Happy 71st Birthday Wishes

Every day people have their birthdays, if it so happens that someone that you know is turning 71, this should be a good time to greet them a happy 71st birthday.
There are so many ways to greet that person, so many messages that you can use to let that person know that you thought of them, that you are happy for them and that you remembered their birthday.
Here are some happy 71st birthday wishes that you can use for that occasion.

Start making the remaining years of your life count from now on, have a happy 71st birthday!

It is a special day, and you should keep enjoying every second that you see into it now, girl.

Happy bday, and I hope you know you are the most beautiful person in this life.


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Keep yourself surrounded by the ones that love you the most; happiest bday to you, my love.

Happy 71st birthday; you can do so many things right now if you start doing them.

To the one who loves you most and adores you, I wish you all the best, happiest birthday.

100 Happy Birthday

I wished you would have a lot of happiness and joy on this same birthday of yours, Mom.

Your dreams genuinely shine when you want them the most, have a happy bday to you, my Daddy.

No matter how old you may get, remember that your soul is the same. Happy 71st birthday!

The stars in the sky, especially at night, are brilliant, just like you are; happy bday to you, girl.

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May you have the most special bday as well; I love you the most too.

May this year outdo the last year’s and have the most beautiful bday now, my dear.

Happy 71st birthday; the more candles on your cake, the older you are, my dear.

Make the most out of the day you were given, your special day that is truly amazing, love.

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Do not stop being happy just because you are getting older; instead, be happier for it. Happy bday!

Hey, you can now do everything you have done, but do not do anything I won’t do!

All that I wish in this life would be that I can be there for your big day, love.

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It may be a bit hard to know what age you are now but hey, celebrate your day as well.

The age you are no does not matter; you’re happy does; happy 71st birthday!

Maybe we should have an early celeb of your bday as well so you can have tons of fun now.

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From me to you, I wish you would have the most beautiful bday this time, my dearest love.

Celebrating your day earlier is my way of showing you just how special you indeed are to me.

The years of experience that counts in this life remember it & have a happy 71st birthday!

I was so excited for this big day of yours that I can’t help but give you this early greeting now.

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes

To the friend that will always have a great place in this heart of mine, I wish you a great day.

I am just thrilled that I am lucky enough to have a friend like you, greetings to your day.

Happy 71st birthday. There are some things that you can only relate to when you are older too.

Nothing for you but happiness is all that wish; happy bday to you, expecting only the best now.


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You are the best friend I ever have & I want you to know that what you are is truly yourself.

I have tried repeatedly to tell you that you are unique so tell me that; happy bday!

Happiness is the reward, and I think you, of all people, deserve it; happy 71st birthday!

And in the end, what matters is the journey you took to get here to where you are now.

You look genuinely excellent whenever you smile, so never lose your smile and celebrate your day.

Thank you for being the friend that you have always been, thanks and happiest bday to you!

Happy 71st birthday to the woman that has always been loving and caring to me most, Mom!

I wish you get to be as happy as you are now; happy bday and let me love you.

Here are tons of hugs and kisses for you, all virtual but hoping they’ll be real soon; enjoy!

Your special day deserves a special gift, and I know just the one that you will surely love too.

You deserve a day full of happiness and cheer, so have a pleased 71st birthday!


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Have a fantastic celebration filled with laughter, happiest bday and I wish you all the best.

Happy 71st birthday; I wish that this day would be your best one so far as well now.

Your good heart is what matters to me, and I hope you will be happy too, and; enjoy too.

As diamonds are precious, so are you, have the best time and wishing you so much happiness.

You tried so hard to be where you are right now, so I am happy for you; happiest birthday!

Do the things in this life that makes you happy, ok, remember that and happy 71st birthday!

They say good friends are there for each other all the time so remember I will be here for you.

You are the best type of friend anyone can ever have, so I am happy, happiest birthday now.

Important, that is what you indeed are to me, so happy bday and may you be pleased too.

Happy 71st birthday. From the bottom of this heart of mine, I am wishing you all the best too.


You are the one that I treasure the most in this world, so let me wish you a happy bday too!

I searched the oceans for a friend like you and found no one else. Have a happy bday now.

My life would not be this happy if not for you, so have the most beautiful bday right now.

I wish you a happy 71st birthday, the best that you will ever get to have.

Today, all that I wish is that you can be happy and forever be the best person ever.

For the someone in my life who always offers a hand whenever I need it, happiest birthday to you.

Though this life may have so many bad times, you gave me well as well; happy bday, my dear.


Happy 71st birthday. Go blow all your candles out and celebrate the day you were born today.

You are my friend through and through, and no one is quite like you as well now.

For the good times and the bad days in this life, you are the one that makes me happy.

You are a remarkable person, and I wish that your dreams would come true for this bday too.

May this 71st bday of yours be the one that you will never forget, for I will try to make it good.

To find myself stuck with a person as good as you are, I am thankful for the Lord God.

Make that special wish and try out some of your cake now too, happy 71st birthday to you, girl.


Inside this circle that is our friendship, I can’t help but be happy; I wish you a happy bday too.

I will never lose track of this special day of yours no matter where I may be; happy bday now.

May you forgive me for not always being there in the past; let me make it up to you from now.

Happy 71st birthday, may every single wish you have finally come true in this life you have.


I hope that God will bless you with the wonders that only you can have, enjoy and have fun!

I will always keep praying that you may have tons of fun and blessings for your special day!

You are a blessing to all the people who know you; happiest birthday to you just as well.

From heaven, you have come down, an angel blessing us with grace; happy bday to you now.

All the presents in the world are not enough, and I wish you a happy 71st birthday, girl.


Precious is what you indeed are, and I am happy to be a part of your life, my friend.

I think of all the good moments we have had and shared, and I can’t thank you enough for it.

To the one person who holds my heart dear, I wish you all the best and have the happiest birthday.


I am wishing you tons of happiness, that you may keep on being prosperous, enjoy your life.

May your health be good and that you will have lots of love from the world as a well happy day.

For old times sake, I wish you would enjoy your life and have a happy 71st birthday.

The most memorable gift you can ever receive is the gift of love, and I hope you get that as well.


This moment is something to treasure, something that you must give importance to, happy bday.

And the world will try and tell you how old you are, but woman, you are still young at 71!

Here are more cakes and gifts just for you, open it all as you blow your candles true, my lady.

There isn’t enough money in the world to make you happy, and your happiness is truly priceless.

Happy 71st birthday; enjoy every minute of your day ok; I wish you the best.

The world will always be the one that is special; I wish you all the best, for now, happy bday.