35 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

This is the person you will love more than your son, the little boy who you will dote and spoil lavishly.
Aside from spoiling him with the cutest and sweetest gifts, beautiful birthday wishes will leave a memorable mark in his life.

Take your pick on the greetings below and make your grandson’s birthday a day to remember for the rest of his life:

Seeing our grandson grow magnificently into a kind-hearted, generous and thoughtful young man gives us an irreplaceable pride and joy as grandparents. Happy bday.

There’s no perfect time other than this special day to tell you how proud we are of you as our grandson. Watching you do great things gives us overflowing happiness! Wonderful birthday!

You are like a rainbow that brought the most beautiful colours, for you gave us so much pride and joy when you came into our lives. Happy birthday, our dear grandson!

Abundance, luck and wonder, I wish these would fill your life to the brim. A sweet grandson like you only deserves the very best after all. Best birthday!

You’re a brilliant and shining star, our grandson. You’ve lit up our universe with your brightness. Wonderful bday!


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What can I say about our grandson? He is classy, smart, and kind. We are proud of you! Best bday!

I wish that your special day be filled with all of your dreams coming true. Best bday, our dear grandson.

Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes List

I thought that I would feel old when you came into our lives. Instead, you made us feel young with your infectious energy. Wonderful bday, our dear grandson.

The day our son was born, our world felt beautiful. The day our grandson was born, our world felt terrific and complete. Best birthday!

I thought that my life would be peaceful after retirement. But when you came, my quiet retirement turned into an amazing one! A wonderful birthday, dear grandson.

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The 60 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

My best achievement in life is an effortless one. It’s when you came into our lives and made us the proudest grandparents on Earth. Happy bday!

Dearest grandson, happy birthday! P.S. you are way more handsome and better than your dad!

You are the magical potion of our lives. You vanished our woes and heartaches. Happy bday, our dear grandson!

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As parents, we’ve spoilt our son rotten; as grandparents, we will hurt you lavishly! Wonderful birthday.

Life has prescribed us with an overdose of your overpowering cuteness since your arrival. Happy birthday!

Usually, celebrations only last a couple of hours. But with a sweet grandson like you, this celebration will last forever. Best birthday!

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The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

We were blessed with a lovely daughter-in-law when our son married your mom. We were blessed even more with an amazing grandson like you! Wonderful bday.

When you smile, the sunshine from your eyes reaches our hearts and fills them with warmth. Best bday, dear grandson.

Dear grandson, you are a permanent resident in my heart. Don’t ever leave it! Best bday.

Grandson, you are the coolest and most innovative little man I know. Happy birthday.

A great-grandson like you makes our wrinkles all worth it. Happy birthday.


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You are the MVP of our life. You managed to steal our hearts with just your smile. Happy birthday, our handsome grandson.

All the spaces in our hearts have been filled with the thoughts of our grandson. Wonderful bday.

We thought that we had experienced all the very best things in our lives – until we’ve held you in our arms. Best birthday, our sweet grandson.

As you blow the rainbow coloured candles from your delicious cake, we pledge our promise to always open the doors of our hearts to you and to love you as generously as we can: an excellent birthday, dear grandson.

Your grandfather and I have promised no one to love but one another until you came and changed everything. Happy bday, dear grandson.

Even if you are a noisy, loud, untidy and troublesome kid, you are our dear and precious grandson. Happy birthday.

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Your grandma and I have agreed that you place number 1 in our hearts. Happy bday, little champion.

We’ve always thought that our retirement would be tidy and quiet until you came and made it lively and more colourful. We couldn’t be any happier. Wonderful birthday.


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We never imagined that a child’s squealing and laughter would sound like music in our ears. Best birthday, dear grandson.

Our dear grandson got his mother’s eyes, father’s nose, and uncle’s appeal, but he has a heart like his grandparents. Wonderful bday.

I had a great time with your father, but I had the best time with you. Best bday, grandson!


Most people of my age will show off their houses by the beach, their expensive golf sets and luxurious cars, but not in my case. I like to show off my successful and handsome grandson. Best bday.

You’ve grown up to be a pretty charming and wonderful young man. After all, you’ve taken after your handsome grandpa and your beautiful grandma. Wonderful bday, grandson.

Happiness always comes and goes. But since you are here now, you’ve made me believe that joy can be unwavering. Best birthday, grandson!


The joy of being a grandfather is being a father minus the responsibilities. Happy birthday, grandson.

Just when I thought all of that fizz evaporated into thin air, you came and brought it back to life. Happy birthday, grandson.

People who say that life is boring after retirement do not know the joy of having a grandson. Wonderful birthday!


Our grandson is like the perfect gourmet; the family wouldn’t be complete without them. Happy bday, dear grandson.

The few years that we’ve been as your grandparents are some of the best years of our life. Happy bday, grandson.


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Even if my colleagues don’t wish me a happy retirement with such a wonderful grandson like you, I’m pretty sure I will have one. Wonderful birthday.

From the moment we laid eyes on you, we knew that we had received the best present of our lives. Best birthday, grandson.


I don’t need my daily caffeine fix or my nightly sports news; all I need is an everyday dose of your warm hugs and kisses. Wonderful bday, grandson.

One of my little goals in life is to catch up with you when you are running as fast as a deer. Best bday, grandson.

You are the extra who has made our lives extraordinary. Best bday, grandson.


Loving my grandson wholeheartedly is better than a luxurious vacation in Europe. Wonderful bday!

We knew that retirement could be so much fun? Thanks to our grandson, every day has been fun and unique. Best birthday!

Looking at you laughing and having fun is enough to make us remember how wonderful life is. A wonderful birthday, our dear grandson.

Raising a wonderful grandson like you is a precious gift in our lives. Your cheerfulness is our fountain of youth. Your cuteness chases our woes away. And your kindness warms our hearts. Happy bday.

You are the little prince that sits atop the throne of our hearts. We feel blessed to have such a kind and adorable grandson like you! Happy birthday.

If there is one thing I would love to do on your birthday, it is to shower you with hugs, kisses and prayers for teeming blessings to fill up your life. Happy bday, grandson.

Dear grandson, today is the day you turn a year older. I wish you that all of your dreams take flight, all the best things to sweep in your way and for your life to be full of fun and adventure. Wonderful birthday.

Today is the day where you can feast on all the cake you want and eat all the barbeque to your heart’s desire. Best birthday, dear grandson.


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It feels like just yesterday when we heard your first word, saw your first steps and felt your tightest and warmest hug. Now, you have turned into a marvellous, remarkable and kind young man. You made us the proudest grandparents! Happy birthday, grandson.

There is an irreplaceable joy in spoiling and loving our grandson to the fullest. I guess that’s what you call a grandparent’s pride. Wonderful bday.

When we first held you in our arms, it felt like holding up a beam of sunshine that lit up even the smallest corners of our hearts. Best bday, dear grandson.

We could not ask for a more precious and perfect grandson. Your cuteness and charm are simply incomparable. Best bday!

Usually, the loudest noise is unbearable in my ears, but your energetic laughter is now music. Even your endless questions and your request for ice cream are now my favourite soundtrack! Wonderful bday, our dear grandson.

Your grandpa passed on his handsomeness to you, and you’ve got your grandma’s charm to boot. The result is now our adorable grandson. You will go a long way in your life for sure. Happy birthday.

My favourite days were the ones where you’d sit on my lap and listen to my stories tirelessly. Those were the moments I would like to frame inside my heart forever. Best birthday, dear grandson.

When you grow up, you will surely steal every girl’s heart, you will conquer every obstacle you face, and you will be successful in every venture you pursue. A wonderful birthday, grandson!

What I love about my retirement is I get to spend unlimited with you! Happy bday, grandson.

Dear grandson, you may not have realized it, but you have saved me countless times from the dullness of my retirement and my creeping sadness. Thank you for bringing so much light and joy into my life, dear grandson. Happy birthday!

Happy bday, dear grandson. You are turning another chapter of your life, which means a brand new start awaits you. Fill it with the best adventures, the greatest learning experience and the sweetest memories.

I don’t mind growing even older now because it means I can witness how you will grow into a wonderful young man full of potential for a bright future: an excellent birthday, dear grandson.

No matter how older you get, you will always be our dear little prince. Best birthday.

Cute birthday wishes for dear grandson

When you were first born, I was so happy to have a grandson like you in my life, and I celebrate this anniversary of your birth!

We want you to know that you are loved, our grandson, and we hope you celebrate this birthday!

We could not be happier about the person you are becoming, Grandson, and we celebrate your birthday today with joy.


Happy birthday to a very special grandson who is always thinking about others before himself and always giving to others to make them happy!

You are always in my thoughts, my grandson, and I hope you have a great birthday!

When I first laid eyes on you, I was so happy to see you, my grandson, and I hope that this birthday of yours is fantastic!

You are someone who means everything to me, my grandson, and I hope that this birthday is filled with beautiful things!

When you were handed over to my grandson for the first time to hold you, I knew that I would always love you… I want you to have a pleased birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

We are blessed to have a grandson like you, and we hope that you have a birthday that you will remember forever!

I hope you always know just how much you are loved, my grandson, and that you have a wonderful birthday and upcoming year!


You are deserving of so many beautiful things, and I hope that this birthday makes you happy, Grandson!

A grandson like you deserves to be celebrated every day, and we hope that today is a day that is all about you!

Happy birthday to a grandson who is making me proud every day!