Happy 69th Birthday Wishes

The year before someone turns seventy is truly a miracle, a blessing in disguise.
There is so much more to it than what meets the eye.
It is a time that is worth celebrating.
If you have someone turning sixty-nine real soon, have you had your happy 69th birthday greeting prepared for already? If not, you might be in trouble, so go ahead and load yourself up with happy 69th birthday wishes, which will surely be a good deal for you.
Here are some happy 69th birthday greetings that will surely save you the trouble of conjuring the words yourself now.

Happy 69th birthday; love means being there with each other through it all. Enjoy your day.

Big brother, you are now sixty-nine; I wish you more years and happiness for it as well; enjoy.

There is nothing better than having things go with the flow, and I hope your bday goes smoothly.


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Wishing you so much success in this year up to the next, remember that I am always here too.

This is telling you we have been through a lot, my dear, have a happy 69th birthday now.

Do not tell me you are sad for there are so many things to be happy about, like your birthday!

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You are the type of person that does not need an introduction, so have a happy birthday too!

It has been so many years since we last saw each other, but it’s your birthday today, my sister!

No matter what happens in your life, it is time to set things aside and focus on yourself.

When I hear the word world, your name is the one popping in my mind, happy 69th birthday!

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I hope you feel this love that I have for you. May you enjoy the many more years to come.

Mom, thank you for always taking care of my siblings and me, wishing you the best for today.

Your bday is one of the happiest moments in this life, and I can’t help but be happy for you too.

No one else seems to matter to me, but you have a happy 69th birthday; you are the best for me.

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I bet you can outlive every one of us if you want to go ahead and have more bday to go.

You should keep your cheerful attitude and be grateful for everything in this world, enjoy it!

And the world will try to tell you that you suck, but I won’t. I love you and have a happy bday.

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I wish that you could see just how many blessings you have already, have a good bday.

In a world where everyone is on their own, we are lucky to be in love, happy 69th birthday!

Celebrate the small and simple things in your life, but be grand at times, like your birthday.

You are loved, and somehow that should be enough; I’m counting on you to do just that today.

My sweet lady, who would say you are 69 when you look like a 35-year-old woman now?

Happy 69th birthday; I’m still the one that greets you first thing in the morning, am I right?

One more year to seventy, but you look so fresh and youthful; well, have a good day right now.

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Remember the things that matter the most in your life, and you will be just fine; enjoy today.

Your bday is something to be grateful and happy for, and so you should have a good bday too.

May you have unlimited pleasures you can only get from the blessings from God; happy day.

The nuances that we shared are the ones I look forward to; happy 69th birthday.

May the end of your special day be as good as how it started, remember me and enjoy today.


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It would help if you bent at times to live that is a golden rule to follow I’m sure you know, happy bday.

Your superpower lies in your heart alone, and that is the best thing that I know, happy bday!

For now, greetings to you on your 69th bday; I shall give you your gift later, my dearest Mom.

Happy 69th birthday, I can never give back to you the way you did to me, but I will try.

Dad, you are always going to be my number one superhero, and that should say something!

No one else in the world has the power you have, your kindness and sweetness, my Mom.

I can’t be happier that you are my mother, have the best bday ever and have a blast as well.

Believe me when I say that you are why I try things so much. Happy 69th birthday!

We should celebrate today, for it is your day, the day a hero was born sixty-nine years ago.

And in the middle of the chaos, that is life, you stood out, and that says a lot about you, love.

I try so hard because of you, that is the truth of it, believe me, ok, have a happy 69th birthday!


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I cannot see anyone else but you when you walk into any room; still, happy 69th birthday!

How can I just let this day go without a celebration? We should have tons of fun, too!

I have seen so much of you, and I can only wish that you are here, have a happy bday today!

The people around you are happy that you are here, so you should also enjoy life.

Smile, give to people, and it will come back to you a hundredfold; always keep being happy now.

I hope you remain the same way you have been in the past 68 years; happy 69th birthday, dear.

Your bday is that one occasion that everyone loves for you is one of the best people here.

The world is lucky to be graced by your presence, have a happy bday and enjoy today too.

To me, you are even better than Superman and spiderman, and you are the best; happy bday, dad!

You have contributed so much to the person I have become now; thank you and enjoy today!


Happy 69th birthday, my king, the one that I have been ruling the household with ever since.

Today is your big day, and I hope you realize that you are one of the best happy bdays, ok?

There is nothing to fear, and you have to tell yourself that things will be alright, dad.

Daddy, do not worry about anything, focus on having fun, you deserve that, enjoy life!

My king, happy 69th birthday; you are the reason I am still sane despite a dozen children now.

You should start your special day with a blast, and I will throw you the best bday party ever made.

Thank you for constantly waking me up with a smile, have a happy bday and enjoy it, my mother.


I am here telling you just how much I respect and love you; happy bday to you now!

The beauty of this life is simply that family is there for you all the time, have a happy bday too.

Thank you for always cheering me up when I was feeling down, have a happy 69th birthday!


You are one of the best people I know, and you truly deserve to be happy, enjoy your big day.

I am more than determined to make you feel happy today so focus on yourself for now.

I will try my best for you to be proud of me, and that is my gift for you on your bday today, Ma.

Let us keep on looking forward to a beautiful birthday, and you are one fabulous person, Dad!


I know you are the love of my life simply by looking at your lovely face, happy 69th birthday!

May you have a hundred more celebrations to come, you deserve to live longer, that’s true!

And when life tells you that you can’t do it, remember that you can, have a good life now, ok?

Having you for a mother was the best thing I ever received from God; happy bday to you now.

You deserve a party filled with laughter and love, have a happy bday now; I love you a lot too.

Your beautiful voice is really what caught my attention. Those sharp notes, happy 69th birthday!

For God loved the world so much that He gave you to it, have a happy bday now, my mother!


I wish nothing but for you to have a lot of time to rest now that you are 68. Enjoy today as well.

You are the cherry right at the top of my ice cream; I wish you nothing but wish you a happy day.

Sending you tons of love for your big day, go ahead and do whatever it is your heart desires.

And nothing else in the world seems to matter but you, so enjoy a happy 69th birthday now.

Today, you are the only person for me in the world, so please keep being happy now.

You are the type of person who makes me feel I am alive. Thank you, and have a good day too.

There are so many reasons to be happy, and I am because you are, enjoy your special day!


I wish you would always tell me that I can do it like you used to, happy bday you can do it too.

May you eat with gusto and go ahead and sing loudly, you never lose yourself, happy bday!

Happy 69th birthday, for there, is nothing more fun than being with you all this time, so thank you.


Dance wildly if you still can, and let us party until we drop; you should celebrate your big day.

You are the royalty today, for it is your bday so go ahead & have the best thing you want.

No one in the world dances more beautiful than you do, and I’m proud of you; happy bday!