Happy 86th Birthday Wishes

Each year passes by, and you are getting closer and closer to 90.
Well, there is not anything wrong with that.
After all, the more years you have in this world, the more things you can do.
See, there is more to this life than what you know, so you might as well find the time to remember other people.
Should you remember anyone who might be celebrating their birthday today, greet them with a happy 86th birthday.
To help you out, here are some happy 86th birthday wishes that will surely give you an idea on how to greet someone special to you!

To the one who always told me she was proud of me, I am grateful; happy bday to you, Mom.

You wrapped me in your arms, especially when I failed, so now I will cover my arm around you.

Happy 86th birthday; I sure wish that we can see part today with friends as we celebrate tonight.


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I may not be able to solve any problems, but do let me help out the way I can, dear Dad.

You handled all the problems of our family for countless years, and now I will relax, Mommy!

You worked your butt off just so we can have good food and life. Happy bday to you, Daddy.

Be thankful you received a special gift from God today, of 86 years too. Happy 86th birthday!

Friends have always been there to keep you happy as I am for you now. Enjoy your day too.

The world is too big to mind your enemies, focus more on yourself now, enjoy your bday too.

With this life comes a lot of responsibilities & you did well have the best bday ever now.

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Stop counting your years after this and just smile when they ask you happy 86th birthday!

I hope this gift of friendship may be the best you will ever receive; enjoy your life along too.

Nourish your talent you deserve to and enjoy your life as well, have the happiest time too.

You are old enough to make bad decisions that will not matter a lot, come party up your life.

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Stop thinking you only grow older with time, and you get wiser instead, have a happy 86th birthday!

Being friends with you has opened my eyes to so many things. I am happy for you; enjoy today.

You kept all the secrets I told you for the longest time, thanks for doing that, happy bday too!

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Hey, it’s you, a friend that I have always had; I am happy for you. Enjoy your special day now.

We were to buy in growing up, but maybe today is the right one, have a happy 86th birthday.

I am glad we are celebrating your bday, it means I have an excuse to have some fun out with you.

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When I think about everything we have done in the past, I can’t be any prouder, dear.

At 86, you are still as strong as a cow. What a wonder you genuinely are, enjoy your special day.

Thank you for staying humbly beside me even after all we had encountered. Enjoy this day too.

Happy 86th birthday. I bet that you count your years to be 86 when you only lived around 10.

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May the blessings of the Lord go with you wherever you may be, have a lot of fun for today!

This day is special for you, and as your friend, I would not miss it ever now.

I bet you would not have been able to get through anything if not for me; kidding, happy bday!

I may not be able to help out a lot, but I promise you that I will try; enjoy your special day.


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The secret to staying so young looking is to stay happy all the time happy 86th birthday!

When I look back at the past that we had been in, I can’t help but smile at you, thank you a lot.

If you ever feel that you need me then just keep in touch with me, I will be there, whenever.

You need to lighten up and celebrate this life, no one else is going to do it for you right now.

Happy 86th birthday you still have the ability to make people look at you, as if entranced by it.

Everything is already with you, all you need now is a good smile and some rest, happy bday!

It’s your big day so I suggest that you go all out and fill the room with party stuff, right now.

There have been embarrassing moments shared between us, only us would now, happy bday.

Your voice is melodious I remember it now here is to you & your career happy 86th birthday.

The thing I love the most about you is that you lighten up the room every time, happy bday!

I am so excited for you that you are celebrating your 86th bday, I can’t be any happier now.


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If you want more drinks to get drunk, do not hesitate to ask, go and enjoy this time of life.

Happy 86th birthday, thank you for letting me be part of your life, something greater than me.

Do you hear my heart beating, well as long as it does you will never have to be by yourself.

Thanks for letting me crash in your house years ago, this is me telling you a happy bday too.

You are filled with cheerfulness and pixie dust, have the best bday ever, enjoy it as well now.

I am sending you some wine in hopes that it will make you feel better happy 86th birthday!

May this day be filled with coolness and sassiness you have always loved, enjoy your big day.

You know what you need? You should have some great food with exquisite music, happy bday!

I bet today is going to be one of those epic days you would never get to forget, enjoy your day.

No one could have ask a more perfect day than yours, so go and enjoy that bright sun now.


Happy 86th birthday, I learned that life is gonna give surprises so be ready for them too.

My wish is that you will stop embarrassing yourself in public, kidding, just stay happy now.

I apologize if there has been anything bad exchanged between us, I wish you the best bday.

You are one of the quietest people that I know in the world, come and be loud for today too.

You are thirty years older than me and yet I never felt that way with you happy 86th birthday!

Dinner should be on me since it is your special day so do not worry about a single thing now.

You have live a wonderful life, that you did, have the best bday ever, I wish you the best too.


Have some fun in your bones and remind yourself it is okay to cry, you are gonna be okay.

I think talking about age may just be a bit foolish but it doesn’t stop me, happy 86th birthday!

I bet this bday of yours is gonna be wonderful, I can see it in my head, have a great bday too.


Today, let you wings spread so you can fly out in the open like you’ve always dreamt of now.

This day should be good for you and so I will leave it to you to enjoy it a whole lot more now.

I will do my best to go and treat you rightly so that you can enjoy a great bday, enjoy it well.

Everyone else is too much of this & that, do not worry to be perfect now happy 86th birthday!


You have a home right here with me so never hesitate to ask anything, have a happy bday too.

This day is certainly amazing, I just have to say that you are lucky indeed, enjoy your day!

You ain’t just getting older but getting more XP as well so do enjoy it and have fun as well.

Wow, what an amazing sight you are at the age of 86, have the best bday to you, enjoy it well.

Fine lines may be some sign of aging but your face is still charming too happy 86th birthday!

Make use of the talents God has given you, do not give them up to old age, conquer the world.

When I met you, I never knew that you would be this important to me, happy bday to you now.


You are a gift and I sure am glad I opened you up, have the best bday in your life for this year.

I wish I can bring everyone I know to meet you, my bestie, have a really happy 86th birthday!

Like a birthday present, you were given to me, I give myself to you too, happy bday to you!

If only you know how important you have always been to me, have the best bday for today too.

I may not be that great of a friend but I do appreciate you, I wish you’d enjoy this day today.

Happy 86th birthday, everyone else feels like they have never seen a woman before today too.

It is the quality of the friends that you have that truly matters especially at your age right now.


The bday of my close friend is today & that friend is you, have the greatest birthday ever now.

Truly, there is not much I can say but that I savor every moment we spend together, enjoy it.

Whenever I see you, I know just how amazing life is going to be so go & enjoy a lot too, dear.


I never forget a single thing you’ve said to me for I care for you so much happy 86th birthday!

You are my sister both in blood as well as in closeness, may you have a wonderful day today!

You made me part of the best friendship there ever was, thank you and happy bday to you!

Happy 86th birthday, I do remember your bday coz it is an important day for me too, my dear.