Happy 68th Birthday Wishes

Only two more years until the big seven zero that anyone dreads to be at.
Not a lot of people feels confident as they were when they turn seventy.
However, turning 68 is still a good thing.
For those people that you love or are close with, if anyone of them is turning seventy, then you might want to greet them a happy 68th birthday.
Be the type of person who everyone loves.
Never forget to tell them that you love them and that they are important to you by greeting them with these happy 68th birthday wishes that will make them feel good about themselves as well.

You are one of the brightest stars in my night sky, my lady, my queen happy 68th birthday!

Every birthday is a crossroad meant to decide which way to go, have a good and happy bday!

And in this life, there are too many rocks thrown at you but never should you waver, my dear.


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Now that you’re 68 there is no need to act like an adult, go ahead and be a child, happy bday!

Congratulations on turning 68, I bet it has been a fine day today for the sun favors you a lot.

I would never let anyone hurt you with their words, I will be your shield, happy 68th birthday!

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If you are not turning sixty eight, I would have thought you were just around forty five, dear.

I will persist to become the best person I can be because of you so let me be that right now.

I want you to be able to tell me that good things comes to those who wait such as you, love.

I am glad that I waited long enough to buy you a gift, here it is now, have fun with it too!

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The truth is that you are still the only person that matters so much to me, happy 68th birthday.

Where do I even begin, when the journey has been far too long. Nevertheless, just enjoy it.

My desire is that I can make you happy even just for once, that is all that matters to me now.

You always look sad on your birthday, this time I will try and make you happy, enjoy this day.

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Your big day has come and I cannot help but be happy for that reason alone, happiest bday!

And to me you will always be the most beautiful in my eyes, have a really happy 68th birthday!

Do not whine about the age that you have now, instead rejoice for you are now 68, enjoy it!

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They say having too many birthdays can actually be deadly but hey, just enjoy your life too!

Happy 68th birthday, I hope you would let me show you how much I still love you even now.

Here is something that is extra special and extra tasty for this birthday of yours, enjoy it so!

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Do not worry about being sixty eight, you are aging beautifully anyways, so just love your life.

Happy bday to you, my brother, the greatest father my niece and nephews could ever have.

What a wonderful husband you have been to your wife, so congrats on that and happy bday!

Years has passed by ever since we got married, my feelings are the same, happy 68th birthday!

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All that I wish for you right now is that you may enjoy these days like you should enjoy life.

And it is quite obvious that today is your big day for you sparkle like diamonds, my darling.

I don’t know either how you can be full of energy as you are now enjoy today and happy bday.

You are still the best present the world can ever give to me, have a happy 68th birthday, queen.

Don’t forget that we all love you here as you go and blow those candles of yours, enjoy today.


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I have been there with you through every struggle you have faced in this life, happiest bday!

Thank you for all the memories and for the laughter that you gave to us, enjoy today as well.

The one that I love the most is you, so have a happy 68th birthday my dearest, I love you a lot.

You have overcome so many things simply coz you were tough enough, enjoy a good bday!

For now, what I want is for you to be happy, that should be your aim too have a good bday.

I love that even now at sixty eight, I can still call you to be mine, have a happiest bday too.

For nothing else matters in this world besides you, have a happy 68th birthday, I miss you so.

No matter what goes on from this moment forward, I will promise to be with you always.

For all the things that we have shared from then to now, I wish you all the best, happy bday!

And though times may be tough, I am happy to be with you right now, happiest bday, dear.

You are the reason why I am still breathing right now, have a good day, happy 68th birthday!


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One of the best things that ever happened in my life is you, thank you and happy 68th birthday!

Even at your age, problems still come and go but you are strong, you’ll make it, happy bday!

There is never a day when I do not remember you, thanks and enjoy your special day today!

Everything that have been shared today matters, it is something special to me too happy bday.

Whatever transpires today, know that I am just so proud of you and happy bday to you, love.

Happy 68th birthday, until now, all that I wish is that you are still happy with your life, dear.

I am just so thrilled to be able to call you my long time friend, happiest bday to you, okay?

You go ahead and enjoy this day, it is one of the most amazing time of your life, I love you!

For all the laughter and the good times we’ve shared, happy bday to you, enjoy this day too.

I know you from back then and even more now, you are kind and sweet, enjoy your day now.


Let me remind you of how wonderful you truly are, my love, have a happy 68th birthday too!

Look at you now, so successful and I can’t be any prouder now, enjoy your special day now.

Love, there is so much more I get to know about you with each passing day, thanks for it all.


May this year be kinder to you than last year was and may life bless you, happiest bday!

In my life, there have been tons of reasons to smile, you are the best one, happy 68th birthday!

To me, you will always be my lil sister, someone that I can lean on to, have a good birthday!

In every single way possible, I would love to greet you a happy birthday for you deserve it.


Nothing else matters now but that you are happy, at least to me, enjoy and have a nice day.

Where do I even start in showing you how much I love you so much, happy 68th birthday, love.

Here is a breakfast in bed made especially for you so that you may have all your dreams true.

Nothing is more expensive to me than your glittery smiles I thank you for everything, my dear.

Here is me reminding you of how wonderful and awesome you have been, happy bday to you!

What you are is lovely, kind & sweet, I would never forget you in my life happy 68th birthday.

And out of all the people I know in this world, you are one person I can never forget, love you!


How can I even think about anything at all when you are all that I think about, happy bday!

Things can’t be any tougher too but we got each other still, so just enjoy this birthday today.

Happy 68th birthday to the best dad in the world, you are still the one I idolize the most too.

Your brain is truly one of the things I admire the most in this world, nothing else matters.

Happy bday to the most charming man that I know, I hope that you become happy today too.

Even for now, all I just want is for you to be happy and that you may enjoy this birthday bash.

Who said kids are the only ones allowed to have a bday party, you must do so too so here it is.


In this world, what matters the most to me is that you are happy as well, happy 68th birthday!

God loves you so a lot and that is why He wants what is best for you, so today, give it a blast.

Your style is one of the things I feel in love with, so never lose it and have a happy bday now!

The older you get, the more attractive you seem to me, well, have the best time for today too.

And in the love that I feel for you, let me be the reason you are happy, happy 68th birthday!

I can’t even start to count the reasons why you matter to me but hey, have a blast today too.

You should just keep on enjoying your life and living it as if there is no tomorrow, my dear.


Life is meant to be enjoyed, lived and to just have tons of fun, so do just that and enjoy too.

I need you to know that if the world does not like you, forget them, focus on you, happy bday.


Your bday should be one of the happiest moments of your life, do not just set it aside now.

For now, what I want is to cheer you up and make you feel better than ever, enjoy it a lot!

You are the reason why I love my life so much so please remain that way, happy bday!

Blessings come and go, I wish that you would enjoy your big day, happy 68th birthday!