Happy 62nd Birthday Wishes

After 61, the next in the series of age involves some happy 62nd birthday wishes that will surely make your special someone or family feel like they are really special to you.
After all, that is what you want, right? To let them know that you did not forget their birthday so you can get some extra points for it and show your love all the same.
There is something about greeting them a happy 62nd birthday that will surely put you on the top of their list, whatever type of good list it is.
Here are some happy 62nd birthday wishes to help you out whatever the case may be.

Lay all your problems with God and never forget to thank Him, happy 62nd birthday, my dear.

I still remember you how can I forget when you were the one who taught me love, happy bday.

Keep on sharing your magic to the world, the magic of your smile, I love you a lot, enjoy life!


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One of the special gifts of heaven is life so go ahead and just enjoy yours, there is more to it.

For me you are that friend that I can never forget, happiest bday to you and enjoy your life.

Friend, you are now old enough to just have so much fun, so go ahead, happy 62nd birthday!

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I think the happiest people are those who never forget just like me and you, enjoy this day too.

For me you are the axis to which my whole world rotates in, even up until today, happy bday.

The whole world can tell you that you are worthless but you know it yourself, what’s the truth.

In the middle of your life you’ll feel sad but do not let it stop you from going where you want.

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There is no one who matters more to me than you do, so go and have a happy 62nd birthday!

The road may be rough and tough but never let it stop you from going where you want to go.

Life as it is, is truly hard but hey it happens to all of us, enjoy life and just keep on smiling too.

May you get the best out of life and be the person you have always wanted to be, enjoy life!

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From this moment forward, I want to be the one to take care of you, happiest bday my mom!

You are one of the few people I can never leave without, I love you and happy 62nd birthday!

Let me give back to you now that I am so much older, I wish you all the best and happy bday.

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Forgive me for all the mistakes I had done in the past, I only want the best for you, my Dad.

Happy 62nd birthday, remember that you are always one of the reasons for my smiles, dear.

Happy bday to you, my dad, thank you for always taking care of me and showing me love.

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There is so much to this life than you know and all that I ask for is that you get to be happy.

Others may lie to you but I can promise you I never will, have a happy birthday, I love you!

There is nothing in the world that can ever replace you in my heart, happy 62nd birthday!

I believe what counts the most in the world is your kindness and understanding, happy bday.

Tomorrow, I will be the one that will stand beside you, all through this life, enjoy your day.

Your big day only comes once a year so we should make the most out of it and have fun too.

When the world tells you that you can’t show them you still can, have a happy 62nd birthday!

There is no one in this world that can ever surpass your place in my life have a good day now.

And tomorrow, when things are not that great, I hope you remember me and enjoy your life.


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To everyone in the world, I want them to know just how I feel for you, so much love and joy.

No one should dare walk out from you, I will be there to back you up, happy 62nd birthday!

Through it all, you are the person who stood by me, now I will stand by you, happiest bday!

There is nothing they can do to make me leave you, you are my savior, I wish you all the best.

For now, just love yourself and remember that things do happen for a reason, so enjoy it too!

Nothing should dare to compare with you, for me you are the best, love, happy 62nd birthday!

No one else in the world can truly be in the same line as you, for me, you are one and only!

For the love of my life, keep on being the person you have always wanted to be, don’t let go.

Hold on to the things that are important to you but do not forget about yourself too, take care.

For all the things that you have done for me until now, I wish you a happy 62nd birthday, girl.

In the middle of life, you get some good and bad things, I hope you do your very best for now.


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I still remember back when we were but little children, look at us now, happy 62nd birthday!

You are still young enough to make a change in the world we live in so keep doing just that.

And they can tell you what to do but it does not mean you should listen, happy bday my dear.

Stop being so tough and stubborn and let me give you some help to throw a good bday party.

One of the things I am thankful I am alive for is to celebrate with you, happy 62nd birthday!

Thank you for all the sweet memories you gave filled with happiness, enjoy your biggest day!

I sincerely believe that you are my forever and all that I want is to be with you right now too.

Being your friend is one of my life’s greatest achievements, I want you to know, happy bday!

On this earth, your smile is still the brightest star in my sky, may you keep enjoying this life.

Happy 62nd birthday, may you keep on being more and more blessed by the heavens above.


You are my piece of heaven in the earth we are in, I can’t help but be happy for your big day.

For everything that the two of us have shared in this life, I thank you and wish you the best.

And the world seems in perfect harmony on your beloved day, have a happy 62nd birthday!

I was there as you struggled thru life and I just have to tell you how happy I truly am, love.

Your candles are increasing and so is your age but those things do not matter so much now.

No matter how old you might get, you are still my favorite person, happy 62nd birthday!

What you need to focus on is what is up ahead, never the things behind you, enjoy today.


You remind me of things I always want to go back to, those happy days, happiest bday!

No one else in the world can make me feel like you do have a really happy 62nd birthday.

Your smile still means everything to me and I want to keep making you smile from here on.


May you have the most prosperous time of your life, go ahead and publish your book soon.

The rest of the world can tell you nothing matters but you do, you matter so much to me.

Forget those haters, we are old enough to not mind what they all say, happy 62nd birthday!

Those candles of yours now are more expensive than your cake, that truly says something.


May you enjoy a great birthday today and that you never tire to be the best you can be, dear.

They may not accept you for you, but just know that I love you, have a happy 62nd birthday!

Birthdays are but blessings that makes us remember the people that we love, enjoy yours now.

Today is your day, let no one take the happiness of this day from you, enjoy it thru and thru.

I was just thinking how you’d be 70 and still happy eight years from this very day happy bday.

No one should dare tell you that you have limits, you do not have them, happy 62nd birthday!

You look gorgeous wearing your old sundress as beautiful as you were back then, enjoy it!


What a long and wonderful journey it has truly been and still I wish you the very best now.

What I want to give you is tons of love and to make you feel appreciate and warm happy bday.

You are the first teacher I ever had in my life, thank you for teaching me the best, happy bday.

Mom, I still believe no one is going to ever be greater than you are to me, I wish you the best.


I do recall how you charmed me with that brain of yours, how you caught me by surprise then.

This is a good day to recall years from now to tell all of your friends about, have a happy day.

I still thank my friends for allowing us to meet just like this every single time, it’s truly dead.


I cannot even start counting the reasons that I want you to be happy, but I really do want it.

I will try my very best to do what I can for your party so just relax and have some fun in it.

There are tons of people who wants nothing but only the best for you, have a happy bday too.

The truth is that you are amazingly attractive and I can’t help but love you, have a good day!

This special day of yours truly means a lot to me and everyone else so have fun during it.

Your party is something to commemorate this special day, go and have fun just as well now.