Happy 48th Birthday Wishes

Turning 48 will make you feel older and give you a hard time getting up from bed in the morning.
However, you are still you and there is nothing that should stop you from living your life.
It is yours to take and yours to make.
You may feel like you are not comfortable in your skin so help out those who are turning 48 as well by greeting them a happy birthday.
Here are some happy 48th birthday wishes that will surely make their sour faces smile throughout their day.

I want to congratulate you for reaching this age happy 48th birthday to you, my dearest friend.

I tried searching for the right gift and still kept on failing at it, I hope you like this last one.

There are so many things I want to tell you but so little time, I hope this gift says it all for me.


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I am wishing you nothing but success, good health and a love that will last you for a lifetime.

Times will be tough at times but you just have to keep on going, that is the way it must be now.

Happy 48th birthday, may you always find time to celebrate the day you were born, like today.

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There will be some time when you want to give up but you need to keep going, happy birthday.

I offer you all of my love, with hopes that you will absorb some and live a happier life for now.

There is something about the way you talk that makes me want to listen, have a great bday!

There is so much of the world you have yet to see and to explore so go, happy 48th birthday!

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

You were always a tidy person so I sure hope that you will like this gift that I have for you.

There ain’t nothing I do not adore about you so I am wishing you will have a happy bday now.

You go ahead and have the time of your life you deserve it and I want you to have it today too.

I am telling you that I wish you a happy 48th birthday and that you may be healthy for long.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

What you can do is get up there and show the world what you can do you’ll get there just fine.

I believe in you and I know one day you will get to where you want to be at, happy bday, girl!

You are not getting any younger but your will is still as strong, enjoy your special day now.

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Happy 48th birthday, may you keep being as successful as you are now, and work harder too.

It is always going to be you and me, happy 48th birthday to my loveliest soulmate here, you.

You belong to a world filled with happiness, to a world filled with smiles, find that world now.

40 Happy Birthday Angel Wishes

There is something special and unique about you that makes me want to tell you happy bday!

It is not easy to be you, I am quite sure of that, the struggles you face but you will be just fine!

You are the best friend I never had and I just want you to know I wish a happy 48th birthday!

Trust in who you are and the rest of the world will follow suit, happiest bday to you, darling.

There will be times when it will take you a moment to catch up with things but you will, babe.

There is nothing better in the world than someone who will greet you happy bday at 12 am.

In the middle of this world, I found you now so I hope you have a really happy 48th birthday.

I forgot how old you are, let us stop counting and just keep on celebrating life, do you agree?

I would not tell people you are 48, I swear, it will be our little secret, so let’s have some fun!

Do you really turn 48 today, you look like a 47 year old to me, have the happiest birthday!

Just coz you look cold outside does not mean you are not warm inside, happy 48th birthday!


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You are now a grown up and so you can make decisions for yourself, have a good time now.

You got me, I want you to know that you are an amusing person indeed, have a happy day!

It is not too late to bring some changes into your life, go ahead and grab for it, you can do it.

You go and have a happy 48th birthday and show them haters that you really means business.

There is always going to be a chance for happy ever after you can start on your birthday now.

I put all of my trust in you and that you will never stray from your goals, have a good bday!

My dear, you are one of the brightest stars I have ever seen, I wish you all the best in the now.

Who would have thought you would become a wonderful woman, it is now your 48th birthday!

You deserve to be happy so go ahead and celebrate, happy 48th birthday, all the best to you!

Happy 48th birthday, may you have lots of foods, games and have tons of fun as well today.

All my respect and love goes out to you especially today, on your big day, go and have fun!


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May you receive the gifts you have been wanting to get and that people remember your day.

The good thing about friends is you get tons of gifts from them, don’t expect and just have fun.

I have missed so much of your best days so I wouldn’t miss this one, happy 48th birthday!

The best thing you can do now is to enjoy your day and be happy things turned out just okay!

Your fate will lie on you and your hands so just keep going, you will be able to do it, I’m sure.

May you have the most wonderful day filled with surprises meant just for you, I hope you do.

Happy 48th birthday, I think you are one of the best people I have ever met in this life of mine.

Now that you are older you can go ahead and have authority over people, go do just that.

Have a happy birthday and let the rest of the world know how happy you really are right now.

There is no denying it, you are one hell of a woman, not even showing signs of aging at 48!


Today is the day when you are allowed to do whatever you want, happy 48th birthday to you.

May you have nothing but the best of all the things you want right now, we love you so much.

Your grandchildren are wanting to see you and greet you the best birthday ever, enjoy it so.

For now, you should relax and let things happen as they should, just enjoy this happy life.


There are so many things we should congratulate you for, one is for reaching this age now.

For old times sake I want to wish you a happy 48th birthday, we have been friends for so long.

You are one of those people who grows older but whose memories grow sharper as well, dear.


There is not a thing in this world that I would dare change about you, we love you so much.

We are thrilled to be celebrating your big day with you, have fun on this day, grandma!

Who would have known I would celebrate this day with you, happy 48th birthday to you, kiddo.

You are still a kid inside your heart, I can see that right now, I wish you a happy 48th birthday.

Today, you are allowed to cheat on your diet and eat whatever it is your heart desires, really.

Wish whatever you want and we will do our very best to give it to you on this day of yours.

Grandma, you are the most awesome woman I have ever know and we wish you the best now.


May you have an exciting and adventurous day today, have a happy 48th birthday, enjoy it.

You must tell me your secret on how to remain as pretty as you are at the age you are in now.

What you need to understand is that no matter how older you get, we will still love you same.

Yesterday you were a year younger, now older but you still look just the same, happy bday!

Happy 48th birthday, do something today that will last you for a lifetime, make a change, girl.

I would not change a single thing about you, I think you are perfect exactly for who you are.

Listen, I am wishing that you will find what your heart wants you to, enjoy this day right now.


You deserve the best of the best, the cream of the cream of the crop, happy bday to you, dear.

There is nothing to fear and you should just enjoy what you have and what you will have then.

Forget the worries and remember that you will be just fine, enjoy life and live it thoroughly.


Never let your past affect your present, you are old enough to understand that by now, right?

You are a success, no matter what other people may think about you, believe me on this thing.

What you are is a miracle to the world and so just be happy and think of the best you can do.

Change the world and just have fun while doing just that, I know you can do great things too.


People will judge you fast but you can still enjoy your life, I wish you the best bday ever now.

There is nothing you should fear but the fact that you are thinking what others think about you

The best thing you can do is not to worry and just smile and forget everything else, right now.

May you have the most amazing bday celebration, I will make sure that you will, believe me.

You deserve a happy 48th birthday, so I have made all the preparations just for you now, man.