35+ Birthday Toasts and Speeches

Birthdays are never complete without a birthday toast, even simple ones, from friends and families.
It makes the celebrant feel how much they are remembered, loved, and cared for by their loved ones.
The gifts you give may bring a smile to their face, but the sweet birthday toast you leave will surely make its way to their heart.

To one of the most secretive people, I’ve ever known. You indeed had us fooled with your actual age. Anyway, Happy Bday!

Another year has been added to your life. As you look back at the recent pages of your life, take comfort and pride in your achievements. Today, take time to relax and enjoy your day because you deserve it!

Cheers to one of the most outstanding achievers I’ve ever met! You’re such a fantastic person, for you have made it through every challenge that came to your life. You’ve been such a great inspiration to people like me. Wonderful Birthday!


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Fear not as you age; it’s just a number. It can only be as significant as you wish it to be. Best Birthday!

Cheers to the birthday celebrant! Be not afraid of aging. It only proves how long you have lived in this world and how much you have done to help make this world a better place.

Today, you have earned something no one can ever take away from you. The greys in your hair and the wrinkles on your face show how much you’ve worked for it. Wonderful Bday!

Cheers to the person who best embodies the qualities of a warrior and survivor. You have surpassed every challenge in your life with the great faith and courage one could ever have. I couldn’t have done the same thing; I’m so glad you did. Stay as strong as you are. Best Bday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Keep shining as one of the brightest stars you have always been in our lives. Cheers, Shining Star and Best Bday!

Greetings to you. No matter how old you may be, you still look younger than your actual age.

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Our deep friendship is one of the good reasons I still wake up with a smile on my face and a happy heart. We may not be born in one bloodline, but we have a bond proven by time. Wonderful Bday, Dearest!

Cheers to the start of this evening! I believe I drank so many times for your health that I have ravaged my own.

Here’s to aging gracefully! I never believed that it was possible until I met you. I’ve never known someone with such an effortless beauty like you in our age. Happy Birthday!

Best Birthday to you and for the coming years! Together, let’s discover the mysteries of life with great love and joy with each other. Let’s have fun while everything lasts! Happy Birthday, Darling!

You’re never too old to set out on an adventure of a lifetime. You’re still as strong as an ox and as brave as a lion! Happy Birthday!

When things get too tricky for you and keeping your promises, know in your heart that we, your loved ones, always understand what you’re going through. You can always ask us for help and if you want someone to talk to. Have a Wonderful Birthday, Dearest!


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I want to raise a toast to the most amazing woman in the world I know of – my mother. You loved me at my best; you cheered me up at my worst. No one ever does it better than you. You loved me so much without expecting anything in return. And for that, I will always love you as much as I can. Happy Bday Mom!

105 Funny Birthday Wishes

I want to take this opportunity to tell you this. No matter what happens, good or bad, I will always be right by your side till the end. Happy Bday my Love!

Cheers to our dearest friend! May the Lord bless you with strength and good health so that you can still do the things you wish to do, lots of love to comfort you whenever you’re stressed, and many years to spend with the ones you love. Wonderful Birthday!

I am wishing you a Happy Best Birthday, my friend! I’m so blessed to have such a big-hearted, friendly, uplifting, and thoughtful fellow like you in my life.

You are one of the most incredible people I look up to. Thanks for being my inspiration and my friend. Cheers on your Birthday!

I want to offer a toast to the most handsome, loving, and kind-hearted gentleman in my life – my dearest husband! Wonderful Bday my Love! I love you so much!

Amazing achievements deserve amazing awards. You’ve won many battles, and now it’s time to reap your rewards. Today, relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor, for you deserve it! Best Bday!


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Good friends are hard to find. Thank God I found you. You mean so much to me, more than you’ll ever know. Best Bday!

To age gracefully with an effortless beauty like yours is a gift from God that I’m envious of. I hope that God will grant me the same skill too! Happy Birthday!


I was never good at finding great presents for special occasions that’s why I would like to make it up to you by greeting you with a “Happy Happy Birthday” and wishing you all the best!

Wonderful Bday! Today, let’s forget how much you aged and remember everything you have accomplished in your life!

They say that everyone needs someone to hold on to make it through every challenge of life. I’m glad I have you! Happy Birthday!


The birthdays we shared made me realize the beauty of becoming your friend! Best Birthday!

The greatest gift I ever received in my life is from you. You’re the one that I will always love and cherish for the rest of my life. Hoping you feel the same way too! Cheers to your Birthday, my love!


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Cheers to the birthday celebrant! May the Lord bless you with beauty, a wealth of intelligence, more insight, and lasting wisdom!

I am praying that the Lord will bless you with many more birthdays to come. You deserve to live longer. Thanks for bringing joy and laughter to others and for being a great inspiration to them. Wonderful Birthday!

Whether in good times or bad times, a friend who stays with you is as precious as gold that must be kept and cherished. That’s why I’m keeping you! Happy Bday!

I can never ask for a better gift this year. May you feel the same way too. You’ve shared so much more than you can. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Happy Bday friend!

To the love of my life, may we both live forever so that we can enjoy each other’s company for all eternity. If not, may we live till our last breath with deep love and content for each other? I love you so much! Wonderful Birthday!


The chances of finding people who add value to your life and bring you great joy and deep love are very steep. It happens rarely, so when you find one, don’t waste it. That’s precisely what I did when I found you. Happy Birthday dear friend!


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You are the most genuine, kind-hearted person I have ever met. You were always there for me through good times and bad times. I can never ask God for a better friend because I already have the best – it’s you! Best Birthday, and I love you!

To more sweet kisses and warm cuddles! You are the most precious, huggable hubby bear in the world! I know I can’t love you more than you do, but I want you to know that I also appreciate even those little things that you do for me to make me smile all the waking hours of my life. I love you a million times! Wonderful Bday my love!

On your special day, I offer you nothing but a simple thank you and a smile. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made to make our relationship grow stronger. For turning every dark moment into a brighter day with just a sweet smile, Happy Birthday, my dearest one!

To your Birthday! I promise to cherish and love you and be always beside you no matter what happens, no matter where life may lead us. I love you so much, my darling!


Thank God for another year He has added to your life. Another chance to correct the wrong things that have been done, a chance to restore what has been broken, a chance to remember and love what has been forgotten. I wish you not just a happy but blessed birthday, my dear friend!

To the sweetest angel that came to my life! You’re not just an angel but my savior. You can always comfort me when I’m distressed with a hug. You make me giggle with every sweet kiss. You made my life brighter with just a smile. I can’t imagine my life without you. I can’t ever live without you. I love you so much! Best Bday, my love!


I thought angels were only meant to live in heaven. I wonder why you’re living with us here on earth. Best Bday!

No words can express how much you mean to me and how much you’ve changed my life. You have been a great inspiration to me, and I know I can’t thank you enough. But let me start by wishing you a Happy Wonderful Bday!


To a future filled with so much joy and great blessings than the past! Best Birthday!

To a life filled with more adventures! I wish you all the best of luck as you unlock the mysteries of life and discover the wonders unknown. Wonderful Birthday!

Here’s to your health! May you live a whole life with deep contentment in your heart. Happy Bday!

On behalf of everyone on this particular day, I offer a toast to your health and fortune! May the Lord find you worthy of great riches and good health as He opens up the heavens and rain down His blessings. Happy Bday!

Cheers to your Birthday! May you live a life full of love and happiness, and may you learn to be happy and live the life you live!