Happy 98th Birthday Wishes

May it be your grandma or your grandpa, your mother or father, or some other older adult that you know, greetings for a happy 98th birthday is very important.
You see, you must know how to greet them right.
Just a simple greeting of a happy 98th birthday may not be enough. You need to add in some great wish on the side or a message.
Here are some happy 98th birthday wishes that can help you out if you are not feeling up to it or have no other idea.

You are my best mentor, the one that genuinely cares for me a lot so have a happy 98th birthday!

Mother, you are confident everything to me, for I would not even be here if not for you today.

You are one of the best friends I ever had, Mom, and I am so happy for your big day too!


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I am very grateful for everything you have given to me and sacrificed for me, so happy bday.

My life has been amazing indeed, for you had given me everything I needed, happy bday Mom.

I am just so thankful that you are my mom, so I hope you enjoy this wonderful day right now.

100 Birthday Wishes

Happy 98th birthday to the first teacher I ever had in my entire life: my dear mom.

You are the lifebuoy in my life, and you save me every time I drown. Thank you so much.

Thanks for handling every situation that you help me with, and happy bday to you, mother.

You have always been there to give me your support and have the best bday ever in this life.

For consoling me when I feel so bad about myself, here is a good bday party to help you out.

You should win that best mother award for all that you do for me. Happy 98th birthday!

I wish you some fabulous days filled with good moments and extraordinary happiness right now.

There are a lot of wonders in life, but you are my favourite one, have the best bday party ever.

Happy 13th birthday

Now all you need to do is lie back & enjoy the show I have prepared, want dear Mom.

You turned my once black and white world into a colourful one, and you are an amazing mother!

No one would even dare to replace this spot in my heart, for you are an excellent happy 98th birthday.

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For me, you will always be the brightest colour of the rainbow, have tons of fun now.

Thanks, mom, for being the type of person to teach me right from wrong, happy bday to you.

You made me into this wise woman that I barely even recognize but is proud of; enjoy today.

100+ Happy Birthday Boo Wishes

No role is too significant for you. All I know is that you are one of the best; happy bday.

Happy 98th birthday to the best woman I had ever known in this life of mine; I love you.

Every right thing I do, I dedicate to you for you taught all of them to me; happy bday to you!

Some people might tell you that you do not do enough, but you will always be the best to me.

Growing Up Birthday Quotes

You always taught me what the best things are in life, and so let me give back.

Today, I will try my best to cheer you up and let you see there are still many reasons to live.

I owe you my life and everything in it, so today, please let me wish you all the best; happy bday!

Thank you for the love that you gave me that knows no end, and also, happy 98th birthday!


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What I am, how successful and happy I am are all because you taught me well, happy bday, mom.

You are the woman that I will never be able to let go of & will always love; happy bday to you!

Ma, on your special day, I want to see you smiling and laughing with no end; enjoy your life.

I wish I could always make you smile no matter what happens; you deserve it for all you do.

Happy 98th birthday; thank you for the patience you gave me that never seems to run out.

Forgiving me a ray of sunshine when I was already hopeless, I wish you all the best today!

Your faith in me helped me stand firm every step of the way, happy bday.

I am on my feet right now, standing because you lend me your strength, so enjoy your big day.

What you mean to me is truly priceless; I would not exchange you for anything, happy bday.

You are one angel indeed that has guided me in my whole life, so have a happy 98th birthday, Ma!

Keep laughing like there is no tomorrow and have a lot of fun today, do enjoy your life.


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The energy you gave me truly makes me feel so special; thanks for it all, and do well.

You may look fragile, but I know the truth: how strong and a true fighter you are, enjoy!

Filling me up with energy is what you do every time that you keep smiling; happy bday.

Happy 98th birthday, your endless giving of support to me has genuinely paid of natural well thanks.

All I want is to see your eyes filled with happiness that you may enjoy your big day.

I choose to be with you on your special day so that I can watch you be as happy as you are.

No matter how far I may go away from you, know that I will always be here, Ma; I love you.

You are my definition of home: the home is wherever you are, Mother, enjoy today.

Thank you for being the real hero in my life, Ma; you are the best happy 98th birthday!

To the precious memories the two of us have together, I wish you would enjoy more today.


As I got older, I only learned how to appreciate more of what you are to me; happy bday!

Your hugs make me feel like I am back to being child-like, back to where I belong.

In your loving arms is where I genuinely want to be all-time; I am so grateful to you, dear mom.

Happy 98th birthday, thank you for caring for me like no one else ever had; I love you a lot!

Let us celebrate a life today: yours that is lived truly well; go ahead and get more memories.

Every step of every adventure you spend with me is just one of the best things for me.

I only just realized now that you are indeed one of the people I can’t let go of, happy bday!


Every moment that we spend together warms my heart, so have the best bday ever today.

I promise to always be here for you no matter what, do remember me, happy 98th birthday!

You are terrific & due to that, I wish you would have tons of fun for today as well, girl.

Ma, for all the shouts of encouragement you gave me, thank you and enjoy your big day.


There are no words that can make you feel you are unworthy because you know who you are.

Keep being positive and healthy, and may you have a wonderful day for this very day too.

Happy 98th birthday; there are so many years of happiness for you now, so enjoy it real well.


Thank you for giving me such good genes to live by, and I wish you all the best as well too.

One of the best and the most intelligent women in this world is you, and Ma has the best day ever.

This earth is lucky to have such a wonderful person in this world such as you: enjoy today.

You rock every outfit you wear, so I am happy that you look good even today.

I hope you know that I will always be there for you no matter what, so happy 98th birthday!

I think it is but a miracle that you are looking as young as ever though you are now 98!

How do you do that? How do you maintain to be the person you are? Enjoy today!


What a remarkable woman you are to give birth to all of us, Ma; we wish you a happy bday!

No matter what other people say, we still love you from the bottom of these hearts of ours.

Happy 98th birthday. Thank you for showing me that fairy tales can be accurate in this life too.

Keep living a life that you know is worth every hardship for you make us feel very nice.

For the hope that you gave us when we were struggling with everything, happy bday to you.

There are no better words to express this than I love you, and I thank you so much for it all.

Happy bday to the person who made me feel that I can do all that I want in life if I want to.


Happy 98th birthday; I sincerely wish I could be like you when I grow a bit older.

And though life can seem a bit hard, knowing you will be there makes it lighter, happy bday.

There is much more to life than what you know, and I want to say that I love you a lot, Ma!

When no one would tell you, I would be there to show you that I care a lot for you, Mom.


Believe me when I tell you that you are loved for you are, and I wish you only the best.

May you have tons of happy years ahead of you, for I love you a lot happy 98th birthday!

Happy 98th birthday to the woman who has been with me every step of my journey to today.

Happy 98th birthday to the most caring and incredible woman this world has ever produced.