40 Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

Your cousin is practically your sister with a different mother, and you may think that she is incredible, but that is just because you are almost the same.
Especially if you are of the same year level, you would probably get each other the most, so here is a birthday wish to that beautiful cousin; here are some sample wishes you can use when the words escape you.

We had shared a lot more than memories; we have our secrets too, happy birthday to my beautiful cousin!

There is more to us than just shared DNA and genes, we are family, wonderful birthday to you!

I wish there is something I can do for this birthday of yours today, have a best birthday, cousin!

You are beautiful, my dear cousin, I hope you do not forget that truth, wonderful bday to you!

Let me tell you that the best things in life will come free, just like me, my heartfelt birthday wishes for you!

It is our fate to be cousins but then again we are best friends too, so happy awesome birthday to you!

You are my best friend and nothing can ever set us apart, I love you, cousin, happy wonderful birthday!


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You are the best cousin I ever had, you always make me laugh when I am sad, best birthday!

You are the most intelligent cousin I have and I am always grateful for that, wonderful birthday.

Who needs google when I can just call you and ask you away, happy bday to you, cousin!

I really do not get people who say they hate their cousin when I love mine, happy bday!

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Dear cousin, how do you get so perfect, wonderful birthday to you and have fun today, enjoy!

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You are crazy and that is the best thing about you, dear cousin, happy birthday to you!

You make me want to kill you each time we meet and that is why I love you, best birthday!

The reason why I like you is because we have been through a lot, cousin, wonderful bday!

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You are kind of annoying most of the time but still you are my cousin, best bday to you.

No matter how you treat me, I will still be with you all the same, best bday, my cousin.

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My cousin, the one that I go to whenever I have sister issues, thank you and wonderful bday!

May the heaven above bless you because you have always been kind to me, best birthday!

You were always there when I needed help with my issues, thank you and happy birthday!

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To the girl who never leaves me behind whenever I need her, happy birthday to you, cousin, you are truly one of a kind and I would not exchange you for any other!

I apologize for anything wrong that I have ever done to you but for now, wonderful birthday!

Thank you for making me smile whenever I am feeling down, happy bday to you, cousin!

Dear cousin, you are the best type of cousin a girl like me can ever have, happy bday!

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I just wish that you get to enjoy this day as you grow another year older, wonderful birthday!

Always try to find the easy and the right way in every problem, best birthday, dear cousin.


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Dear cousin, you have given me so much joy in the years to come, wonderful bday to you!

Ever since we were children, you always gave me a hard time, still best bday to you!

You are the person who tells me the truth whether it hurts me or not, best bday to you!

You are my cousin and you are family so let me just tell you that I like you and wonderful bday!

Let me just say this now: I would not be where I am without you, best birthday to you, dear!

You are as lovely as I once imagined you to be, who would have known, wonderful birthday to you!

I am rejoicing because I was given the chance to be your cousin my God, happy birthday!

You are truly one of the best cousins anyone can ever get, happy bday to you, my cousin.

Lose that worry on your face and let me be the one to make you laugh this time, happy bday to you and just enjoy your day today!


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Of course you are going to get older but staying young at heart is hard, happy birthday, dear.

You made me believe that there are things greater far away from today, happy birthday!

When we were kids, you used to be my favorite person, you still are, happy birthday!


Just let me tell you how much I appreciate all the things you did for me, cousin, have fun!

Today, let the whole world know that it is your birthday, wonderful birthday dear cousin.

You must not know but I love the way you make me smile, the way you make me laugh, best birthday dear cousin, please do not change so much over the time.

Things changed, you were not the cousin you were before but I still love you, happy birthday!

You might have changed in appearance but your soul is still the same, wonderful bday, cousin.


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I have loved you for a long time because you are my cousin, blood and soul, happy birthday!

Best bday to you, dear cousin, know that I am happy for you and everything you do.

I would never get in your way of pursuing your dreams so let me just cook best bday!

Today is your birthday, let us celebrate it the way we always do, cousin, wonderful bday!

I wish that there is more I can give to you but that is all I can give for now, best birthday!


There is no purpose in doing things the wrong way, I love you so much happy birthday, cousin!

Dear cousin, whatever happens today, know that I will just be here for you, wonderful birthday!

Today is your day, my cousin, go on an adventure and have the best time, happy bday!

I want to thank you for all the things you did for me back when we were children, happy bday to you and just know that I am willing to do things for you as well.


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I love the way you always speak what is on your mind, wonderful birthday to you, my cousin!

It is so hard to phrase what I want to say so for now, best birthday to you and have fun.

I hope that you enjoy life as much as you try to live a life, happy birthday to you, dear!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

I would give up all that I have if that means I get to spend some time with my favorite cousin.

We surely have not seen each other for a very long time, I miss you, wonderful bday, dear.

Dearest cousin, when are you coming home, we miss you so much, best bday to you!

I just want to greet you a best bday before I decide if I am going to you or wait for you.

For being the best cousin out there, I would love to greet you a wonderful bday, my cousin!


For always helping me with my decisions in life, best birthday to you my dearest cousin.

You have taught me how to choose between two things, I am still thank you so much!

The most important thing in life is the bonds we share with other people, it looks like mine is strong enough to survive whatever happens between us two, wonderful birthday to you!

What would I do or say to make you feel better my cousin, happy bday to you all the same.

I keep thing about you and what I should gift you but it is so hard so for now, happy bday!

I am still in awe of the friendship we once shared together, my cousin, wonderful birthday!

Should you ever want something, just ask me and I will do my best for you, happy birthday!


You deserve the happiest birthday of all and I will try to make that really happen.

You have given me so much advice already, I wish I can give them to you too, best birthday!

You make me feel like I have a purpose in life, thank you and I wish you a wonderful bday.

My cousin is practically my sibling who was taken away from me at birth best bday!

You make people happy just by being yourself, best bday to you my beloved cousin!

For always being awesome, wonderful bday to you my dearest cousin, hope you are happy.

You deserve an amazing birthday, cousin, because you are kind and sweet, happy birthday!


You make me happy just by being you, thank you so much, my cousin, best birthday!

I wish you a happy birthday, keep being yourself and live a very happy life, my cousin.

Love yourself that is the only advice that I can give to you, wonderful birthday to you, cousin!

I care for you and I just thought that you might need to know, happy bday to you.

You can reach your goals and dreams, I believe in you, happy bday to you, cousin!

I am telling you that it is going to be okay, you will get to where you want to be, cousin!

My cousin, believe me when I say that you are going to be successful, wonderful birthday!


Best birthday to you, my dear cousin, I remember how much fun we had back then.

What could have happened if we had not been cousins, I wonder? I am just glad that we are.

I do not know what I would have done if you were not there for me, happy birthday!

You are the best person I know in this world and you deserve to be loved, wonderful bday!

Best bday, cousin, just want to remind you that you are beautiful and awesome!

You are cool enough as you are so there is no need to change yourself, happy birthday!

Best bday, cousin, let me know when you need me and I will be there for you, always and forever, until you do not need me anymore…