Happy 72nd Birthday Wishes

Are there people that you know that are turning 72 real soon? If so, you should send them a private message or send them a birthday card greeting them a happy 72nd birthday as that is the one that will surely make them happier now.
There is so much more to this life than just letting a special day pass by, celebrating and telling them a happy 72nd birthday would make them feel like they are special to you.
Here are some happy 72nd birthday wishes to help you out.

The people who matters to you accepts you the most, believe me on that, happy 72nd birthday!

You still got the moves even at 72 and I can’t help but be so proud of you, happy bday to you.

I can’t even remember what age you are in, just that I am happy it’s your big day, enjoy it so!


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Even when the world tells you that you look old, do not believe them, you’re still young tho.

I can prove to you that you are a work art, your face and your experience combined, my dear.

Happy 72nd birthday, life is going to be whatever you try and make it up to be so do me proud.

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You have the gift of music that even at your age you can still sing melodious harmonies, love.

Go ahead and eat tons of that cake and then you should party until you drop, you deserve to!

I know you have stopped counting those candles year ago so let me just wish you a happy day.

We are always going to be proud of you, especially now that you seem happy 72nd birthday!

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What matters is not the years you have been born but the years you have lived, happy bday!

I hope that you have the most wonderful time of your life today and in the years to come, love.

You may have pain in your joints by now but if you can still do things, go ahead and do them.

Your bucket list tells you the adventure is not yet over so start crossing more of them, today.

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This day is one of the most important days of your life so treasure it and happy 72nd birthday!

I think you must be the most crazy person I have ever encountered and yet the most amazing.

You can carry yourself good without anything and I just love you so much, happy bday too.

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You are now a grandma, mom, you are old enough to be, so no need to thank me as well now.

Happy 72nd birthday, maybe today is the day you will figure out the reason you were born.

I just want you to know that all your wisdom is highly appreciated by all of us, happy bday!

And when the people around you makes you feel like an invalid, show them you still can.

Wonderful greetings to you that is celebrating his special day today, have tons of fun now.

No matter how hard and how bad your situation gets, you must have a happy 72nd birthday!

I bet today would be more special if your special friend would be here to greet you, right?

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You deserve to just relax and sit back, put some pillow under that feet, happy bday now.

Maybe what you need is go to some beach somewhere and have the time of your life as well.

Happy 72nd birthday, it is not yet too late to pursue the things that you want in this life, girl.

With the best conviction I can muster up, here is me telling you that you are a hell of a man.


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You are one amazing woman and time has shaped you up to be, may you have a good day.

I think that you are the best when you smile so never forget to smile and just keep going.

Happy 72nd birthday, you deserve to be happy after all the sacrifices that you have made here.

The rest of the world do not matter, what matters is that you are having some fun as well now.

My friend, even when the people around you tell you it is the end, it is not, it’s the beginning.

Now is the start of another journey for you to go on to so go ahead and start it out today too.

There are times when I want to discuss new ideas with you, maybe now, happy 72nd birthday!

To another three hundred and sixty five days around the sun, cheers to you, my beloved dad.

They say wine gets yummier with age, I bet you did to, you are wonderful on this day my mom.

You should keep going to where you want to be in, enjoy and have a happy 72nd birthday too.

You have always been pretty but now I can see a timeless beauty in front of me at seventy two.


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Go ahead and be a better version of yourself, you should keep trying to improve every year.

You have already done so well, happy 72nd birthday, may you have tons of laughter for today.

Stop the regrets you still have on the back of your head and instead take some action for now.

It is a privilege to keep getting older and living so much longer, so go ahead and be the best.

I see how much you have already done and it feels so good, happy 72nd birthday, my dearest.

Let us go to church today and pray to thank God for giving you another day and year as well.

It is truly a wonderful feeling being able to be beside an important person to you, happy bday!

What counts the most when you reach a certain age is the memories that you have had up to.

Happy 72nd birthday, what you need to do is to live your life the way you wanted it to be now.

How do you deal with things when you are older? You do not, you just let go and have fun.


May you have an amazing time this year, that you have tons of laughter and happiness too.

You were the special person that was born today and I can’t be any prouder of you, Mom!

If you try to live like it is going to be your last one, you will have a happy 72nd birthday too.

May you have the sweetest bday ever, maybe even as sweet as you have always been as well.

Your bday is the day to go ahead and celebrate the person that you are now for all things too.

The future still holds a lot for you so do not be sad and just keep on going, enjoy your day!

For now, I want you to enjoy and have a happy 72nd birthday, forget the rest of the world now.


You are an exceptional person and I am so happy to be celebrating your big day with you too.

For this bday, just relax, make your wish and spend some time with the people you love most.

Treat yourself to some spa time, tea time and party time, you deserve it for being seventy two.

You are wonderful and that is why I want you to know you deserve to be so happy right now.

You have had tons of responsibility before, now you need to just have a happy 72nd birthday!

What matters the most when this day comes is that you know who you are, I am proud of you.

Happy 72nd birthday, if you are successful, you would help others, would you really do that?


If you think you have lived a good life then that alone should be enough to strive for more too.

How wondrous it is to be celebrating one of the most important days of your life with you.

Congrats for turning 72, I wish you all the best and that you may find happiness right now.


The best time to plant a tree for your legacy is today, do so and enjoy a happy 72nd birthday!

The day that you get to be happy is today so go ahead and have tons of happiness as well now.

It is the number of years that you have fully lived that matters the most in this life so go do so.

The most important thing is that you are true to yourself and you know yourself as well, dear.


You are a woman and time can never erase that, I love you and have tons of fun, enjoy it too.

Happy 72nd birthday, there is nothing better than being able to have the best party ever too.

Every birthday just lifts you up higher until you eventually reach the sky and your dreams too.

For now, I suggest that you just enjoy yourself and have some great fun as well, you need to.

I wish you would always remember the people that matters the most to you, I love you a lot.

For there is a smile on your face and I am glad that you are happy for all things as well too.

And there is a tinge of happiness in your face and somehow that is enough for me right now.


Maybe tomorrow, you will be surprised at the things that are in this life for you, happy bday.

Enjoy your big day for the next time would be next year and that seems too far away as well.

Do not be sad, instead be happy for being here right now and be able to celebrate your bday.

There is nothing more precious than celebrating your bday than the people you love most too.


I just want you to know that I love you and you are one of the best things that happened to me.

Smile for all today for you are the person that should be the most happy, happiest bday to you.

Today should be the start of a great day for you so have a good time and just enjoy your life.

Stop counting your years, instead count the blessings that the Lord has given to you as well.