30+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Muslim Friend

There are so many friends that you will get to have in your life and one of them is going to be a Muslim friend.
You need to respect your friend by showing him that you care enough to actually go greet him by saying happy birthday Muslim friend and be supportive of what he does.
There are a lot of ways to greet happy birthday Muslim friend and here are some of them.

You will always be close to my heart and my spirit, believe me, happy birthday Muslim friend.

You are a very dear person to me and I hope Allah bless you because you are very kind to me.


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You’ve been nothing but awesome since the day we met and I can’t imagine life without you.

I still thank Allah for letting us meet despite everything, I never would have guessed about it.

Things will happen when you least expect them to so just be prepared for the unexpected.

Happy bday to you, I wish you all the best in every endeavor you will try out in this life, kid.

May Allah shower you all the good luck He can from the heaven because you deserve it.

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Today is truly a special day because it is your bday and I thank the heavens for that fact.

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and imagine how amazing life can be in the future.

Work harder than ever and you will see that hard work will pay off eventually, believe me.

Happy birthday Muslim friend, I hope that you enjoy this day because it is yours alone.

Life may get the best of you but still I want to greet you a happy birthday Muslim friend!

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I pray to Allah that you get to turn your dreams to reality because you work harder than most.

Blow your candles and make a wish because it will come true when you least expect it to.

I am just so thankful for being your friend and am just so happy that you are here with me.

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As I celebrate your birthday with you, I am praying that you get to have all the good things.

I want you to have the best day today and I promise that I will try my very best to do just that.

You are a blessing to everyone you meet and I am just happy that I got to meet you today.

I just know that you are going to be special and I am glad to be your friend, to help you out.

I will just be here should you ever need help, someone to talk to, to complain on, I’m here.

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The best gift I can give you is the power of support, I will be there to back you up, whenever.

Happy birthday Muslim friend, let us keep on celebrating the fact that you are alive right now.

The best moment to live life is now so let us enjoy and have a happy birthday Muslim friend!

You give me so much of your love and I can’t help but just do the same thing for you, friend.

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Every moment feels like I am blessed when I am here with you, thank you for everything, dear.

Life is about making sure that you listen to yourself and you do something you really like.

All our moments spent together were the happiest days of my life, so let’s be together more.

We have been apart for so long and still we are the best of friends in the world, I’m happy.

The secret to a happy life is to always pray and thank the heavens for everything you have.


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In His special ways, you will find that Allah is always watching over you, making you happy.

You have an amazing life ahead, I just know it so keep a smile and just live your life happily.

There are two important things in life: love and happiness and I wish you get both of them.

Happy birthday Muslim friend, though the tides may be wavy, I will try to be there for today.

If you ever need someone to talk to I am just right here, so happy birthday Muslim friend!

I admire you for all the things that you are, polite, kind, religious and a whole lot more, dear.

Every day is a miracle and so are you so I hope you know that I am happy to celebrate today.

Be nice and always keep yourself humble that is what you have taught me all this time, friend.

It is because of you that I realized just how important faith is in this life, thank you so much.

You have opened up paths for me without you realizing it and I’m nothing but grateful to you.


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You have always been there for me so I promise to do the same for you, enjoy your birthday!

May your birthday be as fun and as awesome, if not more as the last one we celebrated.

I will always support you but when you are on the wrong, I promise to correct you instead.

Sending you all the hugs and kisses from way up here because we live so far away, my friend.

You may not know it but I am so happy that I got to meet someone as adorable as you are.


Happy birthday Muslim friend, I bought a gift for you, I hope you will somehow like it, dear.

You are very important to me and I want you to know that, happy birthday Muslim friend!

Happy birthday Muslim friend I pray to Allah that He blesses you because you are the kindest.

Of all my friends, you are the one I will never forget in my life, happy birthday Muslim friend.

You have filled my life with happiness and I cannot even be more grateful than I am now.

Go for the simple things in life that makes you happy because those will matter the most.

Pray to Allah whatever it is that you desire in this life and you will be just fine, believe me.


Through the years I have been there to watch you grow up and I couldn’t have a better friend.

You are my best friend and if you do not know that then well you know that now, thank you.

For always cheering me up when I feel down the most, I thank you, and happy bday to you!

Every birthday is a chance to celebrate the fact that you are still alive and breathing, go for it.

Go on and make your life more exciting by taking the best adventures that you possibly can.

And even though things are not always going to work out fine, I will be here to cry on, really.

You can change the world if you want to, just take it a step at a time, I’m here for you, friend.


Even when things get tough, things get rough, we will survive through everything, I believe it.

When things come to pass I want you to know that I care, happy birthday Muslim friend!

Happy birthday Muslim friend, you are the most amazing person I know, believe me on this.

You have another blessed year to go and live your life so make the most out of it, I tell you.

And though things are not always going to be perfect, it is important that you are happy.

You need to accept that things are not always going to go your way and that is okay, enjoy!

You have been given another year to finish everything you have to so go for it, live life fully.

There is so much more to come for you, so much waiting in store, believe me on this one.

There will be moments filled with surprises and happiness may your bday be one of those.

You will conquer every challenge given to you because Allah will give you strength to do it.

He will shower you with happiness because you praise him every day of your whole life.

It is by showing other people kindness that you get it in return, happy birthday to you friend.

You are a wonderful person and I cannot have a better friend that you, I believe that now.

I will never be ashamed of our friendship, I am telling you, happy birthday Muslim friend!


Happy birthday Muslim friend, I hope you get to make the best of your day, you deserve that.

It is never going to be easy but life is worth everything so keep living your life how you want.

Sometimes you need to go against the current and show where you stand in this life, friend.

Go for the things that make you happy but also go for the things that keep you human.

And when life tries to get you down, pray because that will lift you up, believe me on that.

Just go ahead and love yourself because that is the way things are going to be right now.

For every action you make there will be that moment of satisfaction when you do it rightly.


Be just, always try to look at both sides no matter what happens, I will be here for you.

Your birthday is the one day you can forget everyone else and just do what you want in life.

Let us go on an adventure today since it’s your birthday, let us keep doing what we love to.

When things fail, I promise that I will still be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

May today be filled with nothing but happiness for you, have a happy birthday Muslim friend.

Never allow anyone to shun you because of your religion, happy birthday Muslim friend!


You are my friend and I will not allow anyone to get in between that, enjoy your big day!

Happy birthday Muslim friend, you are very dear to me and I hope you are aware of that.

Today is a day to celebrate your life, happy birthday Muslim friend, you deserve the best!

Happy birthday Muslim friend, may every day of your life be as happy as today would be.