Cute Birthday Messages

A sweet and cute birthday wish will surely put a smile on your friend’s face.

Birthdays come once a year, so make sure to make this year a special one by sending a cute and warm thought to the celebrant.

Celebrate with a heart full of hope, a mind full of only the good things to come and a soul yearning for fun and excitement! Happy Birthday!

Brace yourself with the avalanche of fun coming your way! Prepare your ski and drift through the crazy parties and cool quest along the way! Have a blast on your special day! Happy Birthday!

We can always buy the number of candles just in case. I was kidding! Stay jolly! Happy bday!

Just recalling all the best moments we had together brightens up my day. Near or far, you always find a way to make me smile. Happy Birthday! May the stars answer your heart’s deepest desires.


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You are my hot chocolate on a cold winter, soothing the coldness deep in my bones. You are my lemonade on a hot summer day, easing the heat away. You are my fluffy scarf in spring and fall, wrapping me up in warmth and comfort. Happy Birthday!

Make a wish. Whatever it is that your heart has earnestly whispered to the heavens, I pray that they do come true! Wonderful Birthday!

May your birthday overflow with downy teddy bears, the comfiest blankets and the loveliest cake ever. Best Birthday, cutie!

Wonderful bday, sweetheart! May your days be filled with sugary dashing moments, delicious chocolate adventures and gooey marshmallow memories!

Hugs are the best gift anytime, any day. So today and the days to come, I wish you tons of hugs and love from the people who adore you. Best bday!

When I get home, seeing your eyes brimming with stars chases my stress away. Your puffy cheeks like marshmallows are all I need to smother with a kiss to turn the day around. Happy Birthday, cutie pie!

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I hope your Birthday is filled with bubbles, rainbows and butterflies, warm kisses and hugs and towering cakes and ice cream. Happy Birthday!

Hey, cutie! I hope you have loads of fun and tons of gifts on your sweet Birthday.

Thank you for the birthday wishes

If you don’t blow your candles quick enough, I will beat you to it! Hurry up! Make a wish! Remember to make it a good one. Best bday

Precious birthday wishes of joy, health and wealth for a priceless friend. Happy Birthday.

Choose an ice cream flavour: strawberry of happiness, chocolate of love, vanilla of hope, mint of health, caramel of dreams, and coffee crumble of wealth. You can have all of these flavours today because it’s your special day. Happy Birthday.

Wonderful bday, angel. You shine like a shooting star and are as warm as the rising sun. You are a precious and loving friend I am lucky to have.


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Your smile is what makes my every day an extraordinary day. It is something I look forward to when I get home, for it chases the stress away. Best Birthday, cutie!

Birthdays are not just about filling your tummy with the best food. It’s about being overflowed with love, kisses and hugs. Wonderful Birthday!

More than 100 Birthday wishes for you.

I wish you endless happiness, an astounding adventure and a hope that never fails from this moment on until the rest of your life. Enjoy today and the years to come. Happy Birthday!

A sweet, wonderful and cute person like you deserves nothing but the gooiest, fluffiest and most charming Birthday ever. Happy bday, sweetheart!

Life is not a smooth sailing journey, but having you around makes it more accessible. Because you are a cotton candy cloud that eases the scorching heat of the sun, and you are the gentle wind that puts strength in my sails. Happy Birthday.

Even if you have added another number in your age, you will always be scrumptiously cute and macaroon-y sweet in my eyes. Happy Birthday!

Not even a beady-eyed panda can beat you in cuteness, not even a fluffy kitten can win your charms, and not even a penguin can destroy your clumsiness. Happy bday!


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Happy Birthday, my princess! Not only are you someone worth melting for, but you are also a particular person worth giving the best warm hugs and snowy kisses to.

Happy Birthday is something that we all need to have. Make a wish and blow the candles.

Your wish is a dream your heart makes where legs are required for jumping, dancing and strolling just around the river bend. Be my guest, be my guest, you may not pass for a perfect bride or daughter, but definitely, you are the only one I want to be with, in this whole new world with you. Wonderful Birthday, cutie princess.

Are you ready for the most exciting and thrilling adventure yet? Hold on tight, and let’s go on a rollercoaster of suspense, drama and comedy around the rail tracks of our lives. Best Birthday, sweetie.

Even on your Birthday, you still manage to bring smiles to our faces. Such a darling you are, a sweet gift from the heavens above! Wonderful bday, angel.

You are sweeter than Pooh’s favourite honey; you are way cuter than Flounder, and Olaf is no match from your jolliness. Best bday!

105 Happy Birthday Funny

If the weather outside is gloomy, your bright smile will drive the rain away. If it is too hot, then your coolness will ease the scorching heat off. Best bday!


Hey, kiddo! No matter where life takes us, remember we have each other, and that is all that matters. Wonderful bday!

Happy Birthday, my princess Ariel! Keep on collecting stuff that makes you learn more about the world, dance around with your fins or legs; it doesn’t matter and has a blast whether it’s at the land or under the sea!


Call it magic, or call it the work of your fairy godmother. You awaken dreams into reality with your passion and the way you inspire those around you. You make wooden legs dance into the rhythm of every heartbeat. You defeat dragons and monsters with your unrelenting courage. Happy Birthday!


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Sugar, spice and everything nice! What do we get? A sweet cookie pie like you! Happy Birthday, pudding!

I love you more than that cheesecake oozing with strawberries on top, or that sinful devil chocolate cake overflowing with chocolate glaze, or that apple pie crowned with delectable vanilla ice cream…I think. Best Birthday, cookie pie!

Cards making fun of age is so scratched up and boring. Instead of lamenting over things we should be thankful for, let’s mark this extra special day with loads of crazy parties and tons of cakes to feast on. After all, age may only grow old, but the heart does stay forever young! Happy Birthday!


Look at you, shining like a star, burning out the night away! You light up the dance floor with your grace and finesse, catching the eyes of everyone in the room. Such a spectacular sight! Happy Birthday, princess!

Life without you means a life without huggable teddy bears, fluffy hugs and kisses, rainbow ice cream and sweets. Such a bore it would be! I am glad to have you on board! Thank you for making my journey a lot better with your unrelenting warmth and cuteness! Wonderful Birthday, pudding pie!

You are a flower that blooms in my heart, filling my life with colours, splendour and beauty. The sweet fragrance of your love soothes the struggles away. Happy Birthday, my sweet blooming belle!


Lilies, roses, tulips, or sunflowers do not matter, for all I need is you to adorn every corner of my heart. Happy bday, sweetie pie.

I will make you a dozen muffins filled with health, a towering cake laced with icing of joy and hope, a custard cream pie glazed with success and a box of cookies topped with love. Happy Birthday, cutie.


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Today, I bought you a box filled with wonders, hopes, dreams and success to take with you on your journey. Happy bday, cookie pie!

You have a particular room in the deepest corners of my heart—a room filled with rainbows, panda bears and marshmallow pillows. Wonderful Birthday, sweetheart!


Best Birthday, my little bright star! You outshine even the sun with your brilliance and outdo the stars with your warmth.

No matter what age you may be, my love for you will only grow sweeter and sweeter than yesterday. Wonderful bday, my munchkin!

The way you do everything brings warmth and fluffiness to our hearts. You are like a cup of warm chocolate milk on a cold rainy day and a spoonful of Nutella on top of double-layered pancakes oozing with maple syrup. Happy Birthday, Munchkin!

Best bday, sweetheart! Once upon a dream, you came into my life like sunshine after the rain, filling me with rainbows and kisses every day.

I don’t need a life-size plushie or a cuddly fluffy pillow to hug; all I need is you to shower with sweet embraces with and everything will be alright. Best bday, cutie pie!


You are the spring after my winter, waking up the flowers from the trees and inviting the butterflies to play. You are the soft breeze on a hot summer day, alleviating the weariness from my body. You are the moonbeams on a night, lighting up my path and guiding me home. Happy Birthday, cookie pie!

Not even a ruby, a sapphire or even a diamond can match your brilliance. You are a one-of-a-kind precious jewel that I want to keep for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday, precious!

You are more precious than Daenerys’ dragons, sturdier than the Walls of the North. I think you are the worthy one to sit on the Iron Throne of Westeros! Don’t worry; I will send my Kings Guard to protect you! Happy Birthday, my precious sweetheart!

Spiderman is no match with your courage, nor is Superman at par with the strength of your heart. Well, I guess you are only on the losing case with Batman’s wealth. Don’t worry; you will get to that soon! Happy Birthday, my superhero!

You don’t need to drive like Fast and the Furious on the highways of life. Trek at your own pace and enjoy the sights of life! Wonderful bday!

Cute birthday Messages for him or her

You remind me of the sun, always so bright and shiny; happy Birthday to you, may you shine throughout your big day!

Even though you look 12, I want to wish you a Happy 30th Birthday!

May your day be filled with lots of cake and sweets, wishing a very Happy Birthday to you on your big day.

You remind me of the sister I never had, always by my side when I need you, Happy Birthday and thank you for always being there for me.

Don’t drink yourself. Sorry, tonight, 21, is a big birthday, have a great day, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you later.

You are always smiling, never letting anyone know when you are upset, you have the best outlook on life, and for this, I am forever thankful; happy Birthday! I hope your day is just as great as yours.

I’ve known you since I was a child; we have been through thick and thin, wishing you the best of Birthdays today.

Sweet memories I have with you, taking a trip down memory lane is like flying to the moon; we have been childhood friends for so long, I hope for always; Happy Birthday to you.

I know you don’t always like to celebrate your Birthday, but that is just not m style, Happy Birthday, and I can’t wait to see you at dinner later! Bring your stretchy pants.

You are shy, and I am always up for an exciting time; we make the perfect set of best friends; I’m so excited to celebrate with you today! Happy Birthday.