30 Birthday Wishes For Muslim Sister

There are so many ways you can greet your Muslim sister with a happy birthday, and there are so many things you can say to make sure that she is happy.
Your Muslim sister is not necessarily your sister by blood, but she is your sister through Allah, the all-knowing, and you need to respect her as much as your real one.
On her birthday, make sure she knows that you care by telling her just that.
Here are some happy birthday Muslim sister quotes that you might want to try out.

You deserve nothing, but just the very best today; I wish you a happy birthday, Muslim sister!

My love for you is endless because you are my sister, and we are connected; enjoy your day.


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I will let you in on a secret of life; you have to take risks to succeed; happy bday, dear sister.

And when the tides try to sink your boat, I promise I will do my best to keep you afloat, sis.

Today, you are bright, and you shine like the stars, today, I hope you enjoy your birthday, my dear.

No matter what happens to us, know that my heart will always be with you; happy bday!

Dear sister, you will be greater than any person out there, even your parents.

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May the graciousness of Allah be with you all the time. Happy birthday to you, dear sister.

You are deserving of a feast because you honor Him all the time, enjoy this birthday of yours.

Sister, I love you more than you ever will know, and I hope you realize it; big happy day!

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Your big day is just around the corner, and I want to greet you happiness beforehand, sister.

And when the heavens give its blessings, I promise I will wish for your health as well, sis.

The Almighty Allah bestows its gift upon you right now for your faith in him, my sister.

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Happy birthday Muslim sister; I hope you know that I care for you a lot more than you think.

If you ever need someone to lean on or talk to, happy birthday, Muslim sister!

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Dear sister, do your best in all you do; I believe you can do all through Him; enjoy today.

And when you feel like breaking down, worry not, I will be here for you; happy birthday, dear.

You are one of the best people I know in this world, so do not worry, you will be okay, sister.

I know you are perfect because Allah created you to be as unique as you possibly can be.

There will come a time in life when you will fail but just put your trust in Allah; it’ll be okay.

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He will make things better for you because you trust in Him, and that is why you’ll succeed.

Happy birthday Muslim sister. I am sure that Allah is satisfied because you are here with me.

You are the star of our family, the one who shines so brightly; happy birthday, Muslim sister!

The more you grow up to be a decent person, the more you will bring glory to our family, sis.

Cute Birthday Messages

We should celebrate your birthday, making a legend about you, dearest sis; I love you.

You make our family proud, and I have to say that you are the best one of us, my dear sis.

No words can explain how proud I am of you and everything you have done in your life, sister.

May you enjoy your big day because no one else would be like you ever; we love you, dear sis.


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Continue to be filled with knowledge, wisdom and keep on enjoying the life you are given.

Things will come to pass; your problems now would be a memory tomorrow; let go, sis.

Just believe that everything will be alright you are going to give life a good fight, happy bday.

Sister, you are one of the most amazing people I know in this world. May Allah bless your soul.

And when the end comes, know that I will be praying for your salvation, my dearest sister.

I care for you, and I hope you realize that I wish nothing but only the best for you, dear sis.

Sometimes I think that the best way to show you how much I care for you is to pray for you.

I am more than happy to have been related to you in any way; happy birthday, Muslim sister!

A person like you should have the very best life has to offer; happy birthday, Muslim sister!

At those moments when I am quiet and just watching you, I am praying for your soul.


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I love how you would smile as if you have the least of worries when the truth is otherwise.

You are unique, you are beautiful, and never let anyone make you feel otherwise, dear sister.

Allah has been good to our family, giving us a sister like you, making us feel a lot happier.

We can’t even be prouder of you, sister; you are the best one out of all of us; you really are.

We are happy seeing you happy, sis, so just keep on being happy, it will all be alright, really.

You are the best person I know in this world so just let me know if you need any help at all.

We are now celebrating another year that came to pass in our lives, another one to come.

You are getting older but you are also growing up to be a whole lot wiser than you were.

Happy birthday Muslim sister even when things get rough you have offered me help, thanks!

I do hope that you get to be showered with love and happiness happy birthday Muslim sister.


I am just so proud to have a sister like you are because you care for us more than yourself.

On your birthday, take a break and let us do all the work, you deserve some rest, sister.

You support us in every possible way there can be and we appreciate that, happy bday sis!

You are not just a sister but also a mother to me and I want to thank you for everything else.

Allah has given me such a wonderful gift: you and I can’t keep on thanking him every day.

I wish that all the dreams and aspirations you will have will come true, that is my wish to you.


Today is but a reminder of just how wonderful it is to have a sister just like you are, my sister.

You are the sweetest person I know in the world and no one matters when you are around me.

I know we’ve been through a lot but still I believe that you can get through anything you want.

The truth is you only ever get what you deserve so I bet you will receive a gift so big, like you.

Your heart is like diamond, it is so shiny and hard to break and it resonates light so much.

May you never run out of reasons to celebrate each year, happy birthday Muslim sister!


Happy birthday Muslim sister I am here to be with you every step of the way, I love you so.

You are my one proof that I actually do things right because Allah gave you to me as a sister.

I knew I was doing something right when you came into my life so unexpectedly, little sister.

We are sisters by bond, we are sisters by heart and I cannot take us being apart, ever, sister.

You are the only one I can confide all my deepest secrets to, you know me so well, my sister.

May the heavens smile upon you for every good deed that you have done in this world, really.


I just know you are going to stand out among millions of people out there, I care for you, sis.

You never fail to amuse me and wonder why I should be grateful for the things that happened.

No matter what happens, rest assured that I’m okay and I will be okay as long as you’re here.

You are the sun that shines in my life and I can never just cover my eyes, I see you still, really.

How do I tell you that I care for you when the truth is that I just care for you way too much.

You are an inspiration to me and everyone else I know so happy birthday Muslim sister.


Happy birthday Muslim sister may you have a successful life filled with everything you want.

Thank you for always doing your best in all that you do, it inspires me a lot, my dear sister.

May you figure out that the best things in life are those given without a thought, freely given.

There is no better winner out there than you who help the loser improve himself, my sis.

You, my sis is so amazing I cannot help but compare what the two of us have right now.


And though the seasons may change, you will never be replaced here in my heart, sister.

You are going to be alright and I can finally see that now, happy bday to you, my sister.

You will get more wisdom as you grow older so share it up, happy birthday Muslim sister.

Thanks for trying to understand me in ways only you can, happy birthday Muslim sister.

Happy birthday Muslim sister I promise you that things will be a whole lot better from now.

Live the life you want to live and forget about the world, dear, happy birthday Muslim sister.


You are destined for greater things and that is so obvious, so happy birthday Muslim sister.

The little things in life makes you smile and I love it, so have a happy birthday Muslim sister!

Happy birthday Muslim sister, I promise I will try my best in everything so you’d be proud.

Allah couldn’t have given me a better present than you, happy birthday Muslim sister!