Happy 104th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are always celebrated with families and friends.
Each year new memories are created, and new friends are made.
Moreover, each year is a blessing to the celebrant as well as to their loved ones.
Nowadays, reaching more than a hundred years is not possible for everyone.
To help us express our love to the celebrant and make the celebration happier and memorable.

Every second is another chance and hope. And every second of your life was a gift from above.

A blissful birthday to you! Three cheers for your 104th Birthday, my friend. We love you.

Old as book and old as time. Yet, the significance you bring is eternal vigorous life.


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Life is like a walking dagger that hunts us until death prevails over us. But here you are.

You are still here, living with God’s grace. A blessed and happy birthday to you, dear.

In the dark days of your existence, we saw you as a hero surviving and living to tell the tale.

Sweet sprung of love, my dear! Happy Birthday! May you enjoy these crucial days of yours.

You’ve had a thousand miles of the journey in a thousand days of your life. Happy Birthday to you.

Seize every moment until you reach the peak—a warm, happy birthday to you, my good friend.

Let’s rejoice for another gift of life and for the genuine fortune that may come! Happy Birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday

I wish you a wonderful birthday! You deserve it, for you never fail to make us happy.

There’s no more excellent gift than living on another day. I am happy you have lived very long.

There’s no more excellent man that lives a hundred years full of challenges and manages to survive.

Happy Birthday, my friend! I’m giving you an eternal gift of gratitude for staying strong.

Happy 13th Birthday

Thank you for standing tall for conquering the battle of life in more than a hundred years!

Certificates and medals are not enough to honour you. Happiest Birthday, my favourite.

Age never matters. It is the heart and will always be—a happy happy birthday to you.

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A man with a pure and innocent mind is always young in the heart. More birthdays to come!

You might forget me during the day. But I know for that your heart always remembers.

It’s a pleasure and honour to be part of your 104th Birthday, my good friend. Happy Birthday!

Yes, our hair will turn grey, our face will be wrinkled. But you will still be the same for me.

No matter how the years will attempt to change a good man, a good man will always be a good man.

A hundred years to live may be hard to believe, but you are such a miracle for making it.

You stayed strong and gold for all these years. So you deserve more of this life. Make a wish!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Baby Girl

The key to long years of life is being happy and cheerful. You’re blessed for 104 years of life!

Happy 104th Birthday, my friend! May this day be your most comfortable, for you deserved it.

Stay what you are and who you are! Have a good and healthy life for more years to come!

Happy 104th Birthday! You might never plan to have a long life but embrace everything.


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This is your destiny, your faith; embrace it as it is the most significant thing in the universe!

It was your kindness and humbleness that made you stay longer in this world full of beasts.

Thank you for being part of your journey. You are such an inspiration at its crest!

Happy 104th Birthday. Enjoy your day, and I wish you nothing but happiness. I love you!

It’s not in the number of years, neither the colour of the hair nor the ability to do things.

You’re such a good individual who deserves a joyous birthday! Happy 104th Birthday.

You stumbled down and fell on the ground a thousand times. But you are still here.

You are here standing in front of me like a bird who learned how to fly. Happy Birthday!

We gathered here to celebrate the Birthday of the most remarkable survivor we’ve ever known.

Let’s cheer this incredible man for his 104th year of existence! Happy Birthday!

They say superman is only found in books and movies. Guess what? I’ve found one. YOU.


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In this cruel reality, you stood, lived and laughed—a Happy birthday to you, my idol.

Despite your age and weaknesses, you still manage to put a smile on your face.

I wish you all the best and absolute happiness for your 104th Birthday!

Grab your drinks and raise all your glasses. Let’s toast for the man who is full of love.

You brought suitable lessons in life. We thank you for that—happy 104th Birthday to you.

You are strong as a bull. Sharp as an eagle. Soft as the lamb. And beautiful like a dove.

You are a wonderful human being. Happy 104th Birthday to you, dear!

You always look at the brighter side of the road—happy 104th Birthday, my dear love.

You witnessed how time changes, how the earth changes. Only a great man could do that.

You are a true legend for surviving all seasons of life! We salute you! Happy 104th Birthday!


The road you’ve walked may be extended and exhausting. But you’ve reached your destination.

You have already reached the end of your 103rd journey. Welcome! Accept your 104 years of life.

You embrace all your struggles like a piece of cake. So here’s a cake for you. Happy Birthday.


Fear and uncertainty may knock on your door and tap your window. Be strong and face it.

After more than a hundred years, you are still hospitable for all the troubles out there.

Here’s our 104 wishes and gifts just for you—happy 104th Birthday. More candles to blow!

You are loved and cared for by all of us, and you deserve so much more! Happy 104th Birthday!

I am so amazed how you surpassed all the difficulties through these years. Congratulations!

You are a man full of perseverance and dedication. I respect you for that.

You took life just like a steering wheel. You drove your life the way you wanted it to be.

You are not perfect, but your decisions were suitable for all these years! Happy Birthday!


Let’s celebrate all your good turning points! Happy 104th Birthday, and have a good blast!

Your eyes taught me how wonderful it is to be part of the universe. Thank you, my dear.

For you, we are the greatest treasure you’ve ever had. We will always love you. All the best!

You are like a star. No matter how old you are, you will always be as beautiful as you are.

You always have a flaring heart of kindness! We wish you a happy 104th birthday!

I’ve already witnessed true beauty. It was you. Happy 104th Birthday, my dear!

There are no unlimited days and endless hours. But it seems your love is everlasting. Make a wish.

You taught me the courage to appreciate life and to face all the battles that come my way.


Happiest Birthday to the most lovable and trustworthy person I have ever known. Blow your candles.

We all want to live a little longer for the ones we love. You overdid it, but I am thrilled.

May you stay healthy and get more vital for us so we can create more memories together.

You have a strong personality, but you have a soft heart and a pure soul. Happy 104th Birthday!

A happy birthday to you, my best buddy, friend and brother. More years with us. We love you.

On your special day, may you receive all the goodness of this world, for you are unique?

I am forever grateful to you for being my best friend and believer. Receive my kisses and hugs.

You are one of the reasons I chose to be a better person—happy 104th Birthday to you.


You’re no angel. You’re just you. You changed me for the better. Happy 104th Birthday!

Thank you for letting me realize that every day is a chance for a change. Happy Birthday.

All the best to you, my sweet dear. May you continue to pour your love and kindness.

You are my hero and the same time, my forever. I love you, mama—happy 104th Birthday.

We could be anything we want to. And now, I chose to be your great friend. Happy Birthday.

You walk to the valley of death and successfully surpass it many times. Happy Birthday.

We wish you more life, happiness, and reasons to live: happy 104th Birthday, friend.

You’ve been blessed to discover more about what’s beyond this life. Happy 104th Birthday!


Years made you stronger. Decades made you stable. And century makes you a legend.

You’ve influenced me so much that I idolized you more than anyone in this world.

You conquered the world with your incredible mind and soul—happy 104th Birthday. Make a wish.

Let’s toast for another year, and more years will come to you—happy 104th Birthday, friend.

In a blazing fire of your candle, I saw how you loved your life. Keep that fire burning.

Not because you lived for so long, you have enough. Don’t stop dreaming and believing.

Happy 104th Birthday! You’re a one-person army that wins every battle you deal on.

Living for a very long year does not define the true significance of life. It’s how you live it.


The most wonderful of you is how you treat people fairly and never step down on them.

You are an incredible man that is worth being proud of and loved! Happy happy Birthday!

Around of applause for the man who lived life the way it should be! Happy Birthday, man!

We are all here wishing you a happy birthday! May God bless you and guide you more.

Nothing can stop a man with big dreams and unfading faith in God. That’s you, dear.

For you, everything is possible through prayers and solid trust. May you have a happy blast!