The 105 Selfish Quotes and Messages

One of human nature is to become selfish even once in their life. It is something no one can deny. Whether it is our intention or not, still we come to a point that what we think is all about ourselves. It is not always something bad. What is bad is when we tend to hurt someone just to make us feel good. Here you can find different sayings, quotes, and messages about selfishness. Enjoy reading!

There is always our selfish desire to be always ahead of others. Admit it or not, but we feel bad if that’s not what happens.

We are all selfish when it comes to our love. A little possessive and sometimes insecure.

Being selfish will never make us happy. Yes, it will make us feel better, but not happy.

Let’s not think of the things for ourselves alone. The world does not revolve only around us.


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I am not being selfish. I just learned to put myself first before others.

It is impossible for selfish people to give without expecting something in return.

Why would you think of others if others do not ever think about you?

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Never look down on someone just because you are ahead of them. Remember, nothing is permanent in this world.

I believe all suffering begins with selfish desires.

True happiness comes if you stop thinking about yourselves alone.

Selfishness is when you only remember a friend if you need something from them.

I am used to all their judgment as if they really care, but the truth is they only care about their selves.

No one wants to be friend to someone who only thinks about their selves only.

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A man who only thinks about himself and love only himself are nothing but a selfish man.

Love not only yourself but your neighbor. When times you cannot help yourself, there’s someone else to back you up.

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Give others a chance to experience the same spotlight you have. It is always better to share than to be selfish.

God blesses more a man who shares his blessings but curse a man who thinks only about himself.

No amount of happiness can express the feeling of having someone who puts you his priority than his own self.

Teach your children right, and they will never disappoint you.

Any act of selfishness is not pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

Insecurities, betrayal, and selfishness are the things that will never make you a happy person.

It makes me sad to think that someone can do horrible things to his neighbor just to make himself feel better.


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Selfishness is thinking more of the benefits you will get on helping someone.

No good man will ever betray a friend just to get the things he wanted to acquire.

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True success is determined by how much your people love you. It means you have shown them you care and thinks not only about yourself but for what is good to everyone.

One good example of selfless act is the love of a mother to her children.

Victory is sweeter when you share it to other people.

It is a selfish act to tell your love to stay even if you know she’s not happy anymore. If you really love her, you will let her go and let her find her true happiness.

Forgive anyone who does wrong on you. Don’t you know that it is selfish to stay mad at someone for a long time?


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True love should not involve any selfish act. It is a give and take process, and most of all needs cooperation.

You are selfish to think that you are the most important person in the world where everyone is treated fair and equal.

When you love someone, you will learn to think what’s good for both of you. You don’t think of yourself alone anymore, but for what is good for both.

It is selfish to ask something more than anyone can give.

Learn the importance of knowing what is best for everybody than what is only best for you. This thing will lead you to real happiness.

Keep in mind that this world belongs not only to you but to everybody.


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A man who always share his blessings will receives more than what he could imagine.

One cannot tell what is good for everybody if he sees is only what is best for him.


I am not selfish. I just learned to value myself more than anything else in this world.

Choosing to love myself more is definitely not selfishness.

It is selfish to tell someone to live a life the way you wanted it for them.

One must not always think about others but learn to give more to his self.

You will be happier if you reduce your selfishness. This is a friendly reminder.


What is not yours will never be yours completely. That is just how life goes. We don’t always deserve all the things we wanted.

Our selfish motive can lead us to every evil action a man can ever done in his life.

You become enemy of yourself if you are selfish, greedy, arrogant, and liar.

If you want to be known as someone who is noble, you must not be selfish.

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If there is one thing I dislike the most, it is when someone thinks he is better at everything.


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I really appreciate those people who stay with me even if I am a little bit selfish about everything.

I grew up getting all the things I want. I don’t care about anything; all I damn care is for me to be happy. But I was wrong to think that would make me happy. Real happiness is when you learn to think of others too, aside from yourself.

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I really admire those people who still make someone happy even if they had lots of problem going on.

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Our parents taught us not to be selfish about our time, love, and resources. This is a good example of how we should live our precious life.

Love is selfish by nature, but true love means having less of yourself and more of others.


I will never enter a situation where I will be only an option. I believe I deserve more things that would make me better.

Stop thinking that you are the best because in any way or another there is always someone who is better than you.


To sacrifice is to forget about your own desire and thinks more of what’s good for everyone.

As the eldest to my siblings, I always make sure they get first of everything before me. I believe that is how our parents want me to do.

I usually don’t care about what they say about me, but when I do I make sure it is worth my time. I am practicing how to shake off what is not beneficial to me.

It is never wrong to think more of yourself even once in your life.

My life is my mine. Stop telling me how I should run it.

Your life would be happier if you just stop ruining mine. I don’t see the need to share the story of my life to everybody.

Setting aside your wants to give less fortunate more is a good way to make God smile.

There is more to life than being prisoned with your own selfish desire.


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Having less doesn’t mean you are poor or cannot afford what you want. It is a decision to not acquire everything you want to give others what they want.

You only need to understand your purpose in life and focus on it. No need to worry about others.


Hoping to learn to think about myself more than others. Not to a point of selfishness, but is more like giving myself a favor even once in my life.

I admire how some people can give time to other’s life and at the same time doesn’t lack time for their selves and family.

God did not create us to boast and to get what is not ours. Learn to give, and you will be blessed.

There is no easy way to get over your own selfish desire than prayer and trusted friends.

Know your wants and your needs. Your wants often leads you to become selfish. Your needs will help you grow.

You cannot love others if you cannot love yourself first.

I am not selfish. It is not just my thing to care about others life.

Managing your own life doesn’t make you less of a good person.

Setting aside my wants to make someone happy is until now the thing I never done.

My wish for myself this Christmas is to reduce my selfish attitude. I hope I can do it this time.

With all the joy and happiness it brings in my life, it is really hard for me not to be selfish.

Any selfish action or even just wanting more for you never pleases the Lord.

Just think of how you can make other smile, and you will be happy too. It is not always material things that can put smile on somebody’s face. Sometimes, a little of our time will do.

Anyone with selfish desire will never have a prosperous life.

True success is measured by how many life you’ve touched. Not thinking about the things you will get, but on how much you make other’s life better.


Come and see that life is better if it is shared with others.

I hate the feeling of being left alone when all I did in my life is to think of what is good for them

The sad part of thinking about others first is that you actually forget about yourself.

I hope everyone understand that we have our own life to manage. I do not have enough time to care what yours because I’m too busy with mine.

Never think of me as a selfish person if all I did is to prioritize others need than mine.

I am selfish before but good friends changed me. Thank you for believing me that I can actually change from being selfish to a better person I am right now.

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If we want to live only for ourselves and be selfish day in and day out, then we are soon going to realize that living selfishly is a very lonely way to live.

There is no selfishness in love because to love others you need to think about their needs and attempt to put them occasionally ahead of yourself.

Being selfish is the opposite of sacrifice and giving, and to have a healthy and loving relationship with others requires to be giving in many ways.

Don’t lower your life by focusing only on yourself and your own needs, ignoring the beauty and good that others have to offer .

Being selfish is a quick way to lose loved ones and lose friends, because it’s better to share than to hoard everything for ourselves.

If we are going to fuel our selfish desires then we are quickly going to drive ourselves down a destructive path that isn’t going to care about the needs of anyone else.

Living a selfish life is going to mean that we are living and looking at what we can always get, but sometimes it is much better to try and live and look for what we can give to others.

An act of love is always going to require something, it could be time or money, our ego by choosing to be humble and apologize or forgive, but an act of love will always have a cost. So there is no room for selfishness in love.

Being selfish is a quick way to fuel greed, taking the time to think of others and put others first is going to help to avoid falling into that trap of selfishness.

When we fuel our selfish nature we can fuel a monster, but when we do the opposite and choose giving, then we fuel love.