55 + Happy Birthday To You

Life is too short.
Make birthdays better than before with these beautiful birthday quotes.
It is never late to make someone feel special on their special day.
So what are you waiting for?
Powerful birthday messages are waiting for you here.

Live your life happy.
Live your life contented.
Live your life selflessly.
For me, that’s the ideal life. Do not make it complicated. Life is simple; you need to eliminate what you think is not important. As for me, life is beautiful. Enjoy every gift of it. Happy Bday!

Honestly, you do not look like your age. You look better. Wonderful Birthday!


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You know you’re getting old when you only want for your birthday is to see your loved ones. Best Birthday, grandma! We wish you good health and better years to come. We love you!

Life is a long way journey; make sure you bring lots energy. Have the courage to face them all. Wonderful Bday!

Who say you are old? Absolutely not! You are bold not old in a good way. Remember, we are not counting years, we are counting blessings. Happy Birthday!

I hope you understand why we cannot stay by your side always. But today, we are glad we made it on your special day. We wish you all the best in this world. We love you and we are praying for your future. Best Bday!

Nothing is nicer than having another birthday. Another year is another blessing. Cheers for more birthdays to come! All I want is for you to be happy. My hugs and kisses are on their way to you. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!

Best Bday! I usually do not give long messages, but when I do I make sure it is worth saying. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Remember, every day is a new beginning. Focus only on what matters. Enjoy and be blessed!

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I know you will receive many gifts on your special day. I hope that you will learn not to count your gifts but the fact that the giver cares for you and that he wants you to be happy. Remember, presence is more important than presents. Always stay humble and kind. Wonderful Bday!

Remember that birthdays are opportunities for us to appreciate what we have in our life. Best things in the world are yet to come. May all your dreams come true. Best Birthday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Smile like every day is your birthday. Happiness is all I want for you. Wonderful Birthday!

The more birthdays you have, the longer you live. May your life be filled with joy, prosperity, and blessings. Cheers on your birthday!

Two things you’ll probably hate about birthdays: getting old and wrinkles. But for me, you still look gorgeous as ever. Happy Bday!


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When you get old, you become stronger. Congratulations for making it to another year. Get ready for another long way journey waiting. Happy Bday!

Happy birthday, my little bundle of joy! I will always be grateful for your life. I am more than happy that God gave me a wonderful gift, and that is YOU. No one can ever compare to a feeling of a mother who successfully gave birth to a wonderful child. I have now more reasons to live. My only wish for your birthday is for you not to get tired of life experiences. Be thankful of your achievements. Make sure you learned from your mistakes and know how to make it better.

No matter how old you are right now, you will always be what you wanted to be. Wonderful Birthday, sweetie!

Do not think of how many years you still have. Enjoy every single day especially your birthday. Remember, you only live once. Make sure you live it to the full. Happy Birthday!

Now and then your look never changed. Best Birthday! Stay young and healthy. God bless you a wonderful life.

Make every moment of your life happy. Avoid negative people. Pray and enjoy! Wonderful Bday!


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Your age get old, but your heart will always remain young. Best Bday! Do not miss all the fun. I wish you happiness and success.

You know you are old if your age is not in the calendar anymore. Forget about the age, focus on what is waiting ahead of you. Best things are always waiting for us. Enjoy and relax. Best Bday!

Birthdays are perfect time to evaluate your past and think of what to do better for the coming years. Make every moment of your life worth living. Another wonderful birthday for you. Cheers and enjoy!

You are not given another year for nothing. It only means that you are not done yet. Always be the best that you can be. Do what you think is right not only for you but for others also. Have a blessed prosperous birthday.


Real awesome people are those who celebrate their birthdays not expecting gift from anyone but are thankful for anything he already has. We are praying for your success in life. Wonderful bday!

No surprises are better than life surprises. A lot of better things are yet to come. Best Birthday!

There are always brand new beginnings as long as you live. For now, pamper yourself and enjoy your celebration. Wonderful Birthday!


You can always feel beautiful even if you are not young anymore. Remember, beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is measured by the heart. Happy Birthday!

You are never too old to watch cartoons, or play computer games, or go out with your friend. Have fun and enjoy life. Happy Bday!

Top 60 Inspirational Birthday Wishes


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I will always love the girl I promise to love all my life even if she is seventy or more. For me, she is as beautiful as the sky, as blooming as the flowers in the garden, and as elegant as the star. Happy Bday, my love!

When you age, some will tell that you cannot do things like how you did it before. I do not believe them. I know you can if you will. Negative mind will only make you weaker. Cheers! Wonderful Birthday!


One key to a happy life is never to compare your life with others life. Live your own and leave them alone. Best Birthday to you!

There are lots of people that are old enough but still act immature. Well, you cannot blame them. You choose how to live your life. Do not forget to smile on your special day. Happy Birthday!

I hope this year you will not stop dreaming to be better than before. Happy Birthday!

The 40 Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Suddenly, you will think how much time left for your life. Well, it is not for us to know. What God only want is for us to live our purpose. Free your mind and enjoy your day! Happiest birthday to the happiest person I’ve ever met.

Blessed are the people who don’t forget to thank God for their birthday. Learn to love everything about life. It is the imperfections that make life more beautiful. Happy Birthday!


Never stop finding your happiness. Every year you get a chance to be as happy as you could ever be. A blessed birthday to you!

As you grow up, you realize how important it is to have real friends. I’m glad I am one of those you considered real. Wonderful Bday!


Listen to what God is saying to you. Sometimes, it is yourself that will deceive you. Better be a good listener. Best Bday to you!

Be ready to answer “How old are you?” questions on your birthday. It is up to you if you will tell the truth or they will tell you the truth. Best Bday!


I am always wrong in guessing age. The one who look young is actually older. The one who look older is so young. What is happening in this world? Well, I hope I guess your age right. Wonderful Bday!

Always give way to others. Maybe it is not actually the right one for you. Wait for your turn, and better will come. Best Birthday!


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Life is sometimes like weather. Now it is freezing cold, now it is raining, but do remember that sun must come up eventually! Happy Birthday!

Do not miss the opportunity to be happy on your birthday. It is not about the cake or the gifts. It is about God’s gift of life. Wonderful Birthday!

The worst feeling in this world is to look older than your age. I’m glad we don’t suffer from this feeling. Happy Birthday!

Your face shines bright like a diamond but you are more than the worth of a diamond. Every year you look better. Happy Bday!


It is never my intention to forget birthday. I just don’t think you age because you don’t look like one. I hope it is never too late to greet you a happy bday.

How many birthday you actually wish for a love life? Well, I think you have to wish again this year. Who knows maybe this year it will be granted. Happy Birthday!

No matter how old we get, our love for each other will always stay young. Wonderful Birthday!

Old face. Young heart. Beautiful soul. That’s how I saw you. Best Birthday!

Your birthday happen far more often than our promotion. It’s okay boss. We still love you. Wonderful Bday!

Because it is your birthday, I will shut my mouth about your age. Best Bday!

I knew life is never been easy for you. That’s why my wish for your birthday is for you to finally experience the good side of life. Better things are coming for you. Let us believe on it. Best Bday!

Forgive all that caused you trouble. Forget all failures. Focus on what is more important. That will bring you genuine happiness. Wonderful Bday!


Do not count your age, count your real friends. Yes, only those real to you. I’m sure that makes you younger. Best Birthday!

The gift of life is the most precious gift you will ever receive. Learn to value it. Just like how you take care of your jewelries. Secured and protected. Wonderful Birthday!

Live the rest of your life without anger. I’m sure it will give you more happiness. Fill it with joy and lots of love. Continue to inspire other. That’s a legacy you will leave in this world. Happy Bday!

Funny Happy birthday to you wishes

What a joy it is to be celebrating another year of you, and here’s to many more to celebrate yet.

With every year of life we are blessed with comes wisdom and adventure, be thankful and celebrate big.

Happy birthday to someone who really helps make life more filled with love, enjoy this day and every day. Wishing you nothing but blessings and peace.

Hoping this birthday this year brings you to a new level, may all your upcoming goals be realized and then some. Love you lots my friend.

Give yourself time to enjoy today, dont be afraid to dream and wish for whatever you want and I hope all those dreams come true for you because nobody is more deserving than you.

May today bring the biggest smile to your face, make a wish, and here’s to many more for you just the same.

To someone who has always made me feel special, I hope you feel loved on this day especially because you mean so muc to me. Happy birthday.

Hope to be blessed to celebrate many more birthdays yet together, my friend.

What is a birthday without a card? So here it is and I hope that you liked it.

One more birthday for the books, may you have a night filled with fun and new experiences. Celebrate the joy of being alive, for all that you have been blessed so far to see.

I hope this is just one of many birthdays to celebrate that you have left to come. Happy birthday.

May this be a chocolate-filled birthday that meets what your sweet tooth needs. Enjoy it.

Spend today doing whatever it is you want, enjoy it to the max, because your birthday only comes around once a year and each one is a true gift.