Probably not in every case. Wonderful Birthday!


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Wishing you more back breaking fun, crazier rollercoaster rides, and Amazon wild adventures to come. Just be sure to stay alive for the next birthdays to come! Best Birthday!

Happy Birthday Funny Texts

Careful not to blow off that birthday candle too hard or your wig might come along with it too. Happy birthday! Stay Awesome!

A year closer to that hard earned pension. Congratulations! Wonderful Bday!

May you be as rich as Tony Stark, as handsome as Steve Rogers, as sexy as Thor, as sharp as Clint Barton and as green as the Hulk! Best Bday Superhero! Hope I won’t have to compare you to Nick Fury soon!

30 candles won’t fit the cake I bought for you. So I just got you 2. Happy 2nd birthday!

Growing up is a trap! Stay Play Station loving. Don’t stop building that Lego castle. But don’t forget to go to the office, buy groceries, pick your kids up after school and be home by dinner, Okay? Reality check. Welcome to the grown up life. Best bday!

I hope you do 100 other rotations around the Sun!

Birthday Greetings from President Trump

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My wishes never come true, so I with you the worst!

Hope you get everything you want so that my ears can finally rest!

Happy Birthday and hope this, that and that other! Now, where is the cake?

Top Happy 40th Birthday Wishes: Quotes and Sayings

What I miss most about being a kid? Getting cash for your birthday! No cash for us anymore, just wine and cake. Not too bad, right? Happy Birthday!

What can I say? You’re still the same – Just whiter hair, lesser teeth and more wrinkles. Let’s stay crazy awesome in the years to come! Happy Birthday!

Growing old isn’t so bad, right? Look at Gandalf, Dumbledore, or Yoda? I guess I wouldn’t want to grow old like the third one! Wonderful bday! Let’s start growing that beard long enough for us to look like wizards!

Remember when we used to have water gun and just shoot everyone in the face during the party? Well, sorry buddy, we can’t do it anymore because we have to clean the house afterwards now. Unlike before, mom and dad can clear up the after party damages. The good old days! Funny Happy Birthday!


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Hope you live another 100 years, so that you can finally beat me at something!

It would take the world another 100 years to find someone as noisy as you, so you have to keep it up till then!

Be happy everyone! This is the anniversary of when most people said beautiful to an ugly baby!

Unfortunately for the Earth you can not be recycled for at least another 100 years!

As we grow older, we grow wings they say. Now I understand what they really mean. It is the sag in our arms! Let’s see who has bigger wings next year. Best Birthday!

I wish you happiness, health, wealth, love and all the things that won’t take a dollar out of my pocket. Wonderful birthday!

The 200 Best Happy Birthday Quotes: Wishes with Images

What are the perks of growing older? More wine, freedom to drive your own car and buy the food you want. No more clubbing, drinking to the point of passing out or staying out until 4am. Wow, I can’t believe we did all that! Now, we are happy to be home at 9pm, sleeping in our bed. We are exhausted after dancing for 5 minutes. We couldn’t even finish 2 bottles of Jack Daniels! Happy bday! Hoping to try to finish 2 bottles with you soon!


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The fun thing about growing older is seeing who loses more hair or teeth first. I hope you do! Happy birthday!

We used to play Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears or N’sync during our parties and go crazy. If we play them now, the kids will have this stunned blank look in their faces. All they know are the singers or boy groups that we don’t even know. Nothing beats the music of our generation! I am happy to have someone to reminisce those days with. Do you still have those cassette tapes? Let’s play them! Well, I guess cassette players don’t exist anymore. Funny Happy birthday! I’m glad there is someone from the timeline I came from!

You don’t look 40 at all! I’m a great friend like that! Happy 30th birthday! Let’s stay 30 as long as we can.

The 100 Happy Birthday Wishes: Quotes and Messages

Happy Bday to my green young man who has still 100 years left to mature into something!

Hope to get to see your silly movements and funny faces for another 100 years!

This is the anniversary of when the Earth was blighted by a curse for the 100 years to come!

Since hell is reserved for this 100 years, we have to keep you here during this time!

Wonderful Birthday to the person that makes the Earth tremble with his laughter!

Don’t worry mom. No matter how you look, my friends will tell me you look young for your age. They are awesome like that! Best Birthday! I love you no matter how much the digits.

Happy Birthday! With so many candles you have on your cake, we can now start a barbeque!


Crash that diet. Drink as much as you want. Eat as much of that chocolate cake as you wish. It’s your day! Just don’t burn the house down crazy with so many candles you have on your cake! Wonderful Bday!

The only good thing about getting more forgetful with age? You forget the most embarrassing and bad times of your life. Too bad though, I won’t forget that time when you fell face first on the floor. Happy Birthday! To more good times and forgetting the bad ones!

Congratulations on scrolling further to find your birth year when doing online registrations! Best Bday!

The 40 Cute Romantic Birthday Wishes from the Heart

To more body aches, more monthly bills to pay, earlier sleeping hours and more responsibilities. Best Bday!


You can go in the club without showing your ID, drink beer as you please, get your driver’s license, finish your school and get a job. Boring? Who says growing older is boring? You can still have crazy fun! Just be sure to be around for your next birthday. Welcome to reality! Wonderful Bday!


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Some people get better with age, some get more bitter. Only for today, since it is your birthday, you are okay…I guess. Best birthday!

The 40 Interesting Birthday Wishes for Children

Take so many pictures with your smile. You may miss your teeth in the years to come! Wonderful birthday!

The older we get the lesser gifts we get, the more friends to greet you anyway. Happy Bday!

Hope your coolness does not freeze Hell after 100 years, since I like it hot!


Legends say that this exact date, some years ago, a hero came to fight off evil! But it was not your year!

This is the anniversary of when punctuality died, and will still stay dead for another 100 years!

Happy Bday! I am sorry if it is not today, but my phone can not open Facebook at the moment!

Wonderful Birthday! Check your Facebook page because that is the best numbers you will get till next year!

I have not forgotten about your birthday, but It is bad luck to say best birthday one day before!


It’s not getting old, it’s getting vintage. Happy birthday!

We will all get to that age. You will just go first. Tell us how awesome 50 is. Wonderful Bday!

To the smartest, coolest, magnificent and good-looking person in my life, just like me – Funny Best Bday!

Someday, if your hair turn white. Don’t worry; we can style it cool like Magneto. If you don’t have any hair left, just leave it like Professor Xavier. Someday, if your teeth fall off; well, just visit the dentist. Someday, if you are having a hard time walking; just grab a cool walking stick like Gandalf. It can double as a staff too. Someday, if your skin starts sagging; surgery is expensive, so just leave it be. Best Bday! May you grow old with grace and suave.

Don’t worry about the lines on your face; just tell your kids they are maps of your life’s journey. Don’t worry about the duller eyesight; just tell your kids that it is the mark of a well-read person. Don’t worry about the shaky hands; just tell your kids that you worked really hard during your youth. Don’t worry about all of this, because no matter what happens, we all grow old! Some don’t even have the opportunity to do so. So let’s do everything we want to do. Someday, we won’t even be able to hold out our passport out without shaking it violently or see if we have taken the right airplane. Enjoy life! Funny Happy Birthday!


Wiser? Bolder? Richer? Cooler? Okay, I think nice is okay. Wonderful bday my nice friend.


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To more stupid things to add in our list and to more embarrassing moments together. Best Birthday!


Today is the day everything can happen since it is the day you happened!

Wonderful Birthday and lots and lots and lots of money to you my lovable sharing-is-caring friend!

I am afraid the world will resign your 100-year long contract again, after this one!

Today is the anniversary of when the world accepted the term and conditions without reading them!

Hope to see you reach the top as I latch myself unto you!

Is the size of your tummy directly proportional to your age? To more beer and bigger bellies! Happy bday!

I’m an advocate of nature. Saving trees is part of that advocacy. No card, just this email to greet you a happy bday!

Grab that suit and tie and let’s go out…for a walk. Wonderful Birthday!

As we turn more pages of our lives, we gain arm sags to flip with. Best Birthday!

Top Happy 21st Birthday Wishes: Quotes and Messages

A woman’s age will forever remain a mystery to the rest of the world. If you guess the wrong number, you are done with. Greeting you, just a Wonderful Bday. Stay timeless.

Birthdays are special, especially if celebrated with a special friend. The nurses might go looking for you now; it’s time for your pills. Happy birthday!

I have to thank Facebook for reminding me about your birthday! Just kidding! Have an awesome special day!

Life isn’t as fun without you. Your embarrassing moments always manage to cheer me up! Keep up the good work! Funny Best Bday

Best Bday Party Animal! Looking forward to learning new dance moves, more drinking contest and having a bad hangover the next day with you. We should try coming home earlier at 1 or 2 in the morning. Maybe. Happy Birthday.


As we get older, so does our smart phones and computers. We’ll stay awesome though. Funny Wonderful Bday!

This is the day when our earth was given a virus that has spread on me and all those around you! Your love of life!

I pray every year on this day to keep me another year without dying by laughing at your stupid jokes!

Happy Birthday to my favorite eating animal that thinks he is intelligent!


To the one who has finished another lap of 365 I-do-not-know-what-to-dos, you still have 100 laps!

Best Birthday! We have especially not eaten for three days so that we can respect the offers you will give us!

I am afraid that the next 100 years with you will pass just as fast as these! No, I really am afraid!

Even the devil will not accept you for another 100 years at least!

Since you are a danger for the public, we have to keep you with us for another 100 years! Near us!

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Another year of endless projects, sleepless nights and pranking our classmates. Let’s have more fun this year! Wonderful Birthday!

Wishing you more money to pay the tab for dinner; more health, so we can stay up at night longer; more happiness, to do crazy things together. Happy Bday Partner! Stay awesome like me!

As we turn a year older, our energy gets lesser. Cheers to those days where we stay out all night and feel nothing. Happy bday!

Wishing you super speed like Flash, strength like Superman and wealth like Batman. There’s no harm in wishing. Just don’t forget me when you are as rich as Bruce Wayne. Wonderful Birthday.

Today’s generation will never know the joys of receiving a Gameboy, playing the Monopoly or the Scrabble and going to your neighbour’s friends house to chat until late night. I guess we are getting older, huh? At least, we got these wonderful memories and I have not forgotten about it. In case you do forget, I’ll be here to remind you. Funny Best Birthday! Let’s be coolest old people.

You are like a ninja. I feel like getting you a ramen instead of a cake. Wonderful bday! Want some sushi or sashimi?

Happy birthday funny quotes for friends

Birthdays often make us think about the past, present and future. We can’t change the past, I didn’t get you a present, and I can’t predict the future… but happy birthday anyway!

Want to know how I remembered your birthday? I’m your husband and I forgot it once.

They say age is just a number. But they also say that jail is just a room. You’re old! Happy birthday!

Sorry, it’s late! But it’s better that this is late than your period. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who would be dead if we counted in dog years!

Don’t think about being old. Think about how many years the world is lucky to have been graced with your presence. Happy Birthday!

It’s time to start telling people you’re not old, you’re experienced. At what, I don’t know… but Happy Birthday!

Thought about getting you a cake with the number of candles that reflected your true age. I couldn’t find a cake big enough, and didn’t want to run the risk of needing the fire department to blow them all out…

It definitely won’t be cold on your birthday. You will have plenty of candles to keep you warm!

Smile, it’s your birthday! (While you’ve still got all your own teeth!)

People often say good things don’t last long. I guess this makes you a complete badass.

I couldn’t find the perfect gift in the shops when looking to buy you a present. Then I remembered you had me, so I didn’t need to buy you anything. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to someone definitely old enough to know better, but still thinks they’re young enough to still get away with it. (Pro tip: You’re not!)

I did get you a present to go with this card… but my dog ate it.