45 Happy Birthday Ex Boyfriend Wishes

One of the worst moments in your life and the one that will truly break your heart is when you finally break up with your boyfriend, with the person that you have already planned your future with, the one who said he loves you and you believed he meant it.
It is one thing for a friend to betray you and leave you, but when a person so dear to your heart, as a lover does, it leaves you an open wound that can permanently become a scar.
What you can do is to accept that, to stop letting it have power over you and to show your ex, by now, that you have moved on with your life and that you are happy enough that you can send him good wishes on his birthday.
Here are some quotes that can help you do just that and show him you have truly let go.

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, if I ever needed something only you can do, I would still call.

One of the best things that ever came into my life is you and that is saying something, dear.

When you meet someone else and fall for her, I wish that she would be the one, enjoy today!


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Today is your special day and it surprised me that I still remember this tiny detail about you.

I know today is the day of your birth and I wish you well, even if you do not remember me.

Even though we may not be together any longer, what we had mattered as much to me, boy.

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If you’d forgotten me by now, then I guess you never loved me at all, still I hope you have fun.

Even if we have separated, I will always be here for you, okay, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

I will no longer be bitter about life and love because I know one day I will find the right one.

We just weren’t right for each other or it just wasn’t the right time, for now, enjoy your birthday.

What we once had is long gone, we are different persons now so I am giving you my best.

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I hope you have an awesome celebration, one that would not include me, not now, not ever.

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Sometimes, the best relationship is what kills you in the inside but I hope you are okay now.

I will never regret what we had for I was happy for those things, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

Fighting was never in my agenda but it we sure did a lot, I wish we can just celebrate today.

You are a great guy but I guess you were never mine to begin with, hope you enjoy your birthday.

May all of your plans eventually succeed and that you get to enjoy special moments like this.

We have made it through a lot of things except the breakup but I hope you have fun today!

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, I wish I could have made you stayed longer than this, I do wish.


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I knew in my heart it was time to let you go and be happy so happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

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We clicked right on ever since we first met and I will never forget, so just enjoy your birthday!

I wish what we had been stronger than the trials we went through but it’s far over by now.

May all the plans you have work out for you and you find happiness when you least expect it.

Life has thrown us a lot of tests and I am happy that I survived some with you, enjoy today.

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Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, we spent so much time together and they made great memories.

There will always be something to celebrate for and today is the day of your birth, I still know.

Fact is that we still care for each other though we are now apart, so I want to celebrate today.

Your birthday has always been one of the things we look forward to and now here we are.


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What we had was special so I want to thank you and help you to celebrate your biggest day.

Wishing you the best thing in life even if I am not there anymore, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

It sure has been a long time since we broke up and I want to say that I miss you, enjoy today.

I was wondering if you still throw a party on your big day, well, I wish you would have fun too.

Distance has broken what we have apart once but now I just want to tell you to have some fun.

We may not be together anymore but I can still wish you to have the best celebration ever!

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, may you have the happiness of a lifetime and a whole lot more.

Things have been rough for the both of us and I want to tell you that I wish you all the best.


If you ever think that you need me do not hesitate to call and I will be there, enjoy this life!

There are so many moments in life to celebrate and one of them is being a year older, dear.

Keep being amazing and know that I treasure what we had then, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

Sometimes, I still search for you across the room, fully knowing you are not there any longer.

When the time comes that you have finally see past through the anger, I wish you enjoy today.

I used to be the one that hears you out at the end of the day and now I hope you had fun today.

This birthday would mean so much to me if you find it in your heart to forgive me as well, love.


I miss having a companion like you, someone that meant a lot to me, have a happy birthday celebration.

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, I am proud that we are still on friendly terms after it has ended.

You were always the creative one to my organized side, I’m happy to recall your birthday, enjoy!

I was proud to be one of the persons you were in a relationship, so have all the fun this birthday.

Thank you for all the advices that you gave me when I needed them most, enjoy your big day.

It did not work out between the two of us but we managed to be friends, so have fun today!

You are one of the sources of my will and my strength thanks and happy birthday ex-boyfriend.


I know how special this day is to you, now that you will be able to taste some freedom in life.

This day changes a lot in your life, now you are no longer stuck, you can already be flying.

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, you were there for me even after the break up, it means a lot.


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Even though I cannot see you, I do wish that you will enjoy your day and have all the fun.

When things get rough you were there so let me be there for you to celebrate this big day dear.

I shall light some candles of your cake and hold it out so you can blow it and wish upon it.

Glad is what I am to witness the miracle called life, to be able to see you happier than life.


It was such a great thing to have you around, it matters to me, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

I brought you gifts I know you will love to tell you that I still care and that we are just fine.

We may not have been meant to be lovers but friends we are still so let me greet you today.

Let us make a toast to us being friends, to us mattering more to each other than we once did.

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, I wish you nothing else but pure happiness and right choices.

You are shining because you are happy and as much as I hate it, I am actually happy for you.

We made a lot of mistakes during our time together and now we ended apart, still, happy birthday!


You came into my life and made me happy once upon a time so happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

What we had was great and I will always treasure it, now and forever, so enjoy your big day.

You stood by my side when no one else wanted to, it means so much, have fun on this birthday!

Feelings never remain the same but at least friendship can be a constant, this is your day!

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, no one will ever take the place that you have left in my heart.

Even if you do not love me anymore, I still wish you to have a happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

Things will never go the way you want them to, not always but life is just that, enjoy this day.


I want to tell you that a birthday is a celebration of life and that you truly deserve to enjoy it.

May your birthday celebration be blessed because you have always been a kind person, dear.

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, for making me special during the times we were together then.


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Being apart for long has done us some good and I miss being with you, still have a happy day.

You were one of the lessons that are just so hard to remember, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

To my amazing ex, I wish you all the good in life, have fun and try to live a little bit more!

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, I guess our paths do not cross for a long time but I enjoyed it.


I am happy you were born and I will never take it to you why we broke up, so just have fun!

We are not together anymore but maybe we were never meant to happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

You are honest, amazing and there is nothing I would not give to you, for love never fades.

How amazing to think we were lovers once and now we are no longer, still enjoy your birthday!

Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, though you broke my heart into tiny little pieces, I still love you.