Good Luck On Your Test Messages

Being a student is just a part of everyone’s life and so are tests and exams.
Here are some quotes to greet your child, your brother, sister, cousin, classmate, or any student studying for their exam. Good luck.
Let them know that tests and exams are just numbers to remove some pressure off their shoulder and so they can excel adequately.

I just know that you are going to ace this exam because you are awesome, good luck to you!

I hope you know how lucky you are to be able to go to school, good luck on your exams!

Exams may be hard but as long as you believe in yourself, I know you can do it.

You just got to keep on studying if you want to be able to move on the next subjects

One of the hardest rivals in your exams is the sleepiness that you will fill, you can fight it.


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Do not be pressured by this exam because believe me or not, it will not define you.

Let no one get to you and tell you that you cannot pass this test because you can.

Work hard and give it your best and surely God will fill up the rest of what you need.

The best way to pass an exam is to study and pray that God will give you wisdom.

The very first test you have is the hardest, then everything else gets a whole lot easier.

Just know that tests are just measure of how much you’ve learned and nothing else.

It is never easy to take a test but eventually you will just get used to it, good luck!

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do it, because you can, good luck on your test!

Good luck on your tests, may you achieve the scores that you desire to get and be happy.

The best way to prepare for an exam is to just keep on studying every day, good luck!

Sometimes, the thing that matters is that you have finished it, not really the results, good luck!

One day you will realize why tests matter so much and why you need to take them, good luck.

After learning about something, you need to be tested to see if something stuck, good luck!

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Just answer what you know and be proud of your results, good luck on this big day of yours.

The best way to stop being nervous is to be prepared for what you will do, good luck!

Just give it your all and eventually things will fall into place and you will be just fine.

Good luck on your tests, may you pass and may you finally get the scores you want.

When you feel stuck in the middle of your exams, just take a deep breathe, good luck!

It is okay to be a little nervous, everyone is like that before exams, good luck to you!

You are going to be alright, just put your worries aside and focus on this, good luck!

That exam is going to be easy if you try to relax a bit and just keep calm, good luck!

Good luck to you on taking that test, have faith and pray and He will help you.

Imagine that I am holding your hand all throughout the test, good luck and do your best.

If you just keep on doing what you do, this test will be easy to you, good luck.

You just need to focus and know that this exam will not define your life, good luck to you.

It is okay to fail, everyone makes mistakes all the time, you will get through this, good luck.

Good luck on your test, just keep in mind that I will be there for you no matter the results.


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Stop thinking about the negative things and just focus on your test, good luck!

The best thing you can do to motivate yourself is just to let it be, good luck on your exam!

A lot of things can go wrong, think about what happens when it goes right, good luck!

All you can really do about exams is to try and get over it as fast as you can, good luck!

You got cut off from the rest of us when you were preparing so do your best, good luck!

As your friend, I just want to tell you good luck on all of your tests this week!

So I am telling you I will give you hugs and kisses if you do well on your tests, good luck!

Your goal should be to finish that exam with flying colors and nothing else, good luck!

Use all that you have, strength and mind alike to pass this test, good luck to you, friend.

I know you are going to be fine with your test, I saw you study for it, good luck, dear.

I wish you all the best in your exam, just treat is as if it’s easy and it will be, good luck!

Forget other people and just focus on your own, you can ace that exam, good luck to you!

Let your hard work do all the talking for you to show the world you can, good luck!


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The ride to passing an exam is not easy but it is definitely worth it, good luck on your exams!

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Let no one try and stop you from doing what you like best, good luck on your tests!

Keep studying and lessen the time spent fooling around, you’ve got this, good luck to you!

Do not let any grades put you down, those are just numbers, you are better, good luck!

If you want to get the admiration of your teachers, just ace every test, good luck on that!

All the best on all of your tests, may you think of all the right answers while you are at that.

Failing an exam means only that you need to get back up and keep fighting, good luck!

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You have worked hard enough for this test, you are not going to fail it, good luck to you!

Relax and just keep calm and you will do okay on your test, believe me right now, good luck.

Exams are more of tests on how your mind is, so just keep cool and do it, good luck!


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Luck changes all the time so just take your exam by heart, I wish you all the best on this test.

The thing about luck is you can be lucky now then unlucky next so just do your best on this test.

Tests are also a great chance to prove to your teacher that you were listening, good luck!

Grab the opportunity of proving what you are really worth and do well, good luck on the test!

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An exam is a chance to do well and show those haters that you are the best, good luck on it!

Getting good grades on an exam is a way to ensure that you have a good future, do your best!

The secret to stop your parents from nagging you is simply to do well in your tests.

Be confident in yourself and forget about everything else because you can do well in this test.

Let go of the stress that the test is bringing you and just answer those questions, good luck!


Each exam is but a stepping stone towards a brighter future so do well, good luck to you!

Every time you can study, do so and it will more likely pay off in the test, good luck on that!


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Even if you fail this one, just know that you can do better and you will on the next, good luck!

Why worry about failing when you haven’t taken your exam yet, give it your best and you will be just fine, good luck on that test!

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Of all I know you have the best memory, I know you will ace this test, good luck to you!

All the best to you and may good luck strike you somehow so you will be okay on the test.

Grab every opportunity that tests present you and be the best you can be, good luck!

Think that nothing can ever come between you and success and nothing will, good luck!

The fate of your grades lie on your exam so just do your best on it, good luck to you!

Believe in yourself and work hard and believe me that you will pass that exam, good luck!

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot pass your tests because you can, good luck!

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Remove all the nervousness you feel before your test so you can do well, good luck to you.

You are going to face storms in the test so go and create rainbows right after, good luck!

Passing your tests will make you feel stronger and confident in yourself, good luck on that.

Forget stressing about your exams, they are surely not worth, it do your best on your tests.

Have faith that you can answer the test and ace it with flying colors and you will, good luck!

Tests are worth the trouble, worth all those sleepless nights so give it your best, good luck!

There is no sure way to pass but to keep on studying hard and just doing your best.

Working hard would not guarantee passing but only increase the chances, good luck!

Do not let your tests determine who you are and who you will be, but still do your best.

Exams do not really measure who you are but what you have learned, good luck on it!


May you not need luck and just have the power to be awesome on this test, good luck!

Be courageous and face those questions waiting to be answered, good luck on this test!

I know that you are stable enough to pass your exams, you can do this, good luck!

Give it your best shot and luck will probably take your side as well, good luck on the test.

You just have to pray hard that you would not forget what you have studied for this test.