Happy 66th Birthday Wishes

Another milestone would be turning into sixty six years old, one of those rare once in every ten years even that occurs when the age of a person is the same such as in thirty three and fifty five.
It must be a lucky number too, whenever it happens in a person’s life, as it can bring some good luck all the same.
Have you a family member you want to greet a happy 66th birthday to? Wish him some good luck and some great messages too? Well, if yes, then here are some happy 66th birthday wishes that will surely hit the right spot and make you look extra special for them.

Happy 66th birthday, you really are God’s blessings to every one of us, you are our mother.

70 is just around the corner now for you and that means more years for you, happy bday!

You are that type of person who makes me feel better just by a look, enjoy your big day now.


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There is nothing more I would like than to be with you, from here on out, enjoy this day too!

May you have tons of gifts that you would really like for there is only you in my heart, love.

Do not listen to what the world tries to tell you, listen to your heart, happy 66th birthday!

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This bday of yours is really wonderful so just keep doing what it is you love, enjoy it a lot!

And what I truly want is that you go ahead and be fine, better yet, happy, enjoy your day!

I got all of your favorites here in my bag, let us eat them all & have so much fun on your day!

Some people might judge you by your age, show them your strengths, happy 66th birthday!

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For now, sit back, relax, enjoy the view coz you do not go often to the beach, happy bday!

Your special day should be something celebrated thoroughly, enjoy it as well, I love you!

Hold on tight and remember that things happen coz they are meant to, enjoy your day, now.

Happy 66th birthday, there is no one else in the world that should make you feel inferior.

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In five years you will be seventy, so treasure every moment that you get, ok, do just that.

For me, you are like the sun that always bring light into my lonely life, happiest bday, to you.

And everything turned lighter when you are with me so I decided to stick close by happy bday.

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I do not even know where to begin but that I have always been there for you, enjoy your bday!

Happy 66th birthday, may you be able to let go of all the anger inside of your heart from now.

I am desperately trying to reach out to you, even more now that you have turned sixty five!

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You are now sixty five and that should mean that you work harder than ever, do not overexert!

Life is going to be hard even as you grow older, so might as well have fun and enjoy it true!

I honestly do not know where to start or where to begin telling you everything but happy bday.

Even birds take a rest when they are tired, you go ahead and do the same happy 66th birthday!

To the woman that has shown me how to live a good life, cheers to you on your birthday, girl!

Three is nothing more I would like than to see your sweet smile once more, enjoy your bday!

How does it feel to be sixty five and still glowing, I bet you are feeling real good, enjoy today!

There is only so much patience a person can have so just have some happy 66th birthday too.

For the times that we have laughed and lived, thank you and I wish you a very happy day too.


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There is no better and brighter way to celebrate your big day than with your loved ones, now.

Every person you encounter has something to say to you, may you hear them out, happy bday!

If last year was fun, you should make this one special as well, have a happy 66th birthday, too.

Go ahead and spread the word that tomorrow is going to be a better day, happy bday to you!

With every passing year, you are turning into a better woman indeed, happy bday my dearest.

You still make me feel giddy and excited like a teen, thank you & have some good time today.

The ones that really care about you will make time to celebrate your special day with you!

Age should not matter, go ahead and be a trend setter, you can do it to, happy 66th birthday.

May this day of yours be filled with celebration and joy, have fun and remember to be happy.

This event of yours only happens once a year so make the most of it, have a happy bday too!

Eat up on your bday cake and know you can only eat a bit coz it’s too sweet, enjoy it still.


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You’ve been hurt a lot in your years, for now just focus on being happy, happy 66th birthday!

My real wish for you is that you live to be a thousand years so the world can also be happy.

You are the universe to me & so for now, just let me glide in your galaxy, happy bday to you.

What you really need to do right now is to celebrate the great life you have had so far, enjoy!

Maybe the truth is that you can still improve yourself so have a really happy 66th birthday.

Cheers to you for overcoming all the hurdles life threw at you, so proud of you, happy bday!

Here comes another year for you to tangle upon and fall in love with so enjoy and have fun!

Do not cry, do not waste your tears and just appreciate the things you have, enjoy your bday.

There is just so much more waiting for you if you let things happen, happy birthday, Mother!

Be the best version of yourself that you can still become up until today, happy 66th birthday!


You are always going to be my role model, the idol of my life, I wanna be like you later on too.

You have got the whole day to blow out your candles, they are a lot, imagine sixty six of them.

Blow your candles and wish on each one, who knows, maybe they will all come true for you!


This is the year of your life that I hope you will learn to forgive and let go, enjoy your life too.

Forgive those people who had belittled you m just how them your skills, happy 66th birthday!

Love always come with a price but we had already paid for it so let us have a good bday now.

Of all the seasons in the world, your birthday is the one I love the most, summer and spring.


You always smell so good even back then and I feel in love with it, enjoy your big day today!

A great bday wish from me to you, that you may enjoy a really happy 66th birthday as well.

When people go against you, I will shield you up and tell them off, happy bday to you, love.

Woman, my wife, mother of my children, happiest bday to you, go ahead and just enjoy it.

The cake is ready and so are the gifts all that is left is for you to blow your bday candles now.

Tomorrow, I just wish you would be as happy as you are this day, have a happy 66th birthday!

You have already given so much to the people who needed your help, today let it be just yours.


Simply put, I want to be the type of person who will be there for you through it all just know it.

You have done so much for me and so I hope that you would find your party remarkable too!

I hope one day you will understand all the things I did back then, dear, happy 66th birthday!

Your big day signifies a lot in your life, transition and learning to love yourself even more too.

Keep on climbing the mountains in your life and survive the journey like you always did then.

For being all that you are, you have me by your side, do not forget that, I love you a lot, love.

Happy 66th birthday, you are still my favorite type of awesome, no one else can compare.


All that I wish is that you will be happy and that I am part of how special this bday of yours is.

Have a good blast coz you are special to me and I want nothing but the best for you as well.

There are people who are just so spectacular and you are one of them, enjoy your special day.

Some people may try to stop you, never back down on what you love most, happy 66th birthday!

I do not even know where to begin to tell you how important you are to me, have a good bday!

Your celebration means a lot to me as much as it does to you so do enjoy it & have some fun.

I hope you will always believe that you can make a difference in this world, have a good day!


Happy 66th birthday, you look beautiful to me, I hope that you know that just as well, mother.

Your special day is today and what I want is that you learn things from younger people too.

There are so much influence you have brought upon my life, Mom, enjoy your special day too.


I hope you are proud of the person I have become no matter what, have fun for today, dear.

You may not see what you have done but your impact in my life is truly big and so much then.

No one else has taught me things about life like you did, I wish you a happy 66th birthday.