Happy 9th Birthday

When a child turns nine, he or she expects more from his or her life.
There are so many opportunities that opens up for the child.
A celebration is important because it means the appreciation of new year of a new life.
It is also very important to fill the emotional well that a child has.
For your child’s ninth birthday, or be it your cousin, your sister or brother, here are some happy 9th birthday wishes that might help out.

For this day, I wish that you would have all the luck this world has, happy 9th birthday, child.

May you find great happiness even in the tiniest of blessings, I wish you all the best for today.

You still have more of this world to explore at such a young age, go outside and enjoy them.


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You are up for an adventure of a lifetime so just have fun and enjoy every moment of your life.

Happy 9th birthday, I wish that you would appreciate all the little things given to you by God.

If you want to play for today, I would let you do so, after all, today is your day, happiest bday!

100 Birthday Wishes

Happy bday to you, I wish that you would make some great memories on this day, my dearest.

I am ultimately so proud of you and who you have become, I wish you all the best in this life.

May more blessings come your way for you deserve it, you deserve all the blessings for you.

We know that turning nine is really one big deal so we have prepared the ultimate meal today.

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Happy 9th birthday, I hope that you would be happy with the way your life is as of this time.

Today, all your opinions and choices matters so go ahead and start making your big day.

You are in control of your life for today, go ahead and do all the things you have wanted to.

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I think that you will always remember this bday above all the others for it is a turning point.

Finally, you are nine, no one could call you a baby anymore, you are a young man now.

Have a happy 9th birthday, I made you pie because you said it was your favorite, enjoy it!

It is not every day my daughter turns nine so I would give her all the things she wants now.

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I promise that I will stay with you, like the best friend that I can be for you, my dear sister.

Happy 9th birthday, I was planning on throwing you a party, would you like that, baby girl?

I want to congratulate you for surviving another year of school and happiness, enjoy it now!

40 Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

There are so many things that you should remember and one of them is to have lots of fun.

You will always be my sweet daughter no matter how old you get, enjoy turning nine today!

Another year has passed us by but you only get more beautiful than ever as you grow up, girl.

I am so proud of you and I hope you know that, I wish you all the best and happy 9th birthday!

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May you have a spectacular time celebrating your birthday and having lots of fun all the way.

May your dreams and your wishes come true & that you have the best time of your life today.

Happy 9th birthday, may the heavens smile upon you for you are a kind and beautiful child.

Never forget that I love you just the way you are, you need not change anything, my dear son.


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Who would have thought you would turn into this young man full of charm, little brother!

This is a special day and I love it for it is the best one indeed for you and for me too, my son.

You have grown into a truly fine lady, I wish you only the best and have a happy 9th birthday.

Today is the ninth year of your life and you are almost at your finish line to teenage, enjoy!

May you always remember to enjoy these moments of your life for you can never go back to it.

When you turn nine, everything in your life changes and I hope yours are tolerable for you.

Make sure to still play under the warmth of the sun, happy 9th birthday to you, my dearest boy.

My child, may you have prosperity for you deserve it for all the hard work that you have done.

Would you be able to blow your candles all at the same time now that you are at nine years?

I like you for being the person that you are, so do not worry what other people thinks, my kid.

Kiddo, look how old you are, so close to being ten years old in a year now, congratulations!


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You can always stay at the house and bring your friends along, for now, happy 9th birthday!

Happy 9th birthday, what would you want for your birthday, I would give you anything at all!

You are my very best friend in this world and I am just so happy for you, happiest bday ever!

My dearest daughter, another year has gone by and I wish you only the best for this year!

You grow even more beautiful and even more wonderful each year, I am happy, enjoy today!

May you like what is inside that wrapper, I have thought it a lot through, happy 9th birthday!

You used to be a little baby but now you are all grown up, I am so happy, my dearest son!

May every wish that you wish for come true for you for you truly deserve it, my dear daughter.

These days, it seems like growing up is but a race, you win another year today, you’re 9 now.

May this day be filled with happiness and joy and all that you want, I love you a lot, my son.


This is the last time you will have a single digit in your age, make it a happy 9th birthday, boy.

You are my child and no matter what, I will always be happy for you and what you’ll become.

I circle your birthday on my calendar so I would not forget it for I wanna buy the best for you.

I am sending you all my love though I am not beside you, my son remember I always love you.

This is a present from me to you and I hope that you will like it, may you truly like it a lot.

Go and play lots under the sun, have tons of happiness for I wish you a happy 9th birthday!

There is something about a birthday that makes people feel special, I hope that you feel that.


Sending you all of the best wishes that I can manage, may you get your goals in this life, dear.

When you grow up and become president, rest assured you will have my vote, happy bday!

Congratulations for turning nine, I wish that you would have the best party in your life today.

Happy 9th birthday, go and enjoy it with your friends and have the best day you ever had, kid.

I have bought all your favorite snacks so you can eat it with your friends on your special day.

This card I have bought for you is special, open it and see what I liked about it, happy bday.

I am so proud of the young man you have already become, I wish you a happy 9th birthday!


We are celebrating your birthday with you for we are thankful for receiving the best gift: you.

You are the best present that the heavens gave us & every year we celebrate it to thank them.

Unique is what you are and I am just so happy that you are my daughter, I am proud of you.

My little brother is all grown up now at nine, happy 9th birthday to you, enjoy your big day!

Happiest birthday for you, the light of my world, my wonderful kid whom I love very much!

Thank you for being the most wonderful blessing in this life of mine, I love you a whole lot!

Happy bday, I wish nothing but success for you, enjoy your biggest day my dearest person.


I know how excited you are to open your presents, I remember that, happy 9th birthday!

I know how wonderful your imagination is and I wish nothing but the best for you, my son.

May you always have the courage to face the fears of tomorrow, happiest bday for you, child!

Here are the best candies for you so that you may indulge your sweet tooth even for this day.

When I was your age, I was too excited for cake, I hope you are as well, happy 9th birthday!

Here is a dog that you have been looking for all these years, enjoy your day and your year!

Let us keep on celebrating your birthday from here on together, just like the best of friends.


I wish you would always have the courage to keep moving with your life, my dearest friend.

You are now nine years old and I wish you would keep being the happy person that you are.

Happy 9th birthday, I bought all your favorite candies and chocolates, indulge yourself today.

You are growing up a wonderful queen and I still wish the best for you, I love you a lot!

You were the one part of the plan I never expect, happy bday to you, my dearest baby boy.

Together we will always try our best in all the things we have done, let us make a toast for it.


Here is a soda for you, with hopes that you will always have the best the world can offer you.

There is nothing I would love more than to be with you and just be a happy day for you, child.

You are growing older and older and also taller and taller, I wish you the happiest day now.

Today, you get to pick whatever you want in the store, I’ll buy it for you, happy 9th birthday!