40 Birthday Wishes For Special Friend

Moments come when you want to make those special people to you feel that they are indeed unique.
You need to let them know just how you feel about them and how you want them to stay in your life for the rest of forever.
For the friend you do not ever want to let go of, here are some birthday wishes for your special friend that you can use to tell them that you love them.
Use these when you are out of words to say or when you cannot find the right things to greet your friend on their birthday.

To the most special friend in my life, I wish you all the best, have a pleased birthday!

Happy birthday to my special friend; I cannot even imagine how my life would be without you.

There are so many things I want to tell you on this birthday of yours but especially: I love you.


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If I can change the world, you are the one thing I would constantly enjoy on your birthday.

Happy birthday, special friend; I would give up my whole world to be with you, forever.

You are my most particular friend, the person I would gladly tell my secrets to; enjoy your day.

The day I met you was the luckiest day of my life. It is also the date of your birthday, unique.

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You, my friend, are very special to me and I want you to have the best birthday ever, my dear.

If there is one thing I can say to you on your birthday, I wish you well in all aspects.

You are the sun in my life; I want you to keep on being that, keep shining and have fun today.

I want you to be brave because life has many challenges up ahead for you, happy birthday!

My special friend, you are way smarter than what you may know and think, believe me, dear.

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You make your own future, make every single day count, on your birthday, enjoy life fully.

Keep on dreaming because that is the best way that you can succeed, start on your birthday.

I wish that you would have the wisdom to do what must be done, happy birthday to you!

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May you be patient with things for there are good things yet to come, enjoy your big day.

I know how kind you are, how careful you are with words so enjoy this birthday, my friend.

Never lose sight of the things that are of most importance, love your life, enjoy this day!

I see just what you are going to be, a wonderful person with a bright personality, my dear.

Do not let your dreams scare you, instead be strong enough to make them come true.

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On this birthday, may you take some time off your work and do what makes you smile.

You might miss the good old days one day soon but this birthday will surely be worth it.

Let us make this birthday of yours something that will be etched on your mind, my friend.

Never think you have nobody because I will always be here for you, celebrate your birth.

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Happy birthday, special friend, believe me when I tell you that it is okay to be alone at times.

You will be alright, that is the truth, eventually it will turn okay, love this birthday of yours.

Go make something beautiful with the life you are given, make all the difference in the world.

Keep on learning from your mistakes, that is the beauty of life, appreciate this birthday!


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People have problems all the time, it is not just you so live another year of your life, my friend.

I know your life will be a bit rocky at times but just keep holding on, have the coolest birthday.

Let me show you how beautiful you are on this birthday of yours, so you have something nice.

I will try my best to give you the best gift that I can give because that you matter, my friend.

There is a magical feeling between us even though we are just friends, have a nice birthday.

Just know that I will stand by your side no matter what happens, celebrate this day of yours.

May you know just how important you are to the people around you, my special friend.

I suggest that you keep on doing what it is you love the most, enjoy this birthday of yours.

You are my rock, the one that makes me feel sturdy so I will be the same for you, my friend.

Happy birthday, my special friend, I want to show how amazing you are to the world.

There is always that one friend who will forever be special to me, enjoy your big day, dear.


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There is something about you that makes you different from everyone else, my dear friend.

I hope that you get to spend your day the way you want it to be, it is your special day, after all.

Let me know what you want and I promise to try my best to give it to you, my dear friend.

Enjoy every moment of this life, especially your birthdays, you can never repeat them again.


You and me will keep on being strong no matter what, our friendship is built that way.

I do not think I can ever express in words what we have, but I hope you enjoy your birthday.

Happy birthday, my special friend, I just wish that what we have may never ever end.

I promise to be by your side through every struggle you have, that is my birthday gift to you.

If a day comes that I am not there beside you, do not worry, I am in your heart, my friend.

Whenever I think of happiness, it is you I think about, always, happy birthday, special friend.

Even when the world tries to break us apart, I will always be there on every birthday.


Your birthday is one of the few celebrations that I can never forget, my special friend.

I have a lot to tell you but not enough time to, so just want to greet you a happy birthday.

What makes you my special friend is the fact that we have been through so much already.


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Happy birthday to you, my special friend, I cannot imagine happiness without you with me.

When it comes to a halt, it is still your face that I look for, happy birthday, special friend!

We have laughed and cried a lot of nights but this one is special for you, it is for you only.

Those memories that we have will always be in my heart, happy birthday, special friend!


I tried my best to laugh along with them but you are still the one I think of, happy birthday!

I want to tell you that I will never stop caring for you, happy birthday, special friend!

Happy birthday special friend, even when the worst thing happen, I will be here for you.

No matter what everyone else thinks of you, I will stand with what I know, enjoy your day!

Today is yours alone, it is your time to spend money for yourself and be a little happier.

Take the time to relax and just enjoy yourself because you deserve to, happy birthday!

I am making a promise to be at your aid no matter the situation, today, just have fun.


There is so much more to life than what you know right now, keep being happy, my friend.

Storms, seas and mountains can never bring us apart, distance is but a number, dear friend.

You are the one that always sways me on the right direction, happy birthday to you, friend.


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To be with you is one of the things that I love the most in my life, happy birthday, friend!

If no one cares for you, let me tell you that I am here, enjoy your birthday, always, dear.

When you were born, I am sure that all the heaven smiled at you, you are angelic that way.

You have a charm that can always make me smile, I wish to do the same for you today.


When people tell you that you are amazing, believe them because you really are.

Happy birthday, special friend, I would travel the whole world just to make you smile.

I would try my best to make you happy on this day, have a happy birthday, special friend.

It isn’t much but let me show you the love that I have for you, happy birthday to you, friend.

You have so much spirit in you, so much left in life to be discovered, keep being happy, dear.

Even when no one else in this world believes in you, I promise that I would always trust you.

To you, the girl who is my special friend, believe me when I say I wish you all the best.


May you have lots of fun on this day, the day of your birth, because you are the best for me.

You are my special friend, the one I swore to protect and love, I wish you all the best today.

People will try to tell you that you are not special but you are, hope you enjoy your big day.


I love you and that is a given so let me keep my word, I will throw you the best party ever!

Your birthday is one of those occasions that I cannot afford to miss, so enjoy your day!

Life is about doing your best in all that you are in, have the best time of your life, today.

I would tell you all would be okay in the right time, believe me, enjoy this day of yours!

You are way stronger than how you feel and believe, enjoy your life and your birthday!

You are always going to be the person I turn on to when I am afraid, enjoy your day, friend.

A special friend is a keeper and you are that so have a merry birthday, I love you, friend.