The 85 Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend Wishes

Your boyfriend’s Birthday is a special event.
You look forward to this the whole year and research ideas to surprise him with the best celebration.
But sometimes, you would find that writing the birthday message on your card or letter can be tricky.
How do you express how much he means to you? How do you tell him you love and cherish him?

Here are some birthday messages to send to the love of your life to express your heartfelt greetings.

You bring the sunlight to my cloudy days, the starlight and moonshine to my nights. You deserve the light of the Universe, on your Birthday and always! Happiest birthday greetings to my boyfriend!

All the Birthday treats combined will never be as sweet as you! Happy Birthday to the most adorable boyfriend in the world!

On your Birthday, I celebrate you as a gift to me. I look forward to making more memories with you. May we commemorate many more milestones together. Happy Birthday, my boyfriend!

Happy Bday, my boyfriend! I can’t wait to celebrate your day. I am thrilled with the ideas and surprises I have prepared just for you. I want to make this the best Birthday of your life.


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I am so blessed to commemorate the natal day of the love of my life. I hope I can bring you more happiness, laughter and love this year and in the years to come. Wonderful Birthday, my boyfriend!

A toast to the best friend, lover, boyfriend and partner any girl would die for. I am so lucky I get to celebrate your Birthday with you. Happy Birthday to my one and only boyfriend!

100 Birthday Wishes

I carve your name in my heart. I hope you know how much I love you—wishing you, my boyfriend, a very Best Birthday!

Yours is my favourite Birthday to celebrate! I wish you more blessings, more adventures and more amazing days: wonderful Bday, my boyfriend, my love.

Every day of the year, I thank heaven that I found you. But today is most special of all. I celebrate you’re coming into the world to be the one great love of my life! Best Bday, my boyfriend.

Your life is a fantastic gift to me. You have brought such joy to my life. You deserve all the blessings to come this year and in the future. Best Bday to my boyfriend!

Happy Birthday to my Husband

I have never been more blessed than I was on the day that I met you. Falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I give you all my love purely – with no wrappings or strings, today and every day of our lives together. I wish you a very Wonderful Bday, my boyfriend!

I would borrow Harry Potter’s wand and broom if only I could, to fly there and be with you on your Birthday. From across the miles, I send you all my love, hugs, and kisses. Feel free to take as many as you want! Happy Birthday, my boyfriend, my dear.

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I never knew love was real until I met you. You have convinced me that forever exists. I look forward to spending every day of my life with you and wishing you all the love I feel and so much more! Best Birthday to my boyfriend!

You have helped make ours the best love story ever written. It is better than all the romantic films I’ve ever watched as a young girl. You are the leading man of my life. Wonderful Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world!

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

We’ve been together for so long, but every time I see you, I get weak in my knees and feel all giddy inside. When I hear your voice, I still feel the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. My heart expands with so much love for you. May we stay in love like this until we age and grow grey hairs together. Happy Bday to the best boyfriend in the world!

You have brought so much joy and meaning to my life. You are the reason I can smile even on my bad days. On your Birthday, I want you to know and feel how special you are to me. Happy Bday, my boyfriend!

As a little girl, I used to fantasize about my prince charming. Growing up, I made a list of all the characteristics of my ideal partner. But meeting you changed all that. I realized I didn’t need a perfect man from my storybooks. I just needed a perfect fit for me. And you’ve proven to me that that man is you. Being with you is the best decision I have ever made. You’re so much more than I ever imagined. Wonderful Birthday to my one and only, my perfect boyfriend!

It doesn’t matter where we eat, what we wear or what we do today. As long as we’re together, we will have the best celebration. Best Birthday, my boyfriend!


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Through the years, our love has proven to outlast any tragedy. We have managed to build a partnership that is strong enough to endure life’s most brutal storms. Wonderful Bday, to my boyfriend, best friend and companion, all rolled into one.

You always make me feel beautiful, unique and loved. On your Birthday, I want to give you this same feeling to let you know how thankful and lucky I am to have you as my boyfriend. Best Bday!

I am sending birthday greetings to my prince charming. Thank you for always standing by me, protecting and loving me. Best Bday from your princess!

I want you to know that every day I get to spend with you is remarkable. But today is most special of all because I get to greet you Happy Birthday, boyfriend!

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As another year adds to your life, I want to add more love, joy, and laughter. Cheers to your Birthday and us celebrating more birthdays together!

Happy Birthday To My Son

On your Birthday, I wish all your dreams would be fulfilled, the way my dreams came true when I met you. Wonderful Bday, my boyfriend.

I would never find the birthday gift to compensate enough for the gift of your unconditional love. Now and then, I still pinch myself that it’s true – I am the luckiest girlfriend on earth because I have you. Best Birthday, my boyfriend!


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Wonderful Birthday, love. May you be like a wine that gets better with age, and may our love ever be the same!

They say age is just a number for when the heart is young; we never grow old. In my eyes, you are as good looking, as sexy and as strong as you were when I first met you. Happy Bday to the most handsome boyfriend in the world!


The best Birthday wish for you that I could think of is the hope that I can make you happier and prouder to be my boyfriend this coming year and in years to follow. Happy Bday, my boyfriend!

I always look forward to your Birthday. It reminds me what a particular person you are. You are the reason I want to celebrate life and love every day. Happy Birthday to my one and only boyfriend!


I first fell in love with you for your cute smile. Now, you are the very reason I smile. Wonderful Birthday, my boyfriend cutie!


I know great boyfriends like you are a rare find. I’m such a lucky girl to have such an extraordinary man. You are a gem, and I love you. Best Birthday, my boyfriend!


To the man who is the reason for my every breath, yet so awesome that he takes my breath away – Wonderful Bday, my boyfriend!

As you slice your birthday cake, know you are a piece of heaven to me. As you blow your candles, trust that my love for you will never go out. Best Bday to the sweetest boyfriend in the world!

May your celebration today be as unique as you, may our love be forever true! Best Bday, my boyfriend and my love!

I met a lot of guys, they all came and went. But you’re the one I won’t ever forget. Wonderful Bday, my boyfriend!


Everything in life has become so special since you came. Thanks for being a part of my world. My wish is that you won’t ever leave. Best Birthday to my boyfriend!

I can’t describe in words how much you mean to me, how I thank you for all your care, trust and belief in me. I honestly cannot imagine a day without you. Wonderful Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world!


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Your place in my heart grows more each passing day. I want to forever be in love with you this way. Happy Bday, my boyfriend!

Even the stars can’t shine as bright in my life as you do. You are the world, the solar system, and the whole Universe to me. Happy Bday to my boyfriend!

Life can be challenging and tomorrow uncertain. But beside you, I know our love can survive it all. You take away my doubts and calm my fears. Happy Birthday to my knight and hero! Happiest greetings to the best boyfriend in the world!

On your special day, I want to reassure you that my love is expansive as the sky, bottomless as the ocean. I would do anything in the world for you. Happy Birthday, my boyfriend!


You are sweeter than my favourite cake, lovelier than my special summer days. You are my favourite best thing in life. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend!

Sometimes when we’re together, I like to fall silent so I can listen to the sound of your heart beating. I still can’t believe it beats for me. Wonderful Birthday, my boyfriend!


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Your Birthday gives me another reason to shower you with surprises, love and kisses. I want to do this every day to show you how I love you. Best Birthday to my boyfriend!

Every love song I know can’t express how much I love you. You are my melody and my rockstar! Wonderful Bday to my rockstar boyfriend!

As we celebrate your Birthday together, let’s promise never to let our love fade. The wind may blow the candlelight out, but our love will always remain. Best Bday, my boyfriend!

Thank you for coming into my life. You have helped me find purpose. Without you, I would still be lonely and incomplete. Best Bday to my boyfriend!

I searched the malls for the best gift for you. Only to find, nothing on sale will ever be as perfect as the gift of your love. I’m glad you gave it to me for free. Wonderful Bday to the sweetest boyfriend in the world!

I know ours is not a perfect relationship. We fight, and we also fall apart. But we always manage to come together and make things right between us. For as long as we try, we can never lose each other. On your special day, I want you to know how grateful I am for what you do to for us, for you never give up on our love. Best Birthday, my boyfriend!

My life would be dark and meaningless without you. I hope you know what colour and light you have brought to my world. I love you dearly. Wonderful Birthday, my boyfriend!

How to wish my boyfriend happy birthday

The times I spent with you was extraordinary. Happy Birthday to the most amazing man I could have ever asked for.

My love for you is more profound than the oceans. Happy Birthday my love!

Times spent with you could never be replaced. Enjoy your special day.

Happy Birthday to my boyfriend looking forward to calling you my husband and spending the rest of my days with you.

You are my peace; you are my strength; thank you for being you. Happy Birthday to you and many more to come.


Happy Birthday to someone who is not only my boyfriend but my best friend. Life without you wouldn’t be the same.

I’m so glad I get to spend this day with you. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. Enjoy your day, dear!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing man ever. I don’t know what I would do without you, and I am not trying to find out. You rock!

Words can’t express how much you mean to me. I hope you get everything your heart desires on your special day. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend ever!

Life without you is impossible. Happy Birthday to the only man who makes my heart smile.

Happy Birthday to the luckiest man alive! I love you, dear!

I’m so happy I get to share this special day with a remarkable man happy birthday, love!

What would I do without you by my side? When you hold me, I feel so protected and safe. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Your smile lights up a room. Your eyes light up my heart. You’re the only one for me. I hope I make your day as unique as you are to me. Happy Birthday to the love of my life