Happy 87th Birthday Wishes

When your grandmother or grandfather turns 87, that is something to be thankful for, that is something to be celebrated.
There are a lot of reasons to celebrate and birthdays should always be one of them.
Greet them a happy 87th birthday and thank them for staying alive after all this time.
Celebrate life and tell them that you wish them all the best.
Say all your greetings and messages as well.
If you are having trouble in forming your message, here are some happy 87th birthday wishes to help you out.

Thank you for all the times you picked my side and stuck with me happy 87th birthday to you!

You are the best grandpa anyone can ever ask for so I hope you celebrate today with a smile.

As a person, you are really great up to the point that you made me feel like we are but friends.


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Thank you for being good to me and to everyone else in the family, have the best bday as well.

Happy 87th birthday, there are thousands of reasons to celebrate today but your bday is one!

I do wish that this day of yours would be as fantastic as ever to you just like the ones before.

You are an awesome grandma and what more can I wish you than to be extraordinary too?

There is something so special about my grandma that makes everyone fall in love happy bday!

To the most special lady here in my heart, I hope you have the best day ever, enjoy it well too!

For all the love you gave me especially when I was a kid, I wish you a happy 87th birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday

Growing up, I hope to be at least half the woman you are, grandma, happiest bday to you too.

My idol and role model, the one who picked me up when I felt down, I wish you a happy bday.

I can only consider myself a success if I grow up to be just like you so have the best day ever.

You deserve all the love there is in this world, grandma, happy 87th birthday to you, enjoy it!

Happy 13th Birthday

You showed me & taught me how to be kind, love people without strings, happy bday granny.

The person that I have been today is all because you raised me like your own, happy bday!

What you deserve is a lot of love and great happiness in this life for you are awesome granny.

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To the woman who gave me all the love she had in her heart, I wish her the best bday ever.

There is no one else I can confide my secrets to but you, grandpa, so happy 87th birthday now.

Your pies are still my favorite food for comfort, you make the best of them still, happy bday!

Happy Birthday Crazy Sister Wishes

I wish I can have some of the cookies you used to give me back then, have the best day today!

Thanks for letting me confide in you when I had no one else, happiest bday to you, grandma.

Happy 87th birthday may the Lord bless you for you were always so kind to me, all time too.

In the end, you loved me and that is what made me realize that I am not alone, happy bday.

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You have always been so supportive of me and that is why I loved you so much, happy bday!

To the most charming woman this world ever has, I wish you all the best this life can offer.

The world is beautiful & I can see that exactly in your eyes, thank you for everything enjoy!

When no one else would tell you what is happening, I will give it to you happy 87th birthday.


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For me, you will always be the best, enjoy this life and put your worries to rest too, grandma.

My treasure is you and it has always been you all along, you are a pearl in the sea, grandpa.

For always giving me things, making me feel like a part of bigger things happy bday to you.

May you have a longer stay in this world for you truly deserve to enjoy it happy 87th birthday.

Thanks for trying so hard just to make me feel at home you are where my heart is enjoy today.

When no one else would give you anything, I’ll give you my all, have the best day of your life.

No one else knows me quite like you do so for now, just enjoy what it is that is given to you!

Just call me if you ever need someone to talk to, I will gladly come, have the best day ever too.

I don’t know what my life would be now if we did not spend time together happy 87th birthday!

I look at your wrinkles & see them as a sign to how great you look even time after time, really.

You look like you always do: homely and lovely, you are really the best, enjoy this big day too.


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Until now, I never knew how much I really do care for you but have the best day of your life!

One of the reasons that I am happy is because of you so have a great day happy 87th birthday!

I think that each wrinkle on your face describes one journey you had been in, enjoy your day!

Even at 87, you are still as fabulous as you have always been so go and enjoy your day now.

I look into those eyes of yours and I see our resemblance, hoped you gave me more, enjoy too.

You have all the blessings of the Lord simply coz you are kind and giving happy 87th birthday.

If I can inherit any quality of yours, I would love your innate kindness, have the best day ever.

The matches in between us are too many and still I believe that your wisdom tides me greatly.

That big heart of yours is what makes you so special and ear to me, happiest bday to you now.

Granny this life is the best because you are in it, may you spare me some more years too now!


I wish that I can get to spend more time with you just like back then too happy 87th birthday.

It is the grace that came with your maturity that added so much beauty to you, happiest bday.

Your personality truly brings out the best that is inside of you, may you have a great day now.

I wish that I can have your attitude and your wisdom, do enjoy your day and love this life too.

All the stars seem to collide simply coz you are one of the best as well happy 87th birthday!

In this life, there is only one you and that is why you are simply the best, enjoy your big day.

There is never a day when I do not want to visit you, so do have a lot of fun and just enjoy.


The epitome of being kind & giving is you may there be many more years you have in this life.

You need no luxury to show off your beauty, you are simply beautiful so do enjoy your day.

Happy 87th birthday, how do you keep on being one of the best people in this life of mine too?

Your face is the most beautiful for me no matter what others try to say, have the best bday too.


You are extraordinarily good, a rare find indeed, a gem that is hidden by years, happy bday!

All I can give you now is a hug and a kiss but I do hope that is enough, my dearest grandma.

Where there is love there is also tons of reasons to be happy thank you & happy 87th birthday!


Never have I felt alone in my years in the world for you made sure to stay beside me, enjoy it.

For me you are the best companion I had ever had so do enjoy your special day right now too.

You gave me strength when no one else would support me, may you have the best day today.

I wish that you would find all that you need in life and still crave to live, happy bday grandpa.

You should blow all these candles on your cake right now & celebrate a happy 87th birthday.

You were always an inventor at heart, this time let me continue on your legacy, happy bday!

You are the best person to come to when I needed advise, so thanks and happy bday as well.


I felt like the best kid simply because you are amazing, I love you a lot, enjoy your bday too!

What you think matters, matters to me a lot to for you are my inspiration happy 87th birthday!

You never made me feel like my opinion do not matter and for that alone I thank you so much.

You always did your best to reach out to me so just have the best day ever right now, enjoy it!

I am truly grateful to you for always being there for me, grandma, you are the best ever in life.

You taught me lessons that I would never learn from school, you are the best for me, enjoy!

No matter what others think, you are the best grandma for me so enjoy a happy 87th birthday.


I feel like I am the richest person in this world coz I have someone like you in it, enjoy today.

I look at your face and I see someone who knows what happiness is, I am glad you are happy.

All these time, you have just been hiding behind the shadows, supporting me all you can too.

All I wish for you right now would be good health, you need nothing else happy 87th birthday!


For me, having you as my grandpa is the best gift I have ever received, so do enjoy your day.

Make a wish and I will make sure that it will come true, so for now, have the best bday too.

Happy 87th birthday and thank you for always listening to me when I need someone to talk to.